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    One really amazing woman... Bob Ross, Andrew W.K., Virginia, certain other states, Louisiana and Maryland por ejemple, America, Mang0, Silvermania, Leffen, 5-0's, Alex Jones (that blessed angel), broken spanish, and of course... Women in Virginia who listen to Megadeth at parties, cheer on my boy Lucky, fight the injustices and then relax into a nice night, possibly with watching Bob Ross involved. Keep your education, don't get a degree in art, and try not to be influenced by random groups who spew lies, no facts, and pure hate with no base.
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  1. I know we probably got some kinda rule against it, But I don't care. Since y'all aint donating 5 bucks to CT every month, consider putting 5 bucks on the Australian Bushfires. Over 500,000,000 animals dead- that's 9 digits, HALF A BILLION animals - unfathomable land and homes destroyed, and it's still going. Donate to the wildlife fundraisers, donate to the firefighters, whomever it may be. You can find many different links through Google, it's finally getting covered a little bit - before the golden globes and some stupid tweets kick it off the media's radar. 

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