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  1. I have just become an auntie, again, with another nephew!^^

    1. Josh123


      congrats friend!! :D 

    2. deepcanyon1


      Congratulations :) 

  2. When I got the news of this site shutting down, I swear my heart fell. So much so that it is part of the reason why I am only typing this now instead of any time sooner. (Well, that plus it didn't help finding out that 2 of my family members wound up in the hospital on the exact same day of the announcement, but that's another story.) Anyway, it just took me so long to finally get over this barrier of sadness enough for me to gather my thoughts and write them down without completely breaking down. (WARNING, it gets a little random.) First of all, I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed being here, and all the people I got to know. I know I was really only a semi-vocal player on this site and I didn't really engage too much with other people, but like a lot of you - as I am finding out reading these posts - I did log on nearly every single day. It was always a joy to log into this site in my free time, or whenever I just wanted to ignore my class lessons, and see what everyone was up to and what would happen next. Through all the good times and even a few bad, one thing remains, I will never forget any you, nor any of the experiences along the way. I first joined this site Sep. 2nd, 2014. I came here because, like most people who also joined this site, I remembered the good old days of Cartoon Orbit. However, unlike most of you, I never had a computer of my own during the times of Orbit, so the only way I could log on was if the neighbor kid would be kind enough to allow me to play on his. As you can probably imagine, that did not happen very often, but he still let me on just enough for me to make some memories.^^ I still remember my old login name too, Quick_Nikki_T-bone. It wasn't until years later, after my mom finally had the financial ability to buy a computer (thank you garage sales!! XD) along with an ISP did I just randomly remember Cartoon Orbit one day out of the blue and figured I should check it out. Unfortunately, that's when I found out it was already shut down, and had been for a while. So what did I do? Naturally, I searched Google for any sites similar to Cartoon Orbit, and miraculously I found only 1 - Collectoons!^^ Now I have to be perfectly honest, when I first encountered this site, I was skeptical of it being some sort of spam site that would rack my whole computer with viruses and malware and anything else horrible for a computer to be infected with. I held back from signing up for an account for quite a while because of my fear, but I was still intrigued enough to at least do as much background research that I could. I was scouring videos about it on YouTube, Google-ing about it specifically, and anything else where I could dig up as much info as I could. Ironically, the only place I didn't think to check was the forums themselves because I honestly didn't know they even existed until a few months after I actually made a Collectoons account - even though the button for it is literally right on the side of the page! (I'm slow, okay. Blame it on my asperger's.) I was hoping beyond all hope that this site would be legit. After I felt I collected an adequate amount of data, I finally decided to give it shot. AND I AM SOOOO GLAD I DID!!!!! XD Never before had I found ANY website that has such a positive, uplifting, fun, and all around caring community! And it is really kind of a tragedy to honestly be able to say that I have yet to find another like it since. Everyone here has always been so kind and understanding, helping each other out to give other players what they need to complete a set, negotiating deals with one another to get the best price, guiding new members through basics of the game and basically just not being jerks, and the mods were real troopers as they were always willing to answer any questions or address any concerns any player may have had as well as keep the morale high by enforcing the rules and creating all these fun contests for everyone to get evolved in - seriously, if you were left out of anything, it was essentially your own fault. Collectoons was more than just a game, it was a community who always had each others backs. I still remember @Ikewas the very fist person I ever talked to and traded with on this site. Being new and not having a full grasp on the concept of the gameplay just yet, I had wound up trading a 'Leaping Momo' CO toon, while I am a HUGE Avatar the Last Airbender fan! Hehe, not even one day in game and I already made my first big mistake, whoopsie! But thankfully, when I actually got around to collecting the Avatar set after a year or two down the road, Ike remembered that trade and sold me back the toon for the same price he bought it for. He was probably the biggest help for me as he allowed for me to complete a lot of my favorite sets as well as gave me a big warm welcome when I first appeared. Thank you so much!^^ @Ravenhowever, was the one who ultimately introduced me to the forums. Not directly though, but lets just say he pushed me in the right direction. I wanted to trade one toon for another, but unfortunately due to my early confusion, I had a toon that was of a similar name, but I found out it was not the one he actually wanted. That was the day I started looking for where the forums could be, but still just not getting it for another few weeks yet... yeah, I know. But eventually I got there, which was where I discovered the wish lists and the appraisals sub-forums which made things a whole lot easier! Your unintended wisdom had saved me a slew of trouble, and I thank you! @XavianangelYou really are an angel! You always went above and beyond with everything you did for this site. You hosted so many contests doing your best to get everybody engaged with the game, you kept the site current and up to date, and you were always there for anyone who needed help. I even remember the time I suggested that the Pokemon sprite toons should have all their original game cries when you play them in the cWorlds, and you said that if I could upload the sound recordings, that you would do it! So after I did my part, only then, of course like the idiot I am, did I realize one of the recordings was the WRONG ONE! Yet you didn't get mad at my mistake. Turned out it was just a good laugh