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  1. First 20 people entered for 18 toons

  2. Happy Birthday captain..hope it was an amazing one  !!!!

  3. Happy Birthday...hope it was a great one :)  :bday2:

  4. still no power at our house and motels are full but we are heading back to fl today and winging it.. :(  will know more about the damages when we get there..dont know when we will be back online theres no internet there :(  

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      Back to the horses! You can Create Your Own Western Film!

      I would do that if I didn't have internet access for a week...though I'd probably need to get a bit more country considering the city life=more and more trees being removed for ugly old concrete. The deer are revolting. Night of the Living Venison!

      I hope you find some fun ways to spend your offline time.

  5. Happy Birthday  !!! hope its a great one :bday2:

  6. JrkgpPs.jpg


    hope its an amazing one !!!

  7. Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    thank you
  8. Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    I didnt get one my name is listed for the 23rd @Xavianangel thank you
  9. Is anyone willing to sell me a moonshiners plaque was evacuating from the hurricane and havent been on since friday...thanks :)

  10. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

  11. Double or Nothing 3: Gift Detective

    set 10 box 2 please
  12. Happy Birthday :bday2:

    1. reaper9697


      Thanks! :D

  13. Happy Birthday :bday2:

  14. HX0dfml.jpg


    Happy Birthday :bday2:

    1. screechingweasel96


      thanks so much!!!

  15. Anime Sunday

  16. Double Or Nothing 2: Electric Giftitude

    set 9 box 2 please
  17. Double Or Nothing 2: Electric Giftitude

    set 8 box 1 please
  18. Looking for ppg runner plaque..i dont have one me in game if you gave 1 for sale thanks :)  

  19. Happy Birthday Dude !!



    1. dragonwolf



  20. Happy Birthday  Hope you have a great one !!  :bday2:

    1. notlindsayyy


      Thank you!

  21. Today is my Moms Birthday in third one without her..remember to always tell your mom how much they mean to you..Your mom teaches you everything except how to live without them  :'(  

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    2. deepcanyon1


      I have to disagree with mom can ever teach a child how to live without them..and what i wrote is a really popular quote..not my own words..and i had one of the best i am insulted that you would imply that ..that would be real love...i hope you still have your mom..cause if you do you cant even understand what i am writing..i also lost my son 9 days earlier  ...most cannot understand...

    3. TheWolfandtheRose


      I have my reasons for feeling the way I do. But I'm not about to enter a I'll keep my thoughts to myself. But remember back in our history...of America. The people fleeing other countries to find solace in America...they left their mamas behind and had to live without them. Probably thought of them every day though.

    4. deepcanyon1


      its a saying people use when their moms have passed away....not left them and know they are somewhere else..and i agree it was probably hard on them when they fled and came to america...but i would have rather fled a country and had to have left my mom behind then to have watched her pass away in my arms and to know theres no way i can ever see her again here ..

  22. looking for someone to sell me a sailors plaque..i am wanting 2 of them..will pay well..thanks :)  

  23. deepcanyon1's wishlist

    thank you very much
  24. deepcanyon1's wishlist

    HOPING SOMEONE CAN HELP ME COMPETE MY THE MLP SET THEY ARE THE ONES I WANT TO COMPLETE THE MOST THANKS FOR ANY HELP FOR GETTING THESE 2 COMPLETED TO COMPLETE THE MY LITTLE PONY SET eclipsed luna ECLIPED SWEETEE BELL POSING PRINCESS LUNA ALICE IN WONDERLAND STANDING CHESHIRE CAT ANASTASIA COMMANDING RASPUTIN CARS FILMORE DUCK DODGERS BURNT DODGERS DR. I.Q. HI MARVIN WITH LASER ED, EDD & EDDY beatdown edd SPLINTER THE WONDERWOOD FLINTSTONES SANTA FRED WINNIE THE POOH THANKFUL POOH KANGA WILL ADD MORE AS I GO THROUGH THE SETS I WANT TO KEEP AND GET COMPLETED THANKS Thanks to Captain Jack- for helping me with a couple pieces Woodstock24- for the other 5 bleach toons i was missing an more sailor moon toons :)an jamesboo Champ- for the last piece i needed for bleach Xavianangel for more sailor moon toons And for helping complete my A Disney Chrismas Set !!! Tails-for gabble goose an all the help he has given me to all sending my frou frous i now have the frou brous completed MASON for my last santa sora itsthebodimafia for some sailor moon an samauri schnitzel LG for my last gabble geese an for a scattin cats any help would be appreciated thanks
  25. @Xavianangel i sent you a pm..please check it out when you get time..thanks

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