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  1. StarSapphire

    Pokemon Raffle

    StarSapphire Shaymin Mewtwo - If those are taken already then Giratina or Larvesta - If those are taken then Charmander or Vulpix
  2. StarSapphire

    CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

    StarSapphire I sent some toons, I'd also like to pledge 100k. Good luck everyone and happy holidays.
  3. StarSapphire

    CT's Greatest Detective Discussion

    I put all these posted together to make it easier to see what has been said. I also added mine. Are not the Killer(s) Arcanine Archer Barbarian King Batman Black Goku Cloud Strife Dipper Flash Fred Hulk Inuyasha Jack Sparrow Jericho Knuckles Leafa Luffy Mabel Magneto Ragnell Red Lantern Rogue Shusui Sora Squidward Star Sapphire Tessaiga The Poisonous Ninja Master Zero Are not the Weapon used Shovel Claws The Wrench Voltorb's Voltage Misc Clues The killer can't swim. Updated: With the rest of my clues that I got from Coolguy Updated: 9/5/2017 - With my new clues and some that have been recently posted by others, New ones are in bold.
  4. StarSapphire

    CT's Greatest Detective Contest

  5. StarSapphire

    How many points do you have?

    Currently I have this much. Points: 1,989,445
  6. StarSapphire

    Shiny Pokemon Hunting

    I hatched a shiny Charmander like 5 months ago. It took me about 3 weeks of hatching Charmader eggs I'm not sure how many I did each day but it was a lot. Over the years I have caught these shiny pokemon listed below. Nidoran♀ = my first shiny I caught I remember wishing it was the male one because he had a cooler color XD Metapod Bellsprout Kabuto Gyarados = seems like this one was common but listed it anyways Electabuzz Igglybuff Teddiursa Pupitar Palpitoad Last shiny seen failed to catch. I don't remember what happened but somehow I failed to catch this maybe I ran out of pokeballs or something I don't know but it was real bummer to miss this one. Lapras
  7. StarSapphire

    4th of July: 4 Chances to Win Raffle

    Happy 4th thanks for hosting this contest. StarSapphire
  8. StarSapphire

    Lindsey's Wishlist

    I have a spare of this one Clapping Judy put it in a trade for you.
  9. StarSapphire

    Collectoon Memes

  10. StarSapphire

    Raffle: Powered-Up Garlic Jr.!

    StarSapphire thanks and good luck everyone!
  11. StarSapphire

    Who wants to be a Millionaire?

    I would probably hoard it with the rest of my points till something cool pops up for sale then blow it all at once
  12. StarSapphire

    Why aren't you on as much?

    I feel like having a shop should be given to non-premium members maybe they could just be not as good like maybe 10 toons for sale max for free players. That would help draw more people in I think because having a shop is kinda cool. Maybe another time machine would help like one that guarantees a HR but it can only be used on the 1st of each month 1 time for 100,000 points. Since many people can't get on everyday they would still miss it sometimes do to it's limited time and that would keep HR's rare. It would also encourage players to all be online on the same day so it would be a good day to give out announcements. I don't even touch the arcade anymore everything is very old hat now and I just can't bring myself to play those games anymore. I feel like more things to collect could be a benefit but I'm not sure what else there could be. I never got to try out the card clash maybe bringing that back would make for some more active members. It gives the toons an added value if they can be used in game that is worth playing smack down has cool things to morph and the morphing going along with a game is really great but that game I feel like it needs some updates or something to make it more fun as it is now it feels very boring. I hate to say that but it's true and that's our only way of playing a game with other members at the moment. Maybe rewards for being online for a given duration so for example when you have been online for 15 mins you click a thing and get 1,000 points another comes up at 30 minutes for 2,000 points and another when you have been online for an hour for 3,000 points. Allowing up to an extra 6,000 points per day to those who stay online for awhile. As it is right now I usually get on for a few minutes a day and that is it so something like this would help encourage longer time on the site. I like the contests they are fun but I usually don't have time to get the best rewards from most of them, this is understandable though it should be that way because the players who can be the most active should be rewarded for their time. Random events could be another cool thing I think I have brought it up before and probably so have others but it's still a good idea and would help players want to be active and navigating the site more. You could do it with javascript with something like this code in the below spoiler The sets have been pretty boring lately I do like the Pokemon in there but a lot of the others I don't know them from their shows or I don't care for them much. I know these change all the time though so that's fine for me. There could be contests for selling the most toons in your shop within a given amount of time that might be fun. It could also work for having the most sold via auctions in a given amount of time. or maybe these could go by the first person to sell a total of 5m worth of toons or something like that would get a prize. Maybe a given day of the week that is trivia day in the chat room and rewards could be given to those who answer the most questions correctly could be say Fridays or something. I think more plaques is beneficial and if you have ideas for some that you want made I can handle some of those. They are one of the cooler things to collect and more cool things to collect is good for the site. Well that's my thoughts of how the site could improve if I think of more I'll let you know.
  13. StarSapphire

    CCC Open Beta

    You can now download the latest version from my first post the links have been updated, below are the changes mostly just fixes and new settings I haven't gotten to a story mode yet unfortunately. Changes for Open Beta v1.08 [★]Fixed Blue Eyes White Dragon Increase from +6 to +8. [★]Fixed the display of all the slams played by the computer now they will be animated as they should be. [★]Fixed the display of the first 2 cards selected for the 2 colors when they are slams now their animations work. [★]Fixed the display of the color choosers when no silvers are played they will no longer be shown. [★]Fixed the collection display after buying cards from memory now will display the newly added cards properly. [★]Fixed display in card game for 1024 x 768 screens so that it's now playable. [★]Fixed XP Users Display is no longer locked into the smallest display possible. [+]Added a Settings Menu accessable from the button at the top of the main window labeled Settings. [+]Added Option to turn Sound on or off from the settings menu. [+]Added option to turn Music on or off from the settings menu. [+]Added GFX setting to change Drag Transparency Type to fix green box behind cards for those who need it. [+]Now your last used deck will be the default selected one when you play again. [+]Saves everything when you start the Arcade or any of the Card games in case of a possible crash to help prevent lost data. Also I have a spreed sheet here with the data of the current cards so if you want to see info about the cards you can.
  14. StarSapphire

    The Ultimate Render Race 2.0

    Overlord Set (38) I didn't know what to name some of these so they just have like 2 or 3 after their name, someone good at naming them can think of something to go there for them I hope. Ainz Ooal Gown - Ainz Ooal Gown Dual Wielding - Ainz Ooal Gown Pointing - Albedo - Albedo 2 - Albedo 3 - Aura Bella Fiore - Aura Bella Fiore 2 - Bloodfallen - Bloodfallen 2 - Brita - Clementine - Clementine 2 - Cocytus - Cocytus 2 - Demiurge - Demiurge Fixing Specs - Dyne Woodwonder - Enri Emmot - Gazef Stronoff - Hamusuke - Khajiit Dale Badantel - Lizzie Bareare - Lukeluther Volve - Mare Bello Fiore - Mare Bello Fiore 2 - Momonga - Momonga 2 - Momonga 3 - Narberal Gamma - Narberal Gamma 2 - Narberal Gamma 3 - Nfirea Bareare - Nigun Grid Luin - Ninya - Peter Mork - Sebas Tian - Sebas Tian 2 - Uncut Sources 1 2 3 4 This is a preview of what they could look like in a C-Zone.
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