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  1. Sq0bwzg.jpg

  2. Time Machine Raffles!

    Awesome! thanks
  3. 2017 Spookiest Cworld Contest

    Anime Halloween Party
  4. What Would you Like to See Next?

    Another thing I'd like to see added would be casino games. Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette etc. You could make them cost points to play and have a chance to win more points. Though I'm not sure if gambling is aloud on here
  5. What Would you Like to See Next?

    A feature I'd like to see is layers on the cWorld builder and a list to the right or left that shows which toons are on your cWorld. So you could click on the name of the toon and bring it to front/back or whatever, it would make it a lot easier than having to remove a bunch of toons just to put a toon behind another. Though I doubt that would be very easy, if even possible, to implement.
  6. Disney Saturdays!!

    I'm like Pumbaa because I like to eat
  7. Summer 2017 Smackdown Contest!

    Morphs 1-5, I morph'd 2 seperate Veemon, not sure if they both will count or not but figured I'd at least upload them
  8. June 2017 Releases

    Not sure where to post this but the "Queen Gohma" (CR) from the new Ocarina of Time set has the wrong image. It's currently using the image of Barinade.
  9. Ct Clue Version 2. IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!!!

    Found Suspect Myotismon
  10. Ct Clue Version 2. IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!!!

    Found Suspect Jack Sparrow
  11. June 2017 Releases

    I'm really excited for Ocarina of Time! The 11th can't come fast enough xD
  12. Team Nice

    Bulma went for the food while Goku and Vegeta argued over what was the best pet.
  13. Team Nice Discussion

    Am I still able to do the previous challenges? Or is the Christmas story the only thing I could do? And the story's already finish isn't it?
  14. Team Nice Discussion

    Dang I completely forgot about this, been busy with Christmas. What all am I still able to do?
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