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  1. Huh.. the shops are auto refreshing.. going on two minutes straight. lol wut xD

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    2. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      it stocked earlier. prob about an hour and a half ago. so I wouldn't doubt it showing up in the next hour

    3. sciencefriction


      Oh darn, missed it. Oh well. 

    4. sciencefriction


      Fixed. Well okay I guess I'll go back hunting. *addicted* lol.

  2. *Buys concert tickets, but misses Naruto CR*  I have failed. 

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    2. sciencefriction


      Yeah, ORs have become.. omega level hard to get. Sort of ironic. I got lucky and saw it, but on the other hand I missed the new plaque. I have missed the last couple, I just didn't see them coming. I don't play like I used to, not attentive enough haha. 

    3. sciencefriction


      Oh hey, it's the CR I missed early! Got you! lol. 

    4. Mitch O'Neil
  3. I finally watched the Lego Batman movie the other night. WOW! Instant favorite. The intro was perfection. So glad to have that set in Ctoons. 

    1. Abdizur87


      Amen brother! I might even go so far...and surprised the words are coming out of my is better than the Dark Knight. O_O

    2. sciencefriction


      lol. It definitely was better IMO. Though I'm not a big Nolan Batman fan. 

  4. I didn't catch that. What happened was, when I suggested that set I accidentally wrote in Queen Gohma with the Barinade image.. and Barinade with the Barinade image. Queen Gohma wasn't rendered, so it wasn't supposed to be suggest. Then we just missed it when putting the set out. Someone with a power level of over 9000 will fix it, good catch. Thanks. We can change the name to Barinade, and save Queen Gohma for the future we can render it.
  5. Brilliant and hilarious- I love it! I also love Mewtwo, so yippy!
  6. I just like new stuff.
  7. I think these are my best pulls yet, pretty surprised. Not as good as Coolguys were last week though! Those were great! - Professor Oak (VR) - Courage's Computer (CO)!!!
  8. Score! The OR lives! Now I can move to a different shop, haha. 


    1. deepcanyon1


      Congrats :)..and what do i do..i was in shop 1 ..since 4 this morning..left to check out something here and it restocked and i missed it after waiting 12 hrs for the i will play my games and try again tomorrow..but glad you finally got it..:)

    2. sciencefriction


      Thanks! :) That's how it went for me with the last OR. The pain is real, the OR hunt is the most taxing and challenging by far. 

  9. Hey, welcome back!
  10. Yes. Just seems to be going fast. I've got an uncommon so far, haha.
  11. You, you who keeps buying my Rasengan Minato, I will find you and eat your ctoons with my Pacman powers. >o<

    1. Joshfarias16



    2. Terrie


      lol, i can't get my hands on one

    3. sciencefriction


      I've been doing OK today, yesterday was chaos haha. But yeah, Minato is nuts! 

  12. It has honestly been, one of the most difficult sets for me to complete. I would say the only thing harder, which I gave up on, was the last Pokemon expansion. I have some extras if Champ doesn't have what you need.
  13. I finally finished Moana, and now I can enjoy whack a mole- I mean trying to collect Naruto toons.
  14. Same. WarGreymon will be mine, oh yes.. lol.
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