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  1. Disney-Fox Special Event

    I've been waiting for this news for a long time. Finally, nothing will stand in the way of enjoying X-Men & FF to the fullest in my video games, comics, Marvel Legends, and MCU films.
  2. December 2017 Releases

    I love the new HRs, gonna have to try harder to grab those. Great new sets! Done.
  3. December 2017 Releases

    Holy moly it sold out already!!? What in the world. Paul, did you miss it? I got 2 if you want one.
  4. If you were in game before the site went down, and you redeemed today's Christmas Advent code you need to redeem it again. At least I had to. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sciencefriction


      Ouch that stinks. That's good you got the points back at least. 

    3. Terrie


      I had to also

    4. Sharktibolt


      We will be extending today's advent code through tomorrow, and it will be mentioned with the next advent code message.

  5. Loot Raffle

    ScienceFriction thank you!
  6. Another time machine pull, another Wednesday without Mewtwo. Mewtwo, stop your foolin' around and come home. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sciencefriction


      There's a trophy?! lol. 

    3. MKW19


      lol. I guess you could say mewtwo is the trophy of the time machine, though I suppose if it was, it would be given out more for 'participating' in the time machine. #everyonesgetsatrophy

    4. sciencefriction


      Haha oh cool I get it. Yeah, I want a Mewtwo participation trophy!! :)

  7. I've defeated ManBearPig, the RNG believed me when I told her I was super-cereal about this!

    1. sciencefriction


      I also summoned Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. It must be my lucky day! :D

  8. December 2017 Releases

    I'm super-cereal! Why won't anyone believe me!?
  9. December 2017 Releases

    Shoot, these are some of the coolest HRs yet! Super work guys!
  10. Lord Voldemort HR obtained. Boo-ya! lol. 

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      I know that feeling! I used my pokeball yesterday and caught...2 Hedwig!

    2. Abdizur87


      Nice catch man. ;)

    3. sciencefriction


      Thank you guys! There's nothing like starting the morning with some casual shop browsing and grabbing the HR. 

      Hedwig is a better catch that Pidgey! lol. 

  11. December 2017 Releases

    This month looks spectacular!! Wow! You guys are doing several of my favorites- what a month! I'm going to have to work really hard on the last sets of the month, they're my favorites of the month and I only have the first week to get them! lol.
  12. Pokemon Raffle

    ScienceFriction and Mewtwo "you didn't see that coming?" - MCU Quicksilver.
  13. Santa's Mystery Gifts cWorld Contest!!!

    Thank you!! I love the prizes

    @Sharktibolt I can't keep up or figure this out right, haha. I'm straight outta contests. XD
  15. Daily Event: Jack Skellington's Gift Shuffle 2017:

    Yay!! Thank you for doing this again this year.
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