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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. happy birthday . i hope your doing great and all is well . have a wonderful day

  3. Amaris walks into the Ultra Wormhole..
  4. I've been working a lot more recently. When I do have the chance to get on it's so late at night no one is in the chat room so I get bored. I would play more often if there where more or different games. Most of them are pretty difficult so I only play 2 or 3 of them
  5. Hey Xavi Shark said you where looking for me the other day?

    1. Xavianangel


      Yess. I was online finally xD seems we never cross paths at the same time to chat.

  6. Wow I'm surprised Vegeta's Ashes is up there. I didn't realize it was that sought after.
  7. Xavi when I first started this site, you are right I heard a lot of negative comments about you being prejudice to certain people but after I had spoke with you one on one my mind was immediately changed. You are such a kind, sweet and fair person. I have enjoyed our talks so much it have kept Me from leaving. I work late nights now so I'm rarely on when ya'll are but every time I come on I look for you first.This site would truly suffer if it where not for you. You work diligently at trying to improve the site and our conversations have always been uplifting, insightful, honest and something I've looked forward to. If you were to leave this site it would never be the same! Btw we need to set up a time to talk on discord. Let me know if you're free today - it's my day off.

  9. Happy Birthday!  :bday1::bday2:

  10. AMARIS! Happy Birthday! Hope it's been an Awesome one!


    1. amaris


      Oh it was! Thanks BTV!

  11. Happy Birthday, 'Maris!!!


    Hope it's a really awesome one :)

    1. amaris


      Perfect GIF Sith! Thank you!

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