for all of us. No matter what you did, it was always in the best interest of the community at heart, and you tried your absolute best to keep the interest high and I could never thank you for all your hard work enough. Simply know that just because the site may be shutting down, your efforts are not a failure, nor will they ever be forgotten. That goes for all the rest who tried their absolute best, as well. I will never forget when @Soraoffered me a spot on the GFX Team after I had cut out those toons which eventually became the 'A Hero at Last' AO and the 'All Tangled Up' Arena Only toons. It was an offer I definitely wanted, but sadly could not accept at the moment because of school being in the way. He later informed me that the offer would still stand, I just had to contact him whenever I changed my mind. Too bad I will now never get the chance to catch you up on that offer, cause once I got done with this semester here, I was going to take the job. Well, it was still an honor just to be considered, and for that, I am eternally grateful. You also worked your tail off for this site, trying everything you could to keep it afloat. All of your efforts sure kept this place interesting. @Josh123To probably the coolest person I have met on this site! You have to be the one person I talked to the most, hands down, out of anybody else. We wound up talking through quite a few private servers on the Oasis chat where we were able to verbalize our SmackDown endeavors, make a few deals for trading/selling toons, or just even have pleasant conversations with each other. You were (until now) still the only person I told around here about the time I got ran over by a car when I was a kid. Oh, and just in case you were wondering (which, let's face it, you're probably not)... yes, I did watch the first The Secret Life of Pets movie like I promised you I would. I realized I never updated you on that, so I figured now would be as good a time as any.^^ (And for the record, I was right, it is totally like Toy Story, and what in the world was with that whole 'sausage factory dream sequence' thing?! But it still wasn't the worst film.) You helped me achieve so many morphs, and gave me the confidence to come out of my shell at least a little more than I had. You were the spark of this website that really kept me going after so long, thank you so much and I wish you and your new family the best, and always stay awesome! @SharktiboltNow to the craziest person here (but in a good way, I promise). You have got to be the only one who has worked as hard as Xavi (at least as far as I knew of), your dedication and time to this site really speaks for itself. You have created a lot of great contests of your own and you are always there for those who need your help. But the thing I will definitely miss the most about you are all of your shark puns, jokes, .gif's, etc. (unless you're using them in the Discord, in which case, THEY'RE SAVED!!!) It was always nice to see any of your wacky comments randomly shoved into a sub-forum or just in a status update or even sometimes is the chat. They never failed to make me laugh and put a smile on my face. You have a gift that you should be proud of, thanks for the lolz. @deepcanyon1To the sweetest, if not the loveliest soul on this site. I'm not going to lie, your story that you have decided to share with us makes me cry. You are a very strong and brave woman to keep the memory of your son standing strong and I can only pray life brings out the best for you from here on out. It was a pleasure to get to know you, even if I hadn't really talked with you all that much, I still know you're incredible. I have a little gift for you in your in-game inbox. It is not much I'm afraid, but I hope you appreciate it, nonetheless. And of course, to @The Grand Poobahhimself. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this site in the first place. You allowed me to revisit a place in my childhood that I thought I would never be able to relive again. And the fact that you were able to do it all while retaining a level of order and dignity really made this whole experience one that I will treasure for the rest of my days. It is a real shame that it has to end, yet like most others on this site, I'm still clinging to a hope that, maybe, it still could come back again someday, but only time will tell on that one. Thank you for the past 5 glorious years! There are so many other things I wanted to see happen with this site, and with me finally coming out of college soon, I had some plans of my own I wanted to try out such as creating cutouts of toons, as I had previously mentioned, with the GFX team, start playing in SmackDown again to complete morphs for sets, maybe even start some contests of my own. There were still so many amazing sets I wanted to see come to fruition - still never did get that Nyan Cat set, which reminds me @BROKEN raven123& @thelastsithLook how American it is! XD (Sorry, I just had to bring that back.^^ Thanks for that moment, though!), while there are many others I'm sure we all can be happy we'll never see. I wanted so badly to be able to donate to this site each and every month, trust me, nothing would have made me happier than to donate $1k every month myself, but sadly my finances are so limited they're nearly nonexistent. At this point even $5 a month would have made me happy. I think what hurts the most of all, for me however, was how I even had a plan to feature this site on my livestreams in hopes of getting the word out more. Aw, well, I guess I missed my shot. Well, maybe I can squeeze it in at least one time before its all over... make it like some final grand swan-song kind of a thing, IDK, we'll see. I guess I should just be happy with all of the great memories this site has given me and all the amazing new friends I got to make along the way. And hey, at least we still have Discord! Now I know there are a lot, and I mean A LOT of other people I have failed to name, and that's simply because there are just way too many of you to name them all, but be certain that does NOT mean you're forgotten. Every single person a part of this community all played a part in making this website what it has become today, and thus, why it is so heartbreaking to be seeing it go. So if I didn't mention you, I'm very sorry. You are all much loved, and it has truly been an honor getting to know you all.
  3. Happy birthday, I hope you had an awesome day!:bday2:

