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  1. Lol i remember about enticing erza, without buying limit, chaotic times at CT back then !! i believe the AOs are okay, if you're gonna reduce copies i think 50 is enough but no more than that.. taking aways 10 copies is enough to spike up the prices a bit and drain more points.. they should work on the shop prices, if the shops sell 80 HR (minimum) copies a week at 5k thats 400k vs selling them at 2.5k(+,-) which is 200k.. just double the price and you get 200k more weekly from the community, great and fair way to drain points
  2. I think shop prices should definitely be higher. Specially HRs, you can sell any active HR for a minimum price of 20k.Thats a 17k profit, if the HR goes for 400k thats 2mil a month - shop price = 1.985mil profit. Even though i rounded the HR shop price at 3k, there's still a lot of profit. You can raise it to 4k and there still gonna be profit, even at 8k, not saying thats what should be done but less than 3k is just too low for HR shop price. With the other rarities is more tricky cause there are more copies etc. But HR shop price should definitely be higher. And there cant be any excuse that new players or non premium players cant buy HRs due to the shop price increase, because for example: by just logging in you get 10k, with those you could buy one HR at 6k in shop, sell it for 20k(minimum), with that 14k profit you could buy two more HRs at shop, and still have the 10k you had for logging in + 2k profit + 2 new HRs, as easy as that haha, nowaday you can do all that with just 3k lol Have a great day people, miss you guys!
  3. Is there a way i can get into the chat through mobile?? Still don't have any wifi so yeah cant use my laptop

    1. Sharktibolt


      Yes actually, the current version of chat does not use flash player, so people on Apple products or people without flash player can come in on phones or whatever else.

    2. gianki


      I tried on my iphone through safari and it kept waitingfor the servers to respond , should i download a different browser?

  4. Gianki - already offlined toons, and id like to add 25k
  5. Anyone like drum & bass around here?

  6. My apologies to the players that sent me any PM these last few months!! Thanks to hurricanes Irma & María theres no electricity over here, nor wifi anywhere! Its been really hard for me to get online, but hey, Im alive :P will be answering them shortly!!! Hope everyone is okay!! I see I've missed lots of stuff, NICE!! Have a great day !! Puerto Rico se levanta!!!

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    2. itsthebodimafia


      Stay gold ponyboy, prayers and good thoughts

    3. Josh123


      Sending prayers and good thoughts as well brotha! Glad to hear you're okay! 

    4. gianki


      Thanks for everything guys!!!!!!! You're the best :):) really appreciate it!!!!! Just gotta keep on going!!! Love the new sets that i missed!!! Lots of action, thanks for keeping up the good work!! The site literally could'nt have done it without you guys!!! Keep it up!!

  7. Last six copies of the new AO are up!! Good luck !! 

  8. Lol i think you posted this on the wrong wishlist just saw this btw!! Thanks anywaysss
  9. made some really big additions to my wishlist, go check it out !!!! PM me in game better thanks !!!

  10. If a mod sees this, please PM me or go to chat!!! 

    1. deepcanyon1


      I'm a mod whats up?..i"m in chat now 

  11. Also posted 50 auctions starting at 500 points!!!

  12. Selling lots of stuff in my collection, check it out and PM me!! 

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    2. gianki


      hahah had to go to your profile to verify it before accepting the offer 

    3. Unluckygal


      Sending A List On CT

    4. gianki


      Saw it, will reply in a moment

  13. It all depends, personally for me its because of my social life, and existencial problems, oh and recently bought an xbox with destiny lol these games are what keeps me from going outside and doing stuff I'll later regret!!! You gotta keep in mind too that its school period and stuff, theres always the low season, thats why they throw the lame sets now so that when Animay comes and summer everybody is ready lol!! Its saving time ti'l May Here are some additions that i would like to see: 1- The year tab when viewing "My collection", why? So i can for example post a trade board with "08" toons that I don't need, or post a whole set of auctions all from the same year. I've been meaning to do that but its just too much work lol, first i gotta go through allllll my collection, then make a list, then go look for em one by one to post them in the auctions/trade board. It would be much easier PLUS it would help new players looking for older toons because it would set new activities on the TB, like it would make it easier for other players to post their old stuff... lol don't know if im explaining myself!! 2- Idk, just everybody be nice to everybody!!! haha always try to help when you get the chance!!!! Peace. Unity. Respect.
  14. You have 18,599 total ctoons in your collection! 5,180 unique toons!! Gotta sell some doubles!!!
  15. Sent you a PM in-game, there were like three that i could sell, let me know!
  16. just saw this! will get to you right away
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