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  1. Nimby will offline toon aswell
  2. It's messed up to get an offer of exactly what you want, and not accept it, possibly hoping to get a higher offer.
  3. Also, whoever is buying this, If he EVER accepts it, I'd really love to buy Freddy and Jason. I've wanted those 2 toons the most out of any toon in this game.
  4. 21m was offered a couple minutes after it was put up. Now 4 days later it's still not accepted? I know Shawn has been on, I see his profile thingy as green all the time...
  5. Man, It's kinda like it's not fair to the people who don't have 100 thousand ctoons and have unlimited possibilities to make a cworld...
  6. Thanks Coolguy! I bet your relieved having had to send those codes to everyone. Was a good contest.
  7. Welp here goes nothing..... Ben with Power Pole!
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