  4. As I'm sure none of you remember, I mentioned a long time ago that I wanted to create a video game based off of Schrodinger's Cat.

    Well, I still haven't made that game considering I don't know how to code, but I did think up a rough story line and basic gaming mechanics I might like to see happen...

    Obviously, you would play as the cat through multiple worlds. The thing is, there would also be these cardboard boxes placed all thought the levels, and every time the cat jumps into a box, it would suddenly be transported to a dead world that would be the flip-side of the living world (kind of think of it as the Ghost Zone in the show Danny Phantom) and the cat would become a ghost cat. And vice-versa - to get back to the living world, the cat just jumps back into the box (or find another box). You can choose to play the game entirely in the living world or entirely in the dead world, but to get the ultimate experience, you can only get the true ending if you play through the game using the correct combination between both sides.

    You also gain different abilities according to what world you're in, such as if your in the dead world, you gain all these types of ghost like abilities such as flying, phasing through solid objects, ecto-manipulation, ect. But once your back in the living world, you lose all of that, but you gain different abilities such as hyper claws, extreme jumping abilities, and a gaze where if you get your enemies to stair into your eyes long enough, it will automatically teleport them into another, random dimension.

    Along the way, the cat would have to fight through enemies such as the mighty warrior Sohcatoa whom you must defeat to retrieve his Sword of Hypotenuse which you would later use to defeat the boss enemy, King Pythagoreous! And other enemies would also include other various math/science themes, with the final boss, of course being Pavlov's Dog.

    Other features would include power ups such as eating π (Pi symbols) to regain health/life. Collecting and using √ (Square root symbols) which, when thrown at the ground, would randomly grow a tree, no matter where you are in any level, with its own box coming out of the roots so you could switch between the worlds sooner than taking the time to find the next box - and/or you could run up the tree and pick all the x² or x³ (squared and cubed symbols) if there are any, and eat them to double or triple your overall power levels. Running into the even more rare √ -1 (square root of negative 1 symbols) could wind up taking you back a level or depending on the color of the symbol, all the way back to the beginning of the game. Consuming the elusive /0 (divide by zero symbol) can allow you to temporarily create black holes from your mouth, decimating anything in your way to make a clear path (this would be a dead world feature only). And absorbing ∞ (infinity symbol) would probably work most like the power star in the Mario games, giving you temporary invulnerability [there could be other random power ups, but I can think of those later].

