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  1. dn95tZk.jpg

    And remember all the thing we all have to be thankful for today and everyday..!

  2. 20txbol.jpg


    Hope its a great one :bday1:

    1. thelastsith


      Thank you, Deep :) It was definitely a great one!!

  3. Time Machine Raffles!

    Congrats Indie
  4. salut

    Welcome to CT..and glad to have you here..And glad you finally found this site..I am sure you will love it here as much as Cartoon Orbit just sorry it took you so long to find Hope to see you in game soon and also participating in the games and raffles on here..and dont forget we have chat..its different nights for different things but we watch movies and have give aways and just come join the fun..
  5. check the tb..i left you a present and so glad your ok my friend :)  

  6. W1ntUeW.jpg


    hope you have an amazing one :)  

    1. Blossom


      thank you deepcanyon!!

  7. CT Hangman

    thank you for the prize..I wondered where it came from and somehow this thread got lost.. glad its back i love hang man..and thanks for doing it a
  8. finding nemo set

    Its says I have 100% percent complete..but i just found out i dont have frightened fish..and Terries says she has 100% and she doesnt have smiling why are some of our sets saying they are complete when we are missing pieces?? thanks
  9. finding nemo set

    now it makes perfect i have 100% and terrie has 104.35% and i need to find that other piece..none in the we should always if we really want to have all of the pieces know that theres more than just the 100% of those sets.. thanks for the help
  10. finding nemo set

    @Coolguy it says that smiling bruce is a chaos rare not a contest award..thats where it is listed in the section here for prices..and frightened fish is a starter piece..and i dont have that if i have bruce and when i count smiling bruce i have 23 pieces...and terrie has frightened fish which is a starter i dont have and she has a count of 23 pieces and shes trying to buy smiling bruce now...and then we will see what percentage she has..cause it says she has 100 % without bruce and i have 100 % without frightened it makes no sense to us..just wondering...and smiling bruce isnt in the data base at the moment. thanks
  11. October 2017 Donation Contest

    I am tired of anytime i mention or ask a question its like you attack me!!!!! @Xavianangel and I am not the only one that sees that..not sure what the problem is with you..or what your problem is with me????
  12. October 2017 Donation Contest

    @Moana of Motunui thank you for letting me know..sure wish it was like it use to be that we either got things off lined or got a message that we had received them...and Yes terrie still needs hers not sure why she didnt get them...its goes under my email also..cause its my paypal..and is there a list of who got the 30 plaques that donated in the raffle? thanks
  13. October 2017 Donation Contest

    @Xavianangel @Sharktibolt not sure where to post this but i see the pieces from last months donations on the tb and Terrie and me didnt get ours and we both donated enough to get both the pieces.. thanks
  14. Anime Sunday

    thank you
  15. Anime Sunday

    i was there too..and before it even started i was trying to explain what was going on with terries computer..
  16. CT Hangman

  17. CT Hangman

  18. CT Hangman

  19. Happy Birthday..Hope its a great one :) :bday2::bday1:

    1. mongoose


      Thanks  deepcanyon1

  20. 2017 Spookiest Cworld Contest

    Congrats the Cworld..I dont have the imagination to think up something that awesome
  21. November 2017 Releases

  22. just handed out the prizes for halloween that i posted this morning on the tb..i had alot of fun seeing who won..and loved doing will be doing more closer to Thanksgiving so be watching the boards not sure what i will be giving away next  ;)  

    1. Sharktibolt


      Thank you Deep! I needed some of those Rudolph toons and now have the completed set. :D

  23. Fallstravaganza Batman Raffle

    1. deepcanyon1 2. pumpkin pie with whipped cream 3. happy feet 4. The fact that Prince didnt want the song Kiss used in the movie Happy Feet but after seeing footage of the film he not only changed his mind but also additional song for the film.
  24. Take a minute and come bid 1 pt. for my 10 tb postings for Halloween :) Winner will be picked tonight ;)  


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    2. deepcanyon1


      i will be using and i am giving everyone a number in the order they are offering and then maybe your spell will

      and i will be doing some more closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas so keep your eye out for them :)  


      I love the holiday season :) 

    3. TheWolfandtheRose
    4. Xero_Hybrid


      Happy Halloween!


  25. Happy Birthday.. :)  :bday1:

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