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    Partier of party things, professional swoocer ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Southwest Virginia AKA the best part of VA
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    One really amazing woman... Bob Ross, Andrew W.K., Virginia, certain other states, Louisiana and Maryland por ejemple, America, Mang0, Silvermania, Leffen, 5-0's, Alex Jones (that blessed angel), broken spanish, and of course... Women in Virginia who listen to Megadeth at parties, cheer on my boy Lucky, fight the injustices and then relax into a nice night, possibly with watching Bob Ross involved. Keep your education, don't get a degree in art, and try not to be influenced by random groups who spew lies, no facts, and pure hate with no base.
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    Lord Moldybutt
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  3. "Happy birthday!" - Frosty The Snowman :bday2::breezly::sneezly:

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    Superfriends classic atom - 15k classic hawkgirl - 15k gleek - 15k jayna - 15k marvin - 15k wendy - 15k zan - 15k total - 105k Chuck Norris Karate Commandos Chuck Norris - 7k Pepper - 7k Plainclothes Chuck - 7k total - 21k total - 126k
  5. IT was phenomenal 

    1. theflash999d


      WHAT was phenomenalB)

    2. Coolguy


      No, IT was phenomenal!

    3. theflash999d


      but WHAT was phenomenal!!!????

  6. Post your Time Machine retrievals here!

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    Wacky Races lil gruesome - 10k private meekly - 10k rock slag - 10k rugbug benny - 10k willy - 10k Looney Tunes Granny - 20k Super Globetrotters SGT Liquid Man - 5k SGT Multi Man - 5k Spaghetti Man - 5k Wrench-Pulling Gizmo -5k total: 90k
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  9. Raven123 and the Quest for the Holy Rares

    Hey paisonos, it's the super thread bump super show!
  10. I don't like parties, but we can go for the free food and entertainment

    Image result for king of the hill reaction


  11. Coolguy is throwing a party, and I would like to go! Let's go show them how us metal heads party!

  12. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    cupid scooby, hang ten scooby
  13. Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    save golden pilgrim
  14. Image result for kekistan on the moon
     @Moana of Motunui and if you do it again, then Kek will come down on ya 


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