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  1. Happy birthday my brother! Hope it was a good one!!! 

  2. Happy Birthday Rella...hope you had a great one..and hope to see you back soon !!

  3. Happy Birthday

  4. Rella's drawings

    thank you Means a lot,I try to make it dark yet colorful if that makes sense. xD
  5. Rella's drawings

    One of my latest
  6. Rella's drawings

    One of my latest: You can see more on my tumblr or instagram luke.brenner Im more active posting there. Would love to get some feedback
  7. Rella's drawings

  8. Rella's drawings

    Latest doodle:
  9. Rella's drawings

    One of my latest
  10. My Art Project

    Mint! Really captured all the characters perfectly. Nice job.
  11. Rella's drawings

    @four thank you ya I draw them all but hand but ink them on the computer and ya my latest isn't my best lol been expererenting with different stuff
  12. Rella's drawings

    Latest doodle :
  13. HI! I'm new!

    Welcome to Collectoons!
  14. Rella's drawings

    Latest doodle:
  15. Rella's drawings

    Most recent doodle:
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