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    The people on this site are SO BEAUTIFUL! Raven... even at your worst, you're beautiful. Finally got a weekend away, and making the best of it by creepin on the forums.
  2. Seriously, work just got intense. I have no problems with the game. I log in most days. I just don't have extended periods of time to spend on it. Sorry for no constructive feedback. I honestly still love the game. For me at least, my lack of gameplay has no relation to your work on the game. When I see another toon or set that interests me, I'll be back on to collect it!
  3. It wasn't easy... but I did it.
  4. Next time
    I won't throw my heart away
    I just won't
    No I won't
    Next time
    I won't throw my heart away


  5. I call it "I could only find one toon in my collection that looked somewhat Christmasy..."
  6. I don't like having the opportunity to buy expired toons. Part of the fun of orbits was that there were some toons you just never were going to get. And it made you respect those that had them a little more. It's more fun to collect when it's a challenge.
  7. I think I'll need more ram soon. I tried to the Dues Ex game (came with the processor) last night. Put it on ultra setting and ran super smooth. Definitely the best PC I've had. I'm going to keep an eye out for a sale on the i3/i5's. If one comes up with a decent MB, I think I'll swap.
  8. Nice! I was going for a cheap build with some power. Got an HDD and SDD, 8 GB of ram (maybe to little?) and the new GTX 1050 ti. I think if I upgraded to an i5/i7 I'd want to swap the MB and will need to swap the PSU anyway.
  9. You have life figured out. Also. Happy Star Wars week, Raven! CT made this an incredible week!
  10. My wife wanted a new computer for Christmas. So decided to build one. Never done it before and thought it'd be fun. One if my old college roommates built his a while back, so I used his for help. I think I got into the wrong profession because computers are so much fun! Anyway, question... I bought the FX 6300 for a steal - $70. Was that a mistake? I bought the MSI 970 Gaming MB. Will I need to switch both out if I ever want to upgrade? Has anyone here used the FX 6300. So far, it's been great for me. Just looking for a second opinion. Been getting feedback that I should have gone with the i3. I assumed some of the people on here have built their own computer. This thread could also just be a general discussion of computer builds. What components have you liked? Disliked? Again... I wish I had a redue on professions...
  11. You are my favorite person right now.
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