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  1. mojofan

    Make mojofan Laugh. cWorld contest

    @Moxie it is better "live". @ everyone else where's your cworld If it's easier for you to just post a link that's fine To be honest, I cracked a smile, but haven't laughed.
  2. I have loads of plaques and CRs in auctions starting at 1 point since Wed. I can't believe nobody bid on any of it yet!!

  3. Design a cWorld that makes me laugh. Post a screenshot of your cWorld on this thread. Wait until after Thanksgiving to be judged. Winner gets my arcade prize points!! (23,000-ish)
  4. ....and who knows what else I might throw in there. Don't forget to PM me if you didn't get any Freebies from me!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. mojofan


    Thanks again everyone. I've had some nice conversations this week. please get it while the gettins good! I have so many rand-o things from many years passed. Keep your eyes out for 1 point auctions too!
  6. mojofan


    First of all. Thank You everyone. I've had a lot of friendly messages come my way. I'm not dying or anything. I just don't really play, and I know I have stuff people might want before it vanishes. I'm likely to instantly accept offline trades if: -It's something not too many people are going after. -I have many duplicates of it -It helps me. Help you ;P A lot of you think you are asking for too much....Don't worry about it. Keep asking. Keep offline trading. I have lots to give away. Just give everyone a fair-ish chance.
  7. mojofan


    I'm getting lots of requests. Be Patient. It's OK to keep bothering me though. I want to make sure everybody gets stuff they really want/need for their collections. Some of you are making offline trade offers... you can keep (or start) doing that. Don't offer anything in return.
  8. mojofan


    Thanks for the kind words. I think the decision to stop came once I realized I haven't done a Spooky cWorld in a while.
  9. mojofan

    1 hour 1 point auctions

    Happening whenever I randomly choose to start them. I'm starting with the commons. I'm taking requests
  10. mojofan


    Who wants what? I only stay slightly active so my account doesn't get deleted. What's the point in that? You guys should just start grabbing stuff.
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy b-day!

  13. I'm hosting an auction party this weekend. Post 10 auctions and you're cool like dat!

  14. mojofan

    I hereby declare an auction party weekend!!

    @Josh123Oh I see. Someone's gotta spike da punch! Sidenote: Tameran IS cool like dat
  15. mojofan

    I hereby declare an auction party weekend!!

    encourage how? Potentially getting points/toons should be encouragement enough either you party or you don't party.
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