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  1. Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    I've verified Curlz's accout. Should be good to go
  2. November 2017 Releases

    Also props to whoever picked this for perfectly matching the Suicide Squad theme XD - Chiaotzu's Sacrifice
  3. Happy Birthday!

    Image result for sith birthday

    1. thelastsith


      HISS Thank you, CG!! This is perfect XD


  4. salut

    Welcome to Collectoons! Yeah, Cartoon Orbit was a blast back in the day, and a lot of us here have some good memories from that. (For the other mods I verified playtime's account)
  5. CT Hangman

  6. November 2017 Releases

    Oh something else we want to announce: We are planning an update to the Referral System - launching January 1st. On January 1st, everyone's referral score will be reset to 0, but everyone will once again have a chance to win all 3 of the Referral Plaques. Details are still being worked on, but what we can reveal is getting the 3 referral plaques will be much easier. But we wanted to give players a heads up in case they are close to the current referral goals. ========= Also we are discussing about giving players who currently have the Referral Plaques an extra point bonus as an appreciation to what they have done to help new players find the site.
  7. CollecToons Screenshots 2016 & 2017

    Not even 33 lies can beat the system XD
  8. CT Hangman

  9. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    Sith Lords
  10. I'm holding a Chat Contest before CCW. 8 Players enter, but only 1 can win.

  11. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    Freddy Kreuger
  12. finding nemo set

    Oh yeah, you're right. Smiling Bruce is a Chaos Rare that we gave out during a contest that I ran, so I forgot it was labeled a ChR over a CA. Chaos Rare = These ctoons act like "Ghost" cToons. They do not count toward the total of the set. Often received from contests or donation prizes. So various sets, like Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Finding Nemo, Mortal Kombat, DC Universe, etc. have extra ctoons in them. You don't need these to 100% the set. Often times these cToons are hard to get, limited in copy, or extremely valuable. So the casual player can still 100% those sets without paying an arm or leg to get the Chaos Rares. Or players may want to get a ChR to replace a ctoon that's really hard to get. For example, I might get Always Enemies (ChR) for 2 million points rather than spend 17 million points for Mecha Frieza (AO). I would still 100% my Dragonball Z set, I just wouldn't 102% it. Here is the Percentage on the Finding Nemo set: 104.35%: You have 24 out of 23 cToons in this set.
  13. finding nemo set

    Smiling Bruce (CA) is a Ghost cToon and doesn't count toward the set total.
  14. I don't get it

    Sometimes people get busy irl, and don't have time to accept trade offers, though they might log on to make sure there isn't any One-Day Codes they missed. And from that player's activity I would bet points that's the case XD
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