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  1. sciencefriction

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    Sciencefriction. Another jump please & thank you.
  2. sciencefriction

    X Marks The Spot

    #2 please. Thank ya.
  3. sciencefriction

    X Marks The Spot

    8 please.
  4. sciencefriction

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    ScienceFriction takes another bold leap
  5. sciencefriction

    Ronin Warriors

    These may work better.
  6. sciencefriction

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    ScienceFriction Thanks!
  7. Happy birthday Mongoose!

    1. mongoose


      Thank you Sciencefriction

  8. sciencefriction

    Mummies Alive!

    I searched and didn't see a topic, but I think this would be a great set. Some decent stuff here: I thought it'd just be easier to check out the wiki than post everything here, but can grab the images & info if I have time this weekend, if need be.
  9. sciencefriction

    Ronin Warriors

    There is a merch out there with some better images I think, but not good pics of it. Anyway, here's another one. Lady Kayura
  10. sciencefriction

    September 2018 Releases Justice League Action HR Shop 1 Powered-Up Justice League
  11. sciencefriction

    September 2018 Releases

    Shop 4 Pocahontas HR "The Wounded Man"
  12. sciencefriction

    Ronin Warriors

    Yeah definitely. I was in a rush (not much free time these days) and forgot to get the names in. I'll add them now.
  13. sciencefriction

    Ronin Warriors

    And the villains and a supporting character. A couple require some photoshop magic but overall.. there's enough for a set now.
  14. sciencefriction

    2018 Site Updates

    I was like.. where did all my points go. Then I saw this, then I read on the site.. and I was like.. Oooh. Yeah I'm done with the lotto. lol. I like what you guys are doing but the prizes are never that good and I know I won't win the big prize. XD I was sitting around 2mil points now I'm down about 400K so I gotta watch myself.
  15. sciencefriction

    2018 Site Updates

    I like it, great stuff. Especially the rarity colors. Great stuff guys. Thanks!
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