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    I love seeing my family and grandkids :).I love extreme couponing and buying and reselling those are my passions..I also like to draw and paint..also help run my husbands company as it keeps me busy.
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  1. Just restocked shop ..also selling everything in my inventory except Disney, superman as long as i have at least 2 of that piece so pm me an offer :) 

  2. Looking to buy or trade for HARU from avatar the last airbender its the only piece i need to complete my set..please pm me if you have one ..thanks :) 

  3. deepcanyon1

    May 2018 Donator of the Month

    I have 2 questions.. when will it be posted for the may donation picks and get our prizes.. and also why is there nothing up for poke june for donations? thanks
  4. Looking to buy the Fern Gully DVD..I have only 1 ..i need another so i can open it and get the piece..thanks :) 

  5. deepcanyon1

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    set 35 box 2 please
  6. deepcanyon1

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    could i have set 8 box 1 please..and thank you having a great contest again
  7. Happy Birthday !!  :bday2:

  8. I am selling everything in my inventory that I have more than 2 pieces except my disney and any superman pieces. Pm me in game with what you are needing and an low balling please..thank you :) 

  9. thanks to Xero_Hybrid..i no longer need either piece i was searching for to finish my Spirit set..thanks so much for helping me out :) 

  10. Happy Birthday..hope you enjoy your day !!  :bday2:

    1. itsthebodimafia


      Thanks :) it was great!!

  11. Looking to buy or trade for 2 copies of Spirit DVD so I can complete my set..can be from 2 different people would really appreciate the help..thanks in advance :) 

  12. Happy Birthday..hope it a great one for you :)  :bday2:

    1. Tooner58


      Thanks again Deep! <333

  13. Happy Birthday !! :bday2:

  14. XFnLyYI.gif


    hope its an amazing one :) 

  15. Happy Birthday hope its an amazing one :) :bday2:

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