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    I love seeing my family and grandkids :).I love extreme couponing and buying and reselling those are my passions..I also like to draw and paint..also help run my husbands company as it keeps me busy.
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  1. Happy Birthday :) :bday2:

    1. Rella


      Thank you :D

  2. I agree with almost everything Mason said..and thank you for taking the time and caring enough about CT to do that..Now for me I am so over the sitting in the room for days at a time waiting for that elusive HR.. in fact I am so over it that I now just wait and hope for it to be on the TB and will just buy it from there..My time is worth more than sitting there and waiting for a restock use to be fun to be in chat and someone post hr in shop 3 and you would hurry to try and catch it..but those days are gone..Terrie and me don't spend as much time here anymore as the fun and laughing we did when we missed a hr. makes us more upset than happy and thinking well it will restock in a few hrs...sometimes when I am doing contracts for the company i will be on and or looking for that next deal i need to resell...i will be on for hrs and not a single hr is found..terrie is looking for the last 3 hrs..and I only need the new one as I have been buying them off the tb...I am just so over the long waits for a restock of the hr.. I have lost some of my excitement too. Now i love my certain games that i play on a regular basis but what i miss is the beginning of the month when you didn't know if you were the 10th player on the top 10 if you held that place to get the prize and nothing no 3 or 4 emails saying you won this many pt's from snake for being in the top who's cares now..i always waited and looked forward to the 1st for that and to see what premium only i got.. I love auctions but they are just so far in between sometimes days out that i forget about them and then when i remember about them..i have missed wish there were some incentive to that to make more people want to risk their toons . Also I agree there is no incentive to collect a whole set of something that you dont really care about because the only pieces you probably really want from it is the hr and cr's to sell at a later date. So even completing sets dont give me any joy lately if i finish the set ok if not thats ok too. I get tired of seeing the same commons in the same shops over and over again due to the fact that with so few players there are way to many of each being released. The only way the value of the toons are going to go back up to make older toons worth anything anymore and the new toons worth a lot is to reduce the number released so that it makes them rarer. Because there are way more hrs released i believe and this is just my opinion due to the number of active players.But this is something that i suggested when I was a mod and it got knocked i am sure this will not change and with that the value of a toon is not going to go up and toons from the past that use to be worth a lot you can not get hardly anything from them due to the fact that alot of accounts are also sitting inactive an have forever and they own a ton of a toon that you need to complete a set and then you are told to write them and see if they are willing to sell 1..well if you have been around these boards as long as i have almost 11 yrs then you know peoples names and the fact they haven't been around in yrs but then they own 100 of said toon. Well i cant think of anything more to say at the moment and I also agree with Paul and what he posted also. But all I can say is that it would be a sad day to see this site fail when people are giving ideas and not a lot of them take a lot of coding just some release changes and maybe ask people what they want to do about the hr releases. Thanks again Mason for the time you took to write this I too love this site and want it to thrive.
  3. deepcanyon1 please and thank you as always
  4. I wasn't being disrespectful..i was just upping your bid because i seen the one before it..trying to get others to offer you dont think i thought for a minute you would take it sometimes when people see people are bidding on something all of a sudden they need it too..sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt...and as for the offers things are just not selling on the tb..and as for living off their wealth from donating earlier..well i still donate to support the site and i have been a member since the beginning..and lately even when i do offer a real good price..they let it just drop off the boards after the days its listed..thats why i dont even bother posting on the tb anymore i just tell people i am selling everything i have more than 1 of to pm me with an offer and or i put it in my shop.
  5. Happy the person that made this site possible and for all the work you put into it :) Hope you have a great day today !

  6. Happy Birthday to my Sister from another...You are the best friend and sister anyone could ever ask for :) Love you lots and hope today is a day to remember..


  7. deepcanyon1 and thank you for yet another game
  8. I would love a second chance at being a mod..after getting over my illness and being able to think clearly I want to show not only the ones on the team from before but this site that I have what it takes to make a good Mod. And I have been a member since the beginning and this site means so much to me. So hope you all would consider it . Thanks deep
  9. Happy Birthday !!

  10. @RubixCube I have to agree with most of what you wrote..and I too am one of probably more active players I log in everyday do my dailies ..and play games check the auctions and also the tb..but lately its just gotten say the least..and I totally understand that people have lives...But see I was a mod..and so was Terrie..and it didnt work out..I have high expectations of business as I run a stucco, plaster and stone company with my husband, also with Terrie and I are extreme couponers and we buy and resell every week and not we are always running stores for that next deal and then selling at the market on Sundays..Our days start at 4:30 and we run all day..besides keeping the house going and also cooking meals, I also have to make sure my husband has everything he needs and I pay all the bills also. So I am on the computer for at least 4 to 5 hrs a day dealing with everything from contracts, to general contractors and everything in between and Terrie and I have plenty of time to help out..we even were put on the GFX team..I asked to leave both why...because I am not a yes person and from running companies most of my life I totally understand what works and doesn't work for most companies and I look at CT as a company. And yes people want something for nothing...they want their prizes after the contest is over not a month later because sometimes i get prizes and have to try and remember from what contest or why I got it. And i know this from working with the public so much ..And anyone will tell you I am a great PR person..but some on the team and on here think of me as the old lady..well at 60 I am anything but that.. Our days start at 4:30 everyday..but when on the team if we were asked something and gave our honest opinion about it..there was always reasons why it wouldn't work and it was always just a bunch of drama..and it got old and it wasn't fun. And I am sure I will be told about saying this and basically I don't care. The site is going to die because these people don't have the time or desire anymore as Xavi said she comes here for a few minutes everyday. A site can't be run when the person who has the last say besides Toon only dedicates a few minutes. I offered to hand out prizes and toons when they were needing to be done and was told they can't just trust anyone to do that..well for 1 I am not a thief and I have no want to take toons that I have not earned. And Terrie is also very honest we could both pick up the slack if told what to do. But shes still on the GFX team but is never asked to cut anything anymore...we both use to see post that things were needed done asap...not anymore and I have to say terrie and me both agree that some of the work is ok but not great. And it takes a village as they say to make things happen but when you have a bunch arguing back and forth you end up where you started most of the time. And this month I did not donate..reason..i don't think the site is going to be here much longer..there are other game sites i can donate too. It hurts to think of CT not being here since I have been a member since the beginning but if people don't ask people who do have extra time for help for whatever reason then you can't expect the site to survive. At one time I even PM Toon and offered to be a backer of the site..and was basically turned down..and now I back other things..I did it because my husband said whatever you want to do because I know how much the site means to you. So now i just wait to see what day i try to log in and the site is just not here anymore. But I do agree its not to late to save it..but it would mean having people on board to make that happen..and I don't see alot of the mods around much so I don't see that happening at this point. This is just my 2 cents worth and how I feel so hope no one gets offended by my post
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