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  1. Save Performing Gazelle
  2. People who attended July 23rd: Coolguy Jwool Terrie Blue Ridley BTVKids Crooked Cutsman Dragonwolf Kewldude Mkw19 SuperSaiyanSean KittyWolfHorse19 Unfanatic BeardedBear Ike Wanteddead Shark Indieman Josh Kuroyuki Austin Xavi Kuroyuki Narengoku Next week I think my plan is to move to Clannad. Should that change, I will likely let people know sooner. But as of my typing this, that is the plan, episodes one through three of Clannad for July 30th.
  3. Rapuzelsanna is here! Should have the #PARTY at Fablehaven, because like, you drink some walrus milk and can fight centaurs and watch fairies and play tennis with satyrs.
  4. Those who attended July 16th: Ken Shark Jwool Blue Ridley Xavi Gothscansmile Austin Kitty Wanteddead Mkw Dragonwolf TitanicForce Kuroyuki Deepcanyon Buzzcut Indieman Screechingweasel Kewldude Jumptheshark Buzzcut Josh If I missed your name, I'm sorry, I can check with Shark or someone else if you claim to have been there, but I hope I didn't miss anyone, a little out of it. Next week doing Erased episodes five, six, and seven.
  5. Morphs 191-253
  6. Morphs 1-190
  7. Added both of you. On July 16th, we will be doing episodes two, three and four of Erased.
  8. What we need is for more Disney and anime people to contribute to Hurt/Heal next year.
  9. Hurt Maul
  10. Hurt Maul
  11. Hurt Link (he'll never come home to his princess anyway so...) Hurt Maul
  12. Hurt Maul Heal Link
  13. We watched episodes five and six of Love Live, and now we're doing episode one of Erased: Doing a few quick raffles, electricity was out for awhile but wrapping up the party by beginning Erased, which we will continue next week. EDIT: Here's who were present July 9th: Jazzy Ken Shark Coolguy Deep Terrie Cutsman Champ Mkw Wanteddead Dragonwolf Tameran Chi Josh Lannis Jwool Mach Notlindsay Abdizur Titanicforce Mongoose Indieman Buzzzcat Raven Draze Frank Lunadash Boomerang Kasin Purplehaze Tooner
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