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    I love seeing my family and grandkids :)..I love watching netflix hulu and playing games on ct and fb..I use to have alot of interests but have gotten real sick since march and cant go anywhere except doc appts :(..but someday i will be back to doing the things I love
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  1. the are moving everything to new servers...they have been working on it since wednesday it will be better than ever as soon as they have the transfers of everything please be patient we are all waiting...
  2. Happy Birthday Mason..hope you have an awesome one !!

  3. Kingdom Hearts young Riku 5k Banjo Kazooie banjo and kazooie's band 10k total 15k thank you
  4. loved these ..i never smoked except these when i was a kid..thanks for starting this took me back to my Dad always bought me these..! I sure miss him
  5. could i get # 1 please and thank you
  6. Kingdom hearts KH2 Selphie 10k Armor of the master 5k Armoured Terra 5k Armoured Ventus 5k young Kairi 5k total 30k
  7. KIngdom Hearts Destinies Intertwined 120k no heart 20k kh final form sora 10k vanitas unmasked 10k vanitas with x-blade 10k total 170k thanks
  8. Thank you :)..for the link..and its been like that for a couple days for me..and i have rebooted my computer and everything..and all my other sites are working just not sure what to do about it.
  9. I cant access CTC's inventory...when i click on the link it gives me the 500 error...not sure why cause Terrie can access it..I am needing some pieces but cant see how many you have of pieces to ask for them. thanks
  10. Happy Birthday !!

    1. Courage2013


      Thank you

  11. yes thats the only hr this week @LegitArtifact
  12. Happy Birthday !!! Hope its as amazing as you are :)

    1. Xavianangel


      Thank you!!

  13. Hi ! Welcome to CT....hope you come to love it as much as I do :)..if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask
  14. I voted new ones because i have most of the old ones..and it would be nice to have a goal to work toward to get new ones on the games that you are good at.
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