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  1. Happy birthday my brother! Hope it was a good one!!! 

  2. Happy Birthday Rella...hope you had a great one..and hope to see you back soon !!

  3. Happy Birthday

  4. Rella

    Rella's drawings

    thank you Means a lot,I try to make it dark yet colorful if that makes sense. xD
  5. Rella

    Rella's drawings

    One of my latest: You can see more on my tumblr or instagram luke.brenner Im more active posting there. Would love to get some feedback
  6. Rella

    My Art Project

    Mint! Really captured all the characters perfectly. Nice job.
  7. Rella

    Rella's drawings

    @four thank you ya I draw them all but hand but ink them on the computer and ya my latest isn't my best lol been expererenting with different stuff
  8. Rella

    Rella's drawings

    Most recent doodle:
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