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    Partier of party things, professional swoocer ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Southwest Virginia AKA the best part of VA
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    One really amazing woman... Bob Ross, Andrew W.K., Virginia, certain other states, Louisiana and Maryland por ejemple, America, Mang0, Silvermania, Leffen, 5-0's, Alex Jones (that blessed angel), broken spanish, and of course... Women in Virginia who listen to Megadeth at parties, cheer on my boy Lucky, fight the injustices and then relax into a nice night, possibly with watching Bob Ross involved. Keep your education, don't get a degree in art, and try not to be influenced by random groups who spew lies, no facts, and pure hate with no base.
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  1. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

  2. CTContests' Sales

    Drak Pack: Frankie - 8k Vampira - 8k Mork and Mindy: Mork from Ork - 10k Na-nu Na-nu Mork - 10k Rubik The Amazing Cube: Carlos - 8k Lisa - 8k Reynaldo - 8k Rubik - 8k Sparky - 8k total Drama Island: Chef Hatchet - 12k total: 88k
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  4. The Ultimate Pokemon Hunger Games

  5. Potato paint master22855860_1331001913676529_563661459_n.jpg?oh=b2f4d2647879494b216610e8ea5221a9&oe=59F5419B

  6. The Ultimate Pokemon Hunger Games

  7. CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures - Jammin' Bill - 10k Jammin' Ted - 10k C.B. Bears Boogie - 6k Bump - 6k Hustle - 6k Perfume Wagon - 6k Chuck Norris Karate Commandos Tabe and Too-Much - 6k The Claw - 6k Drak Pack Drak Jr. - 8k Howler - 8k Total: 72k
  8. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    What are the odds -.-
  9. The Ultimate Pokemon Hunger Games

  10. Raven123 and the Quest for the Holy Rares

  11. Anime Sunday

  12. CT Hunger Games - Halloween Edition

    am raven123. am present.
  13. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

    "All I got was a stupid pumpkin" 89 in game... fair enough I guess
  14. Ccards

    Cory Baxter Value: 7 Right: +9 Left: +3 Bottom: -4
  15. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

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