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  1. CT's Greatest Detective Calling all players of Collectoons! We are looking for the Greatest Detective among you to step forward and solve a-near unsolvable mystery. Once again Tom has been murdered!!! This time the culprit is smarter and even more diabolical. Instead of leaving clues around the forums, the villain decided to send his clues to all of the players on Collectoons!!! We need CT's Greatest Detective to communicate with players, gather all clues, and solve CT's greatest mystery yet. Are you up for the challenge? Rules: Sign Up with your Forum Username -- OR -- Remain anonymous and PM Coolguy on the Forums You can join at any time!!! You Must have Forum PMs turned on for the duration of the contest. (Refusal to turn them on could forfeit your CA) You'll get a clue as soon as Coolguy can get you one when you sign up. The 2nd Clue will come on August 15th Every 2 days, Coolguy will pass out another clue to players The First Person to Post the correct (1) Killer and (2) Weapon on this topic will win. Be Warned! You Only have One Guess at the Killer and Weapon combo. Guess incorrectly, and you can't guess again. Additional Rules: To win, you have to work with other players. Work together, share you clues, and cross-off potential suspects from your personal list. The clues Coolguy passes out will always be a Suspect or Weapon that was Not the Killer/Weapon Used Each Player will only get 1 Clue at a time Each Player can do whatever they like with their clue, they can post it publicly, never tell anyone, or try to trade it for other players' clues. Players are allowed to Lie about the clue they got. To counter this, instead of receiving your bi-daily clue, a player can ask Coolguy, "Player <Insert Name> says Suspect <_____> was not the Killer. Is this a clue that he actually received?" and Coolguy will respond with a yes or no. Tip: Ask the player to screenshot Coolguy's Clue for undeniable proof Players on the Same I.P. will receive the exact same clue each time. Finally, if you make a guess and fail. You will still receive clues. Perhaps help out a player who helped you or trick one that tricked you. Prizes Everyone who signs up will receive a Detective Sticker (CA) (in spoiler below). Note: The Detective Sticker may be used in a future contest. There is only One Grand Prize, the Greatest Detective will receive: Detective Sticker (Mickey and Friends) Suspects ALL 50 Suspects return for this mystery. Which one of the below is the killer? Weapons 20 Weapons were found. Which one of the below was used? Good Luck Detectives! Sign Ups have officially begun! By request here is an excel spreadsheet with all the Suspects and Weapons to use as a checklist: CT Greatest Detective.xlsx
  2. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    The CT's Greatest Detective Contest is still going (sorry for the delay). NEW RULE = Everyone can take one guess at the Killer + Weapon Used combination for free. Guessing incorrectly on this free guess will not disqualify you from using your "final" guess. Players have until September 29th to use this. Also Note, you can use your free guess, be told you are wrong, then use your actual guess within this time. So if you're just one clue away, now's your chance. Be sure to guess before someone beats you to the prize!!! === Players who have made their final guess (Kitty) may also use the free guess. === If a player is wrong, I will give them a "Sad" Emoji
  3. Weekly NFL contest

    I pick the non-Rams team
  4. The smackdown quarter has ended!

    A little over a week left of this current Smackdown quarter! Currently only 43 wins are needed to be in Top 20
  5. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    - were my two for the week
  6. Disney Saturdays!!

    @Moana of Motunui - I know you were looking for a back-up, but I am not able to host Disney Saturday this Saturday.
  7. CTContests' Sales

