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    I love seeing my family and grandkids :).I love extreme couponing and buying and reselling those are my passions..I also like to draw and paint..also help run my husbands company as it keeps me busy.
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  1. 94MwJOJ.jpg


    Loved the first 10 yrs and cant wait to see whats to come :)  

  2. Received my points this morning seems to be working today thank you !
  3. @The Grand Poobah I am using google chrome..always have and never had a problem..but we are losing our pts with the days going by..hope this is fixed thanks for getting back to me
  4. My son cleared out everything in my computer and it still gives that same its not on my end..he said there is nothing else to clear out thanks
  5. @The Grand Poobah This morning I got the same message as terrie..invailid then told me how much the amount should be,,and its wrote really small at the top..and it didnt add the points either..not sure why its doing this..and if anyone else is noticing it or just clicking and going.. thanks
  6. deepcanyon1

    2018 Spookiest cWorld Contest

    may change it before the end of the i find more scary pieces..wish we could search for pieces by holidays would be much easier to do Cworlds.
  7. deepcanyon1

    New user here!

    Hi Ezrile...nice to meet you and welcome to CT..hope you love it here as much as i do..and if you have questions just ask away
  8. deepcanyon1

    The Supporters Nook

    will we know each month which two are going to expire? like there was always 2 given for a 10 donation? or will they all be in there for a yr from the month they were entered? thanks
  9. deepcanyon1

    Momma Muriel

    @Xavianangel @Sora I forgot that i had already gotten my second momma muriel and made 1 bid on the first one listed could you please reset that please? Thank you !
  10. deepcanyon1

    A decade on Collectoons!

    I joined on jan. 9th 2009 with my son..and then stopped in 12 was on and off then came back full time in 16 and have been here ever the site..AND CONGRATS on being here for 10 yrs..
  11. MVyN9GY.jpg

    Happy Birthday..hope its an amazing one :) 

  12. deepcanyon1

    SagNoras's Wishlist

    I have quite a few pieces on your list..check out my inventory and if you are interested in any pieces i have more than 1 of then pm me in game and let me know..
  13. deepcanyon1

    Final Mega Anime Celebration

    Your challenge is to write crossover fanfiction combining Donald Trump and My Life Me. The story should use Halloween as a plot device!
  14. deepcanyon1

    Final Mega Anime Celebration

    Power Rangers Super Power Friends
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