    There would even be some points through gameplay where the boxes you jump into could, by pure random chance, send you into a completely different world entirely. Not the living or dead worlds, but an all new parallel or alternate universe. These would be little bonus levels that could have extra special perks and/or give clues to the overall story or secrets in the source code or whatever. This is also where that earlier mentioned ability of staring into an enemies eyes until they get transported elsewhere could come back to haunt you, however, because all the enemies you had manage to teleport to this random dimension beforehand, you would now have to fight in these bonus levels if fate decides to take you there, and you can not pull the same stunt again (of looking into their eyes until they disappear). You can only exit the bonus level once you've completed the little side-quest. From there, jumping back into the box to return to the regular game would place you back randomly to either of the living or dead worlds, despite which world you were in before you entered the random world (ex. if you were in the dead world before getting transported to the bonus level, you could wind up exactly where you were before on your way back, or you could wind up in the living world, or vice-versa). But either way it happens, you can not transport to the opposite world until you find the next box because the box that sent you to the bonus world in the first place will just disappear.


    Again, that is just a really rough, early concept description of how I might want this game to be designed. Is it flawed? Sure. Does it need some revisions? Definitely. Could it be any more nerdy? It's already off the charts! But, knowing me I'm sure I could find a way. Yet, for the most part, this is still a concept I am willing to go for.

    But it would still be nice to have a little feedback, and who knows, maybe I will teach myself code and actually just do it someday?

  5. FINALLY!!! After weeks of nothing but Ben 10 and Doe Rea Me Pals toons, I finally got something good!
  6. XxGothsCanSmile2xX Just one more time!
  7. Within the last week alone, I have gotten notifications letting me know that 3 separate accounts of mine have ether been hacked or at least attempted to be hacked! So I have been staying up late, stressfully working on deleting old accounts I never use, changing the passwords to all the accounts I keep active, and just taking all the measures I can to strengthen my overall security. Nobody should have to go through this!:growl:

  8. Whoa, Haven't done this in a while! Well, better get back to it! XxGothsCanSmile2xX is back!
  9. When I went to the state fair, I signed up for a few raffles - as you do at these things - and one of them was for a chance to win tickets to the Viking vs. Packers game. As a HUGE Vikings fan myself, I signed up immediately. Well, I got a call earlier today telling me that it was from the people who held the raffle, but instead of the tickets, I apparently won a 3 day 2 night stay at Branson, Missouri, followed by a 5 day and 4 night cruse!  - _-

    Honestly, I just want the tickets, but I guess this is nice, too.

    1. Sharktibolt


      I can kind of guess how you feel. It's just like 'Oh wow, cool, that's awesome...……..but I wanted THAT.' :lol:

  10. Ive been getting a lot of Ben 10 toons from the TM lately. I don't even like that show!
  11. XxGothsCanSmile2xX is back in the habit!
  12. I would like to be a part of this if you don't mind!^^
  13. Hey! I finally got the pics I promised of all my exhibits I had entered into the fair. Sorry it is a lot later than I had said I would post them, please forgive me!!:cryz:

    But here they are...

    This is my vase that miraculously won 1st!



    One of 3 bowls I entered, this one won 2nd.



    These two bowls together, one on left won 2nd, one on right won third.



    Same bowls, just top view.



    This is a patterned skirt I made that won 2nd.



    And this is my piece de resistance, a water dragon figurine made of pottery clay! 1st place!



    And of course, this is the one I posted earlier of the Game Theory logo, it won 3rd!^^


    1. deepcanyon1


      I love them..and thank you for sharing them with us.. :) I love the way you use colors and the skirt is awesome..I love art is was one of my majors in school and I appreciate talent when someone uses different things and the top one is my fav :) 

  14. Whoa! That is incredible! I haven't come back in a while though, so I say no better time than the present to get back into the swing of things! XxGothsCanSmile2xX is back in business!
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