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  1. Is there a way i can get into the chat through mobile?? Still don't have any wifi so yeah cant use my laptop

  2. CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

    Gianki - already offlined toons, and id like to add 25k
  3. Anyone like drum & bass around here?

  4. Gianki's Wishlist! :d

  5. check the tb..i left you a present and so glad your ok my friend :)  

  6. My apologies to the players that sent me any PM these last few months!! Thanks to hurricanes Irma & María theres no electricity over here, nor wifi anywhere! Its been really hard for me to get online, but hey, Im alive :P will be answering them shortly!!! Hope everyone is okay!! I see I've missed lots of stuff, NICE!! Have a great day !! Puerto Rico se levanta!!!

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    2. itsthebodimafia


      Stay gold ponyboy, prayers and good thoughts

    3. Joshfarias16


      Sending prayers and good thoughts as well brotha! Glad to hear you're okay! 

    4. gianki


      Thanks for everything guys!!!!!!! You're the best :):) really appreciate it!!!!! Just gotta keep on going!!! Love the new sets that i missed!!! Lots of action, thanks for keeping up the good work!! The site literally could'nt have done it without you guys!!! Keep it up!!

  7. Last six copies of the new AO are up!! Good luck !! 

  8. Gianki's Wishlist! :d

  9. Gianki's Wishlist! :d

    Lol i think you posted this on the wrong wishlist just saw this btw!! Thanks anywaysss
  10. Gianki's Wishlist! :d

  11. Gianki's Wishlist! :d

  12. made some really big additions to my wishlist, go check it out !!!! PM me in game better thanks !!!

  13. If a mod sees this, please PM me or go to chat!!! 

    1. deepcanyon1


      I'm a mod whats up?..i"m in chat now 

  14. Gianki's Wishlist! :d

  15. Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    awesome thanks guys
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