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  1. Happy birthday, man! Hope you have an amazing day!:bday2:

    1. thelastsith


      Thanks, Goth, it was a really great one :)


  2. I was finally able to see The Incredibles 2 at my school movie theater a while ago, so I went to the internet later where I found this mind blowing theory connecting the Incredibles (particularly Jack-Jack) and Monsters Inc. in an even deeper dive into the overall Pixar theory!



    It totally fits!

  3. Another one of my random thoughts of the day -

    Pizzas are circles we put in square boxes, and eat in triangles.

  4. XxGothsCanSmile2xX

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    Ooo, a limited edition!^^
  5. Happy Halloween, everybody!^^

  6. XxGothsCanSmile2xX

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    I couldn't remember if I got my TM toon last week, so I decided to check it out early this morning before it officially resets... turns out I didn't, and it was totally worth the wait!^^
  7. Happy birthday man, hope your day is amazing!:bday2:

  8. XxGothsCanSmile2xX

    A Raffle For Those With Bad Luck

    I wouldn't say that I got the best of luck, not only did I win only one toon, but its a toon I have no clue what its from. Not to mention, I noticed my name actually got #1 on multiple occasions, which of course in this contest, doesn't count. Aww well, it was still a cool contest idea, thanks for everything.^^
  9. I can't believe it, the Vikings just tied to the Packers! They TIED in a game they could have easily won if our kicker could have just manage a measly 35 yd field goal! I really don't know how to feel right now... sure we didn't lose, but we didn't win either, and we have to share this title with our biggest rivals in the NFL. I'm so conflicted!:wacko:

    1. lannisteryen


      Well to be honest the Vikings should have lost that game. The penalty that negated the game-ending interception was completely bogus. So if anything at least the Vikings tied... It may have been karma. :)

    2. XxGothsCanSmile2xX


      @lannisteryenWell, I can't be too mad, we did enter into the 4th quarter down 7-20, only to come out blazin' to tie the game. Gotta say, Cousins sure came through! It still just feels a little weird.

      And as for karma, it is never any teams' fault for a refs bogus calls, not unless a team paid them off to purposely be unfair *coughSaints'09cough*! I mean, sure it sucks when it happens, but no matter how unfair it may seem or actually be, you can't go blaming the opposing team *coughSaintscough* for a refs screw up.

  10. I came across a car with a sticker so epic on the back of it, I just had to take a picture of it!^^


    1. Tooner58


      Not sure if the “Thanks,” button or the “Haha,” button is better equipped for this :lol:

  11. XxGothsCanSmile2xX

    A Raffle For Those With Bad Luck

    Okay, lets see how this goes. XxGothsCanSmile2xX Thanks!
  12. XxGothsCanSmile2xX

    Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

  13. I just got my new replacement retainer, and because it is a special model made to re-shift teeth have fallen slightly out of place, my mouth really hurts, but at the same time I'm cool with it.

  14. I signed up for a costume construction class at school, and it turns out our first big assignment is to make a Halloween costume!^^ Today we had to present images of the character we want to recreate, and I chose Mina Mongoose from the Sonic Archie Comics.


    My favorite comment I got from somebody after I showed the picture, was  that I had the hair for it.:chuckle:

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