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    I love seeing my family and grandkids :)..I love watching netflix hulu and playing games on ct and fb..I use to have alot of interests but have gotten real sick since march and cant go anywhere except doc appts :(..but someday i will be back to doing the things I love
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  1. I have an extra of batman beyond leaping batman beyond batman animated jokers sleigh bleach kon bobs burgers andy and ollie pesto code geass jerimiah gothwild the glouscester gravity falls melody phinea and ferb basket-trapped perry cymbal monkey demanding santa drummer ferb easter beaver easter doormensmirtz jammin phenias parachuting perry stan the vendor i have all the back to school 2009 lunchboxes i have all the christmas carols 2011 i have all the commitment rings i have all the valentine couples you need i have all the easter 2010 you need i have all the summer olympics 2012 you need i have packers statuettes packers sticker nyeves 2011 tv toon I have all the valentines 2011 cards except love sick and who needs love and as they say that's all for now just let me know if you are interested in them and which ones
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    hope you have a great one :)

  3. like you should check out zips Cworld with Josie from Josie and the acorncats on they know how to party
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    hope you have a great birthday :)

    1. smileygirl


      Thank you!
      I will! :) 

    2. deepcanyon1


      @smileygirl check your offlines ..for a small birthday surprise :)

    3. smileygirl
  5. like time to get down and serious with the partying now.
  6. I see most of the amiyumi set on the let me know if you need any that wasnt posted
  7. I have every piece you need for HI HI PUFFY AmiYumi except astronaut ami drumset moonflag all the others i have more than 2 let me know if you are interested I have Archer from Disgea
  8. i am thrifty with my pts..and worked really hard to get here and always have a max of what i will pay for something even if i want it..and have a plan to never drop below a certain amount even if it means not bidding again on pieces
  9. they are up for you
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