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    I love seeing my family and grandkids :).I love extreme couponing and buying and reselling those are my passions..I also like to draw and paint..also help run my husbands company as it keeps me busy.
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  1. deepcanyon1

    July 2018 Donator of the Month

    @Xavianangel pm sent
  2. deepcanyon1

    Honest Opinions Contest

    I barely even get around to my games anymore..and its because theres alot of drama that goes on between some of the players which takes away from the enjoyment and makes you feel like not even going into chat..and with the site probably closing without a miracle ..why waste alot of my time trying to complete sets if the sites going away.
  3. Please take the time and read my topic.. colored pieces and give me some feed back please..thank you..its under site suggestions :) 

  4. deepcanyon1

    Toon Bingo #3

    Oh thank you so didnt have to send me anything else..i just thought it was pretty cool that i had it and thanks again for doing this game
  5. deepcanyon1

    Toon Bingo #3

    and what did i do fall asleep before the chat started I am not happy about that one..and thank you Shark as always..and i had bingo 2 ways for all the cool things you do
  6. I would go for it..and see how it worked and i think it would be alot of fun..and it would give an even chance for everyone to get a piece they may have wanted for a long time but couldnt afford the points for it Thanks for suggesting it.
  7. deepcanyon1

    I love CT because...

    @The Grand Poobah please read my post above...and let me know if you would be interested.. thank you
  8. deepcanyon1

    I love CT because...

    @The Grand Poobah Please private message me about the money part of running this site..when I wrote the reason i Love CT was because it saved my life..alot who read that probably thought that was an exaggeration wasnt ...i was so sick and i couldnt swallow food..i lost to 90 lbs and was in a wheelchair..i came back to CT and brought Terrie..and I played the games and was on the site my every waking moment..and it distracted me..and as i played my games it distracted me so much i would swallow small things of food and try not to think about would it get stuck and i would choke to one can relate to what i went was all caused from losing my mom and son within 9 days and then also trying to get off a med i have been prescribed for 37 yrs now..and it can kill you trying to get off..needless to say i will be on it for life..and i have come to except that..i also got to swallow real food an gain weight and get to where i could walk first to the bathroom , then the car, then the neighbors driveway, then the corner, then i could drive and take the wheelchair and then to where i could push the wheel chair some and walk behind forward over a yr and a half..i am back to my normal weight 130 lbs..can eat what ever i want..can walk can drive can also coupon and load and unload trailers about 50 hrs a week to pull off a sale every sunday at the YES all with the help of CT and some great people who talked to me and got me through the long hrs and days. ....My husband is starting another company up which isnt cheap to say the least with all the licensing and everything and i do all the book work..and the contracts and all those things. But once thats all over and done with and that moneys all put out.. I just called him and told him what you had wrote...he knows what CT means to me and how it helped me..He thought that what he saw stuck in the chair was the wife he would have forever..yea hes alot younger than me..hes 45 i am 59 we will be married 23 yrs this sept..and i asked him if I could INVEST in CT..and somehow be a real part of it..he asked me how much..because he knows with the company and all the passion for couponing and paying the deals forward to the less fortunate has got to end..and he has been telling me to find something else to occupy my free time....well CT would be that time. No one can love this site and want to take care of it like a child than if you could get a hold of me in a private message and let me know some of what it would take to make it happen i would be more than grateful and feel so BLESSED...and yes i have made a few lets say people that think i am a bad person..and thats ok too..not everyone can get along..but this is my home away from home and this is my other family... I am not a computer expert in any way shape or form..that part i cant take up the slack with..but if i can help with the other please please get in touch with me..and i know that there has to be a way to see this place grow...and people not just help with the donations for the next great toon ...if they dont wake up this place will be gone..and this is the closest thing to orbit they will ever find. Sorry i wrote a book but this is one special place to me and I feel its something i have to reach out and try to find a way to help save it.. thanks for reading this and hope to hear from you soon Pam (deepcanyon1)
  9. Happy Birthday Josh..hope its an amazing one ! :bday2::bday1:

    1. Josh123


      Thank you! I had a wonderful day! :) 

  10. deepcanyon1

    Toon Bingo #3

    deepcanyon1 thanks for another great game !
  11. deepcanyon1

    CT Pog Game

    Thank you for another different and interesting game..i enjoyed it and will be watching for what you come up with next..and thanks for the toons
  12. A very Happy Birthday to the man who started it all here at CT..Thanks and hope its an amazing one !!

  13. cCmTA5k.gif


    Happy Birthday to the best Sister anyone could ask for..hope you have the most amazing day you can imagine..Love you lots <3 

    1. Terrie


      Thank You

  14. Happy Birthday..hope you have an amazing one !! :)  :bday2::bday1:

    1. sciencefriction


      Thank you! It's been good. :)

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