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    Partier of party things, professional swoocer ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Southwest Virginia AKA the best part of VA
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    One really amazing woman... Bob Ross, Andrew W.K., Virginia, certain other states, Louisiana and Maryland por ejemple, America, Mang0, Silvermania, Leffen, 5-0's, Alex Jones (that blessed angel), broken spanish, and of course... Women in Virginia who listen to Megadeth at parties, cheer on my boy Lucky, fight the injustices and then relax into a nice night, possibly with watching Bob Ross involved. Keep your education, don't get a degree in art, and try not to be influenced by random groups who spew lies, no facts, and pure hate with no base.
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  1. save hang ten
  2. double post on CG's thread. cause. like, just cause. Connie Souphanousinphone
  3. dewdrop. Umm... the king of the hill girl.. one sec.
  4. should be fine and dandy. Only thing I am gonna have a possible snag in is this ancient computer running it. xD
  5. Here's your dang smorgasbord of a cworld, cg! Are you happy? As the Bravo's take over the part, Star Johnson, John Cena, and John Redcorn cower in the corner. The Impossibles fly over and play a song to tame the Johnny Takeover
  6. Thank ya, @Masoonite. Buy this prototype for 3mil and i'll stop eating your trash I turned this into this gimme cred
  7. Sorry to hijack your thread, me bucko. I got bored, so... I made this I like bluebacks and all... but... I'm much up there with Mongooses splatoon ones. It's nice to have things different from your average. No clue on what size toons should be btw, so I did that as 100x100
  8. but... but... my bio.. Partier of party things. and my topic! ashamed of you, CG... raven123 - location: Andrew W.K. concert
  9. thank yaaa mason @Masoonite love ya
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