    CTContests’ Sales! Goal = To Provide a last resort for players who are having trouble finding a cToon that CTContests has multiples of. Desire = For you to look for your desired cToon among players before asking CTContests. Link = Rules: 1. CTC must have x4 or more copies of the cToon you wish to buy. 2. You must include the name of the ctoon, the set, and a point offer for what you would like. 3. You must not own the cToon you are attempting to buy. (Base forms of Morphs are an exception) 4. . You may only ask for up to 10 cToons a month. Can be done in any amounts less then or equal to 10. Example 10 at once, or 3 first post 7 second post. 5. See the following below for special rules regarding each rarity: Active cToons, CA, ChR, SP = Not for Sale HRs = Must have 60+ in game. You'll pay the highest price it has gone for +10% AOs = Must have 50+ in game. You'll pay the highest price it has gone for +10% CM-VRs = Minimum Price of 5,000 points CR, CO, LE, BG, ST = Minimum Price of 10,000 points LO, PLQ, PO, TR = Highest Price it has gone for +10% OR = Highest Price it has gone for +10% ARC = Ticket Price x25 points. BP = Total BP x1,200 points + 5,000 points ============================================================================ Other Stuff: Attempting to bypass the rules may result in you being banned from using this topic Link to The Database and "Need an Owner's List" To help you find a seller, rather than CTC Items may be pulled at anytime
  8. Anime Sunday

    Alphabetically Ordered!!! Also you misspelled @thelastsith . Should be THELASTSITH
  9. Speedsters

    Half Down, another Half to go. Make sure you get your copy!
  10. Cardcaptors - Expansion

    I moved the above two posts into here (as sets are more likely to get an expansion if talked about in it's own forum) @LVL58 - Would you be able to help us find already cut images for a future expansion? See Sister Love's post above for how images with names should look. And my signature below on steps to find those images.
  11. Rock Dog

    I can see this being a good set. Nice job finding cut images!
  12. Happy birth of date Flash!!

  13. Weekly NFL contest

    Thursday Game (September 14th) Houston texans at Cincinnati Bengals= Texans Sunday Game (September 17th) cleveland browns at baltimore ravens= browns buffalo bills at carolina panthers= Bills arizona cardinals at indinapolis colts= cardinals tennessee titans at jacksonville jaguars= titans philadelphia eagles at kansas city chiefs= Eagles New England Patriots at new orleans saints= Patriots Minnesota vikings at pittsburgh steelers= Vikings chicago bears at tampa bay buccaneers= Buccaneers n.y. jets at oakland raiders= Jets miami dolphins at l.a. chargers= Dolphins dallas cowboys and denver broncos= cowboys washington redskins at l.a. rams= Redskins san francisco 49ers at seattle seahawks= 49ers greenbay packers at atlanta falcons= Packers Monday Game (September 18th) detroit lions at n.y. giants= Lions POINT TOTAL OF MONDAY NIGHT GAME (For use in the event of tie) = 3.8 million points
  14. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    - were my two for the week
  15. Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    I didn't get an offline for one
  16. Man, it's a beautiful day outside for what's about to hit Florida. I secured my condo and will be riding it out in my parent's house. So I will be MIA, but I will let everyone know as soon as I'm okay and have internet.

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    2. Mitch O'Neil

      Mitch O'Neil

      So glad you are okay! Thankfully is was only a 2! 

    3. TheWolfandtheRose


      HOORAY! 2s rock! No one wants to see dem 4s.

    4. Terrie


      Glad you are ok, 

  17. Sora's Wishlist!

    I posted 6 Loud House ctoons on the TB for you
  18. CT's Greatest Detective Discussion Topic Use this topic to discuss with your fellow Detectives. Perhaps trade clues, just announce your clue publicly, or negotiate trades. The possibilities are endless!
  19. Coolguy's Wishlist

    Offered! Thanks Moxie!
  20. Coolguy's Wishlist

    Coolguy's Wishlist! Goal = To get 100% of all cToons in game. The below 3 posts have Everything that I'm missing (excluding recent sets). Holy Rares 1.2mil 4mil 700k 800k Digimon 5k each Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? 200k Auction Only's Final Form Cooler (CO)
  21. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    I got Nurse Joy
  22. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

    More clues passed out. Official Announcement: Players can still join, however, anyone who join after this post will not receive clues. (You'll just get the Contest Award for saying your username) In addition, players who told me they no longer want clues, can not change their mind.
  23. Happy Birthday!

    Also Happy Late Birthday to @notlindsayyy

  24. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    Sith Lords
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