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  1. OrphanMaker

    The Smackdown Quarter Has Ended!

    ill take random for mine
  2. OrphanMaker

    Once Upon a Time Hunger Games

    That was my problem i couldnt make up my mind!, Give me ELSA!
  3. OrphanMaker

    20 Toon Raffles!

    I sign my life away
  4. OrphanMaker

    The Sorting Hat

  5. Happy birthday Dude!! Wish u the best!!! Have fun!! And dont get into any trouble XD

    1. Josh123


      Hehehe trouble.. ;) I don't know whatcha mean! LOL Thanks bruddaaaa much love man! :) 

  6. OrphanMaker

    Disney Saturday Aug 4th

    Robin hood and Oliver set out on a great adventure, in captain hooks ship with the flag "Brotherhood Without Banners" they had a small map to storybrooke's , They arrived and the town was quite Robin hood and oliver went to find some loot so they went to the highest point of the building in storybrooke's They seen nana and maleficent , Breaking into Mr.Golds Pawn shop...Robin hood and Oliver follow them quitly as there battle with rumple plays out....He sees the stolen copies of the final episodes of Game of Thrones in Maleficent's hands...Robin Hood points at Nana, Oliver jumps on the back of nana with his teeth burried in back of nana's neck!...Nana was fighting back and slung oliver off...But as he did Oliver leaped with claws out in a blood lust ripping Nana's heart out! Robin Hood shot an sleeping arrow in the back of Maleficent...quickly putting her to sleep....Robin Reached for the stolen Game of thones copies and gave them back to Mr.Gold...Mr Gold laughs and says i knew this would happen here robin and oliver take this gold he says! And Robin hood and Oliver leave storybrookes with a sack of gold!
  7. BTV Happy birthday! Dude i hope u have a great one!!! with much love!!

    1. BTVKIDS


      Thanks DUDE!!!!! :D and AWwwww! haha :P

  8. OrphanMaker

    I love CT because...

    I've normally been closed off with the community..due to past issues..But some people here really make the site enjoyable fun to come talk and hang out with..but i would like to take the time out of my day to thank some of the people that have really changed the way i look at collectoons... @Josh123 Has Always been there, Been a really great guy..Not only to me but to alot of others..His always been extremely kind and just an amazing person to have on the site. @XavianangelHas made a huge impact on the site she dose what must be done, Shes been a really good friend and a great admin, You can tell she puts her heart into the site. @BTVKIDSWhen this guy comes to chat, he brings sparks with him! Hes been a really good friend, Just another amazing person we have on this site. @Moana of Motunui CHAMP!! you've always been a really good person.. Your great for ctoons...Your always up lifting..hard working ..And just wanna say thanks for being the person you are. @Sister Love Punz!! your a really good person, your always fun and bring so much to the table, And people see that.. Thanks for being such a dedicated person for the site. @Sharktibolt Talk about creativity! You've been a really good person shark and we can all see your detication to the site in helping it grow, I just wanna say thanks for all you have done. @thelastsith This guy has the force..:P .. but really sith youve been a good person, and the site needs more people like you, you always bring the light not the darkside. @mongoose hey talk about bringing a boost to collectoons your gfx stuff is amazing.. Your very creative and we all see the work you put into it thanks for being the person u are. @screechingweasel96 Talk about a funny person XD, screech you make me laugh when you come into chat, and all and all your a really great person. Thanks for being the person you are. @Jwoolman1993Man i hated to see you left on why you did and it pains me...But jwool you have always been a great person for the site. @TheWolfandtheRoseThis wonderful person became my best friend, shes really the most wonderful person ive ever met, if im down she makes me smile,If im smiling she make me smile more xD Shes so honest and so kind, And i am truly a lucky person to have met her, there's no dought in my mind will be friends until the end of time..I just wish more people could experience what we have..its a true friendship, and i wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.
  9. OrphanMaker

    I love CT because...

    I love ctoons because i have met some really great people.. and Xavi you really do a great job with ctoons and others But i love animation it seems like ive been here since i was a young person!!! im 30 now and still living young! and the best thing ive ever met came into my life and no matter what ill always love ctoons! @TheWolfandtheRose
  10. OrphanMaker

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

  11. OrphanMaker

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

  12. OrphanMaker

    Easter Video Games Hunger Games

    banjoo and kazooies band
  13. OrphanMaker

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

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