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  1. Happy Birthday ..Hope you have an amazing one :) 

  2. Happy birthday!!

  3. Seer

    December 2017 Releases

    that's maki from love live?? lol
  4. Seer

    Why aren't you on as much?

    i just don't have the same interest as i did in 2015/ early 2016 i guess?
  5. Seer

    Love Live School Idol Project

    p L E A S E okay but there's a l o t more to do with this, also you forgot tsubaki >:I but sense of all the game cards and whatever there's a l o t to go off of with this so, for example, a maki card but it's different so it's classified differently so that means more maki and that means more happiness i'm getting off topic oops so um here some more for the set, got these straight from the website Sore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki Outfits School Outfits
  6. Seer

    Ctoon Mistakes Names, Sets, Sizes, etc.

    This should be Tracer in the Overwatch set.
  7. Seer

    Free Pokemon Contest! PART 2!!

    Alex27558, favorite Pokemon is Cyndaquil!
  8. Seer

    Free Pokemon Contest!

    Alex27558 and Cyndaquil.
  9. Seer

    #ROADTRIP Contest

    Alex27558, and I think we should go to the Land of Thought and Flow. (Geez I'm such a Homestuck)
  10. Seer

    Summer Scratch to Win!!

    Alex27558 - #91
  11. Seer


    Yo, Undertale, amazing game made by Toby Fox and such sooo, im using the overworld sprites since there colorful and such but the black and white battle sprites are better but only certain character have them... Yeah. Frisk Flowey Images Flowey Battle Sprite Final Form Flowey Toriel Dreemurr Images Toriel Battle Sprite Sans Images Sans Battle Sprite Papyrus Images Papyrus Battle Sprite Papyrus Cool Dude Clothes Monster Kid Images Monster Kid Battle Sprite Undyne Images Armored Undyne Undyne Battle Sprite Dr. Alphys Images Alphys Battle Sprite Mettaton Images Mettaton Battle Sprite Mettaton EX Mettaton EX Battle Sprite Mettaton Neo Muffet Images Muffet Battle Sprite Asgore Dreemurr Images Asgore Battle Sprite Asriel Dreemurr Images Asriel Battle Sprite Second Form Asriel Final Form Asriel Chara
  12. Seer


    If you dont know what Homestuck is, well, its a really popular WebComic at So yeah! Heres the characters and forms and stuff so dont click some things because SPOILERS!! (Also being edited over time ) John Egbert Baby John Prospit Dream John Hero of Breath Battle Ready Hero of Breath Nannasprite Rose Lalonde Baby Rose Derse Dream Rose Seer of Light Jaspersprite Dave Strider Davesprite Davepetasprite^2 Baby Dave Derse Dream Dave Knight of Time Crowsprite Jade Harley Jadesprite Jade Dreambot Baby Jade Prospit Dream Jade Witch of Space Becquerel Becsprite Aradia Megido Images Dead Aradia Aradiasprite Aradia Soulbot Derse Dream Aradia Maid of Time Tavros Nitram Images Sollux Captor Images Karkat Vantas Images Nepeta Leijon Nepetasprite Fefetasprite Derse Dream Nepeta Kanaya Mayram Derse Dream Rainbow Sucker Kanaya Sylph of Space Terezi Pyrope Images FLARP Costume Terezi Prospit Dream Terezi Seer of Mind Vriska Serket Images Prospit Dream Vriska Thief of Light Equius Zahhak Images Equiusprite Derse Dream Equius Hier of Void Gamzee Makara Images Eridan Ampora Images Feferi Peixes Images Jane Crocker Images Jake English Baby Jake Prospit Dream Jake Page of Hope Roxy Lalond Baby Roxy Derse Dream Roxy Rouge of Void Dirk Strider Dirk Brobot Baby Dirk Derse Dream Dirk Prince of Heart Prospit Derse Doc Scratch Lord English Andrew Hussie Hussiebot
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