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  1. Gamers

    Keita Amano Karen Tendou Aguri Tasuku Uehara Chiaki Hoshinomori Konoha Hoshinomori Eiichi Misumi Gakuo Kase Nima Orsu Golden Memories PZP Running Aguri Running Gamers Game Meetup Group Chibi Tasuku Chibi Aguri (could also take Chibi Tasuku from this or one of the ones below instead) Chibi Schoolgirl Aguri PZ4 Dating Gamers Maid Chibi Aguri Sitting Konoha Gaming Karen Gaming Keita
  2. Tangled the Series

    This is missing a lot of characters. Will go through and get some later today. For now I have these: Four Sisters Owl Fidello
  3. Anime Sunday

    February 18th participants
  4. Pizza I ordered never arrived. I hate life.

    1. RubixCube


      sorry to hear that. did you call back and ask them where it is . or the next day I would go down there with the conformation of your ordering and show them. if you did it online.

  5. Valentines Disney Hunger Games

    Ariel & Prince please
  6. I know we did the Town of Salem stuff last week, but they are releasing the coven stuff for free this weekend only, and it would be fun to play with CT players, using new roles such as Pirate, Medusa, Poisoner, and Trapper.

    1. Coolguy


      I can play this weekend

  7. Anime Sunday

    Sunday February 11th Attendees: The Yugioh thing will be moved to two weeks from now when we do a Mai Valentine night.
  8. Treasure Hunt - Disney Saturday

    Indian Camp 4
  9. Treasure Hunt - Disney Saturday

    Mermaid Lagoon 2
  10. Anime Sunday

    February 4th attendees:
  11. Anime Sunday

    Super Bowl Dueldown! Below you see 10 champions and 10 face-down cards. The Face-downs are all Equip Spell cards but you don't know which each is until you pick it. Your job is to pick a champion not chosen yet, and a number of Equip spell not chosen. Once all champions have a supporter, they will battle it off to prove who's the strongest! The further your Champion gets in the contest, the better the prizes are. Everyone who chooses a Champion and an Equip spell will receive two toons from the Anime Sunday account at least. Your entry is like this: U.A. Minefielder, 7 This would give you the seventh Equip Spell in line. But you don't know what it is yet, until everyone has picked.
  12. Digimon World

    Jijimon Mamemon Numemon Elecmn Cherrymon Cer Centarumon Da Datamon Leomon Monzeamon Sukamon Tsukaimon Redvegiemon Ogremon Gorurimon Warumonzaemon Bakemon MudFrigimon Frigimon Giromon Pixiemon Protagonist Myotismon Drimogemon Monocrhomon Shogungekomon Gekomon Unimon
  13. omethng suddenly came up and I cannot be on CT for the remainder of January, very sorry to announce this but that is how it is.

    1. deepcanyon1


      so sorry to hear this and hope its nothing serious..and hope to see you back soon !

  14. Anime Sunday

    Somethng suddenly came up and I cannot host tomorrow the fourteenth. Also I will not be on CT for the remainder of January. @Xavianangel if you can find a replacement host for tomorrow and the rest of the month, sorry for short notice.
  15. Valentines Disney Hunger Games

    Username: Rapunzelsanna Elena
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