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  1. I'm rock'n and roll'n Lucky the Leprechaun needs your help.
  2. I wish. XD. Water terrain is a thing on Heroclix maps/boards. However, all of the maps hardly have any water terrain on it. The one with the most is a map with a Swimming Pool. I have been tempted to run that map with Aquaman and a bunch of Mermaids though:
  3. Life is so busy XD. I got a promotion at my job (again). Yay! But = more work. And I need to go back to online college to get my 2nd degree if I want the next promotion XD. Then extra family related stuff = more time. It's a struggle. I haven't Holy Rare hunted (or really played the game) in weeks. (Though I still check forums in case I'm needed).
  4. - were my two for the week.
  5. - were my two for the week. Faffy wants the Pizza.
  6. Heroclix is like Chess with SuperHeroes. Each player builds a team of Superheroes, Villains, or mixed and battles it out to see which team is better. For example, my winning team had Green Lantern (from the Kingdom Come storyline) on it, and I faced against a team with Felix Faust on it. So it was a battle to see which team was the best.
  7. *Looks on Ebay* $67.50 for a Graded 9 Card. Yeah, I think you should XD.
  8. I won the Heroclix State Championship in Florida yesterday! Been practicing literally all month for it :D . Excited to be back on CT though.

    1. deepcanyon1


      Congrats..not sure what kind of championship that is..but glad you won..and glad to see you back..:) I live in florida and still dont know...i will probably feel dumb when i find out...lol


    2. captainjack


      I tried to get into the Heroclix game, but there are literally no other players here. I had he starter and could never find expansions for it. I finally gave up. :( I have no idea where the starter even went. Did you get any cool tourney only pieces for participation or winning? Pics please. :) Those things are so cool. I still want the Galactus Heroclix. That thing is massive and awesome.

    3. smileygirl
  9. - were my two for the week.
  10. Wanted to let you know Disney is taking applications for the Disney College Program.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Joshfarias16


      Is it all disneylands? 

      How is one suppose to apply? 

    3. Coolguy



      "Apply Now" on the right. While there are some Disney Land (CA) positions, it is mostly a Disney World (FL) Program.

      I highly recommend it. I learned more valuable stuff working at Disney for 5 months, then I did going to college for 3.5 years. The training alone is amazing.

      Put Attractions as #1 on your list, and whatever you do DON'T put any interest in Food/Beverage Related Jobs.

    4. jwoolman1993


      I have to wait another year..... Gonna apply right before I graduate

  11. While scientific studies has shown the Earth is 7,926 miles in diameter if measured along the equator, one can dispute this theory by taking their personal standard 1 foot ruler and measure the earth foot by foot. Once successful, you will have ruled the world.
  12. - were my two for the week.
  13. Only slightly addicting.
  14. *Stops watching Youtube to answer question* "Sometimes" *Goes back to watching Youtube*
  15. - were my two for the week.
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