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  1. I wanted to go to the movies last night to see The Lego Movie 2, and here's how just the journey of getting there went...

    It was just after school, so I took the bus to get to the theater. I pulled the cord for the 'stop requested' light to turn on just before my stop as I'm supposed to, but the driver just kept driving away! After a while having long past the stop, I heard somebody call the driver over the little radio all buses seem to have, informing him that they noticed his stop request light had been on for some time - apparently those things send remote signals to the Transit Center HQ, I guess. This prompted the driver to ask all two of us who were on the bus at the time if anyone had wanted to get off earlier, and I told him I wanted to get off back at the movie theater. After explaining to me he didn't hear the signal from me pulling the cord and apologizing for the error, he set me up for a combination of different buses I could ride on to take me back to the theater. As it turned out, the last bus I wound up taking was the exact same bus, with the same driver, just repeating his route from last time. So, instead of waiting out in the cold for a while, I pretty much could have just stayed on the original bus all the way back to the transit center, re-riding the same route in full circle to the theater the entire time, and still wind up in the same place at the exact same time! But the good news is that the bus driver felt so bad for everything, that he gave me a $10 bill to pay for my movie ticket for me. I was not expecting that, but I am so thankful nonetheless.^_^

    1. Tooner58


      Wow.. the last part made this kind of okay, but geez you’re patient!

    2. deepcanyon1


      Glad you finally made it to the movies and that was nice of the bus driver..but sad  you had to do all that to end up with the same driver going to where you needed to go..

    3. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      @deepcanyon1Aw, its all cool, I found the situation rather ironic, actually. I even laughed at it a bit.^^

  2. I apologized to a chair today!:rolleye:

    That's the moment you realize 'Minnesota nice' is all too real.

  3. Random thought - Remember when those old wireless landline phones had a 'page' button so that you could find your phone whenever you lost it? They should do the same for television remotes.

  4. WOOHOO! I just found out that due to the predicted weather, all classes at my school has already been canceled for the next two days!:headbang2:

  5. I just found out the new 'How to Train Your Dragon 3' movie is going to be released into theaters ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! I am literally screaming in pure happiness!!!:garscream:

    1. deepcanyon1


      I cant wait for it..I love that movie..makes me want a dragon of my own :) 

    2. Sharktibolt


      I have never seen anything of How To Train Your Dragon..........but I will say this. This part of this trailer makes me laugh every single time I see it. :lol: 

  6. 79953095301a1fbe98d2335e3c69d2d9--sleep-

  7. I signed up for a ceramics/pottery class for the next semester, and my teacher revealed to us that we all need to bring our own ice cream bucket sized bucket to class, so I literally just went out and bought a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream that I now have a legitimate excuse to finish off as soon as possible!:headbang2:

    And anyone is free to join me. Seriously, this thing is HUGE, I need all the help I can get.

    1. deepcanyon1


      I think thats funny..and if i could eat ice cream I sure would help you eat it...enjoy ..not many times you will have an excuse to eat that much of it ;)  

    2. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      @deepcanyon1Well what can I say, I saw an opportunity and I took it!^^ Aww, sorry you can't help, but thanks for offering anyway. My mom is helping me though, we already had like, two big bowls full each and we still ain't even halfway through with it!:rolleye: It's still worth it!:thumbu:

    3. FredTheFish


      I love this, hahaha.

  8. My landlord came in to replace the ventilation fan in our bathroom a few weeks ago, but before he left, I think he stole our bottle of peroxide.

    Which only leaves me with the question - Who steals peroxide?! :blink:

  9. Random thought - I have been watching the show Kim Possible pretty much my whole life, and only now did it click for me that the word 'sitch' that Kim always uses whenever she asks 'What's the sitch?' was actually short for 'situation.':bulge:

  10. Merry Christmas everybody!^^

    1. deepcanyon1


      Merry Christmas to you also !

    2. Abdazar Slytherin
    3. The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      The Villainous Rumplestiltskin

      Merry Christmas to you too!

  11. Random thought - They should create a type of Roomba just for crafty people such as sewers, woodworkers, and pretty much anyone who works with small metal objects like needles, screws, and nails. Only, instead of vacuuming or mopping the floors, it's just a powerful magnet that skims across the floor picking up any of the small metal objects the person may have dropped while working.

  12. This is the conversation I had with my mom about buying Christmas gifts for the family...

    Me - We should buy one gift that all my sister's kids can use at once/versatily, that way we can save money on other gifts for everyone else.

    My mom - They all deserve their own presents.

    Me - I know, and if we had the money, we would buy each kid their own Switch, but unfortunately we're not millionaires to be rolling in the doe.

    My mom - That reminds me, the Nativity!

    Me - :blink: I will never understand how your mind works.

    My mom - B) Don't even TRY to.;)

    Me - Never do.

  13. I was just talking to my mom about video games and this was honestly the conversation...

    Me - FNaF World was not Scott's most well received game in the franchise.

    My mom - That reminds me, I got to pay the electric bill.

    Me, not really understanding the connection - Weird flex, but okay.-_-

    1. Sharktibolt


      Perhaps she heard 'well received' and thought of the electric company that'll be thinking "we'd better well receive our payment".

  14. Random thought - I was thinking about shiny Pokemon, particularly Vulpix. Normally, it's a red color, just like most foxes in real life, but it's shiny is yellow, then it hit me... Tails the Fox from Sonic is a shiny!


  15. Random thought - A word only becomes a word, when you get a large enough group of people to accept it as a word.

  16. So true... XD


  17. Another random thought - I want to build a small building of some sort made up entirely of old 1980s wireless phones.

  18. Not even kidding you, I am legit watching a YouTube ad right now that is literally the ENTIRE Lego Movie!

    This is the best thing EVER!!:zflame:

  19. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!^^

  20. Happy birthday, man! Hope you have an amazing day!:bday2:

    1. thelastsith


      Thanks, Goth, it was a really great one :)


  21. I was finally able to see The Incredibles 2 at my school movie theater a while ago, so I went to the internet later where I found this mind blowing theory connecting the Incredibles (particularly Jack-Jack) and Monsters Inc. in an even deeper dive into the overall Pixar theory!



    It totally fits!

    1. Josh123


      OMG NO WAY! :o 

  22. Another one of my random thoughts of the day -

    Pizzas are circles we put in square boxes, and eat in triangles.

  23. Happy Halloween, everybody!^^

  24. Happy birthday man, hope your day is amazing!:bday2:

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