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    One really amazing woman... Bob Ross, Andrew W.K., Virginia, certain other states, Louisiana and Maryland por ejemple, America, Mang0, Silvermania, Leffen, 5-0's, Milo, Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes, broken spanish, and of course... Women in Virginia who listen to Megadeth at parties, cheer on my boy Lucky, fight the injustices and then relax into a nice night, possibly with watching Bob Ross involved. Keep your education, don't get a degree in art, and try not to be influenced by random groups who spew lies, no facts, and pure hate with no base.
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  1. Let's see... Joining in 2014, it's been around 3 years now. Even with games that continually expand, I find it rare to be on the same game continually for more than a few years. As many have mentioned, yeah, the sets don't interest me much, but even that didn't bother me, as for awhile I was buying the toons every week this year and putting them up on the monthly release forum page. Then of course time is always a limitation to near anyone around the globe. Limited activities is a great point. Originally the arcade was like, double the size, and we had card clash for whenever that worked. Smackdown is pretty monotonous, but with a friend and muted sound it's alright. But of course if you can't find a partner for smackdown, then it becomes useless too. As far as logging on more, I log in daily, even if I do nothing on the site. So for myself it's no problem. But something that almost every game does these days is each month, there are set prizes for the daily logins. Examples: When people know they have to login to get specific things, it gives a true motive to login. And with the rewards, can certainly play more. Though with most games, there are multiple things they can give out. On ct, the most we really have is points and tickets. I suppose you could set up some system such as... At the end of each month there's an exclusive login toon. With monthly you can of course keep up with it easier, don't have to think up and cut as many things. The in-between days could just alternate points and tickets. Or even just points. We're already on 10k a day, so for the last week of the month maybe bump it up to 15 or 20k. That also helps a bit with people who don't have time to hr shop or play the arcade a lot.
  2. let's not forget it was the FBI that was on the case...
  3. Is this the national foosball league discussion?
  4. Is aquaman an auto-win in heroclix? **edit** I've seen these before. Though I feel it was star wars, not superheroes.
  5. Ben 10: Omniverse HR - Tyrannopede http://www.collectoons.com/plaques/userlist.php?toonId=MTA2OTY3 Ben 10: Omniverse (20 toons)
  6. Ohhh boy. I've had these sitting around for quite some time. All the images for each set are in one imgur album in order to view them a bit easier, don't have to click 100 links. The Scooby Doo Show (21 images) http://imgur.com/a/ULsCg http://imgur.com/a/S9F6Z Scooby Doo Where Are You (13 images, I already cut all of these out) http://imgur.com/a/h7e6D Scooby Doo Where Are You Season 3 (8 images, also cut these already) http://imgur.com/a/pRCsD Scooby Doo And The Witch's Ghost (8 images, if anyone has the dvd to get some images in good quality, that'd be wonderful. The main people missing are Ben ravencroft, Sarah Ravencroft, All 3 Hex Girls) http://imgur.com/a/NB8Zv Scooby Doo On Zombie Island (13 images. Almost done with this one, need to gather a couple more) http://imgur.com/a/sgyND
  7. Overkill now with 18 great albums in a row B) 

    1. captainjack


      Necroshine is still one of my favorites. You into Testament, Souls of Black is really good.

    2. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      Oh yeah, Testament is great. Testament and Overkill, the biggest of the non big four. xD

    3. captainjack


      I also like King Diamond, Helloween, Mercyful Fate and Anthrax. Great bands.

  8. What a beautiful display of compassion. I've never seen you as rude, hopefully no one else does either
  9. Prepare for trouble! And hopefully one of you can make it double.
  10. Also not working for me. If too much is the problem, i'll be willing to take some off your hands to donate to the charity of endless 1-100 giveaways
  11. Ah... florida, georgia, louisiana and texas. When it gets cold, it's rare. Wish I was there... it's snowing and at 25 degrees for the past 3 days
  12. Happy Birthday to @Shawn and @deepcanyon1 hope they're lovely for both of you

  13. Just had a bank robbery happen up the street. Nice. 

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    2. Xavianangel


      If it makes you feel better, the place I grew up in was listed as "one of Chicago’s most dangerous blocks in 2016, a place plagued by gang shootings."

    3. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

      Well, I often look at Detroit and Chicago like that anyways lol. Not sure how accurate it is, but they tend to get bad raps 24/7. All the places around here are pretty nice, very low crime. So this came out of nowhere. Last time we had a bank robbery in Christiansburg, it was actually my mom that was held at gunpoint back before I was born. :o And the last shooting here was actually the road across from where I live. And a week before that, my cousin was shot in the town next to us. My family is a bad luck charm xD @Xavianangel

    4. Xavianangel
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