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    I love seeing my family and grandkids :)..I love watching netflix hulu and playing games on ct and fb..I use to have alot of interests but have gotten real sick since march and cant go anywhere except doc appts :(..but someday i will be back to doing the things I love
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  1. I love the sword art pieces..that are already out
  2. @Paul so your the one that got it from me...lol..congrats
  3. I am on every day..and i also donate but i wish i could play the games that i do play more than 6 times and get pts or something...sometimes people do have alot of time on their hands but after 6 times..all you get is a couple tickets..I also have suggested a time like once a week where new people could go to chat and ask the many questions that they might have as to how to do or get certain things because otherwise some of them wait days to get an answer on the forums..i suggested this before but it was shot down as no one has the time unless i wanted to do it...i know alot about the game but not enough to answer all their questions..and if you never played orbit it can be quite hard to understand the tb, auctions, things like that.. I try to be on alot but lately the tb is really moving slow and theres no one around so getting bored but i love CT so much and hate to see it this way.. hope to see new things and will help any way i can.. and like others so many toons come out lately that i actually have to google to see what the toon was like.. but i still collect it anyways.. i also miss the blue backs and the plaques.. i am a big fan of disney also but theres so many other toons that could come out also. Also its hard to do even a wish list on the forums any more..most never look at others ..and i was trying to find pieces for people and would post that i had this piece or that piece and they would never even respond so i have stopped doing that also..so its hard to complete sets sometimes especially sets that are expansions. thanks for asking the people of CT what they would like
  4. Thank you so much...its so good to see you back and i love Sailor Moon and thank you for doing something so nice !
  5. The Simpsons pumpkin maggie 5k sherri & terri 5k Code Lyoko Aelita schaeffer 5k battle-ready aelita 5k battle-ready ulrick 5k total 25k thank you
  6. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. what i got this week
  8. rendered max secret life of pets
  9. rendered Gidget..secret life of pets
  10. rendered sweetpea the secret life of pets
  11. rendered Tattoo the secret life of pets
  12. rendered sweetpea...secret life of pets
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