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  1. Happy birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday my dear friend..hope you are well and miss seeing you around the boards..Hope you have an amazing birthday :bday2::bday1:

  3. Happy Birthday!

    1. gianki


      Thank you!! :)

  4. Feliz cumple! Que tengas muchos mas!

    1. gianki


      Hahaha love it!!!!! Thanks a lot xav!!! :):)

  5. Feliz Cumpleaños! Espero que todo este bien en la isla y que sea un dia tremendo!


    1. gianki


      Gracias mi herma!!! Gracias a Dios todo tranquilooo

  6. e1TSp0X.jpg

    1. gianki


      Hahahahh ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks!!

  7. i2G4IMg.jpg


    Hope you have a great Birthday...and hope you are well my friend :)  

    1. gianki


      Hahahah love the scooby touch!!! Thanks a lot!! :)

  8. Lol i remember about enticing erza, without buying limit, chaotic times at CT back then !! i believe the AOs are okay, if you're gonna reduce copies i think 50 is enough but no more than that.. taking aways 10 copies is enough to spike up the prices a bit and drain more points.. they should work on the shop prices, if the shops sell 80 HR (minimum) copies a week at 5k thats 400k vs selling them at 2.5k(+,-) which is 200k.. just double the price and you get 200k more weekly from the community, great and fair way to drain points
  9. I think shop prices should definitely be higher. Specially HRs, you can sell any active HR for a minimum price of 20k.Thats a 17k profit, if the HR goes for 400k thats 2mil a month - shop price = 1.985mil profit. Even though i rounded the HR shop price at 3k, there's still a lot of profit. You can raise it to 4k and there still gonna be profit, even at 8k, not saying thats what should be done but less than 3k is just too low for HR shop price. With the other rarities is more tricky cause there are more copies etc. But HR shop price should definitely be higher. And there cant be any excuse that new players or non premium players cant buy HRs due to the shop price increase, because for example: by just logging in you get 10k, with those you could buy one HR at 6k in shop, sell it for 20k(minimum), with that 14k profit you could buy two more HRs at shop, and still have the 10k you had for logging in + 2k profit + 2 new HRs, as easy as that haha, nowaday you can do all that with just 3k lol Have a great day people, miss you guys!
  10. Is there a way i can get into the chat through mobile?? Still don't have any wifi so yeah cant use my laptop

    1. Sharktibolt


      Yes actually, the current version of chat does not use flash player, so people on Apple products or people without flash player can come in on phones or whatever else.

    2. gianki


      I tried on my iphone through safari and it kept waitingfor the servers to respond , should i download a different browser?

  11. Gianki - already offlined toons, and id like to add 25k
  12. Anyone like drum & bass around here?

  13. check the tb..i left you a present and so glad your ok my friend :)  

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