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  1. Time Machine Raffles!

    how do i join this again? i was on the original list??
  2. Disney Saturdays!!

    i'm not sure deepcanyon, I've found four of them but they say it only counts for the first one i found so- enjoy i guess
  3. Disney Saturdays!!

    so now everyone know where they are lol
  4. Disney Saturdays!!

    xD thanks sith, I found most of them in about 30 minutes, I'm rarely online for these challenges so I thought I'd try my best with this one
  5. Disney Saturdays!!

    what did you and xavi decide about the screen shot? did we have to post one or did she stick to 'as long as we where there and active'. i know she was talking about it in chat last night
  6. Disney Saturdays!!

  7. Disney Saturdays!!

  8. Disney Saturdays!!

  9. Disney Saturdays!!

  10. Disney Saturdays!!

  11. Amaris's Wish list

    I'm not sure on the pricing of everything but as a general i usually pay 1-10k for CM, UN & RA, VR 5k+ CR 12k+ CO 10k+ ST 15k+ ARC Looney Tunes Oringinal Pouting MarvinMarvin the MartianBeaky Buzzard (RA)Biking Lola (ST) Bosko (HR)Cadet Porky (RA)Classic Duck Dodgers (RA) Classic Porky Pig (ST)Colonel Rimfire (CR) Daffy Hood (RA) Dancing Yosmite Sam (CM) Elmer Fudd (UN) Fast Food (ST) Foghorn Leghorn (CM) Frair Porky (RA)Granny (RA) Hammering Mouse (RA) Hippety Hopper (CR)Hoboken Penguin (CO) Hungry Wile E. Coyote (ST)Instant Martian (UN)Lola Bunny (CO) Lola's Vega (UN) Michigan J. Frog (CR)Ollie the Owl (VR) Penelope (RA) Pepe le Pew (CM) Petunia Pig (UN)Pied Daffy (CO) Playful acornfoot (ST) Plush Taz (AC) Porky Pig (UN) Pot of Gold 1 (CO)acornfoot (RA) Rabbit King (PO) Ragtime Michigan (ST) Receiving Marc Antony (ST)Road Runner (CO)Sam the Sheepdog (UN) Screaming Gossamer (VR) Space Case Sticker (VR)Speedy Gonzales (CM) Super Rabbit (CO)Sylvester (CO) Sylvester Jr. (CO) Taz (UN) The Misfire (CM) Today's Special (CM)Tweety (UN)Wilie Coyote (CM) Witch Hazel (RA) Yosemite Sam (UN)
  12. 2017 Site Updates

    I had the same problem as Moana @The Grand Poobah @Sharktiboltf @Xavianangel, my birthday toon was blank but i got the 10,000pts From CollecToons Staff Subject Congratulations! You Got A Birthday Gift. Message Hello amaris, Way to be 1 year older! And to celebrate, we wanted to give you something special. Enjoy!! Following cToons: And 10000 Points. Please check your account. Thanks & Regards, Collectoons Team
  13. 2017 Site Updates

    It was my my birthday the other day and y'all sent me a message saying I got some points and a birthday toon, but I never got to see the toon- the image will not upload on explorer or google chrome. I have no idea if I received it or what it was. Thanks.
  14. Happy Birthday Amaris! Hope it's a great one!

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