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  1. The BeardedBear is, like, totes down to paaaarrrtaaaayyy! Let's keep it low key, and open for lots of our, like chilliest people, and have it in a wooded field! #Party #LastFridayNight #Tailgaters4Evuh
  2. Isn't this awesome?! And those BTAS stickers!!!
  3. Maaaaaybe? XD
  4. Hey, you! Yeah, you! Get over here! Let's Smackdown! (I'll be on for the next couple of hours.)
  5. 1-7 Morphs:
  6. My thoughts exactly.
  7. O_o where was that? Are they scattered among the shops, or in one?
  8. 1163-5=1158
  9. 1226-5=1221
  10. 1243-5=1238
  11. 1271-5=1266
  12. 1311-5= 1306 Come on folks! We got this! I'll be on for a while. Give me two others, and I'll stay on till we beat him!
  13. I still have 3 more to wait on, I think. The rules about five need to be changed to like two. Or the HP needs to be greatly reduced or something.
  14. 1397-5 = 1392
  15. 1459-5, I'm assuming, so we're at 1454
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