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  1. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

  2. CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Spyro the Dragon(ARC) - 50k?
  3. Survey! Help CT Find Sellers

    1. What is for sale in your collection? (Nothing, Singles, Doubles, Triples+) Everything 2. Are there any exceptions? (For example, no 101 Dalmatians) Zelda Keeping all of them! 3. What Price do you sell cToons for? (Below Average, Average, or Above Average) Belove average, average. 4. Do you give new players (less than 3 months old) a discount? always 5. If a player already has a cToon, would you sell them another? (Yes / No / Other) Yes 6. If a player is "hoarding" a cTooon, would you sell them another? (Yes / No / Other) Yes 7. Do you prefer points or other cToons? Zelda (Ctoons)!
  4. The smackdown quarter has ended!

    ill take
  5. Anime Sunday

    where do i go to watch it and sign for it?
  6. Summer 2017 Smackdown Contest!

    Morphs 1-5
  7. CT Grand Adventure

  8. CT Grand Adventure

    wanteddead411 Crazy Town
  9. CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Pokemon Mankey -15k x3 Torchic 15k Poliwag 5k =35k
  10. Pirate Treasure Chests

    # 1! Deadmans chest!
  11. Raffle: Powered-Up Garlic Jr.!

    wanteddead411 Thanks!
  12. The Ultimate Render Race 2.0

    Ah i figured it out
  13. The Ultimate Render Race 2.0

    I didnt know what size to down-scale too. If u want i can down-scale them if u give me a size Magi: Adventure Of Sinbad Originals Magi: The Adventures Of Sinbad Netflix series Sinbad Yunan Dragul Serendine Jafar Hinahoho Badr Esra Sinbad Sword (Needs Down-Scale)
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