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  1. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you enjoy it with wonderful friends and family. i hope you also been seeing new things and different places and life is treating you good. you have always been a wonderful friend 


    i miss you always 

  2. Disney Movie Rewards

    So gutted, one of my friend's friends was into this, so I went through all my Disney DVD's and games and gave her all these codes (or at least the UK equivalent) but then a few weeks or months later she turned into a massive jerk and I really regretted giving them to her... ... it's been a few times I've spotted a chance to give them to someone better and this is just another one of them! >n<
  3. Kyogre rarity so strong

    I must of got really lucky with Kyogre, I just went into the shop and grabbed it... ...but don't get me started with shiny Pokemon, I've not seen one in months! (Although, prior to X/Y this statement would of likely of been "years"... so gotta be thankful for that at least!)
  4. List Your Favorite Youtube Channels!

    In alphabetical order as some are too different to really compare... 1) Ashens (Toy/Gadget Reviewer) 2) Caddicarus (Video Game Reviewer, Mostly PS1/PS2) 3) JonTronShow (Video Game Reviewer) 4) PeanutButterGamer (Video Game Reviewer) 5) TheMostPopularGirls (Stop Animation Comedy Series) 6) VenusAngelic (Fashion/Make-Up Guru, Idol) If you check some of 'em out be sure to tell me what you think of them!
  5. Jazzy's 3 minutes auction event!

    I'm going to try for Starfire! Although I'm not that good at auctions...
  6. Professor Lewis' Wishlist

    Your kindness is warm and delicious! Just offered on your post, but tell me if I did something wrong somewhere (knowing me I probably did!) Thank you again! >u<
  7. Professor Lewis' Wishlist

    44k for all of it? I'm more than happy with that! Thank you so much, you're an absolute legend! o,u,o
  8. Professor Lewis' Wishlist

    Zeeeeerrrrrrrro! Why are you trying to get rid of Tsuruya so bad? Is she eating all your smoked cheese? D: I'm not sure about prices ether to be honest, I brought Ryoko for 500 points up to 3k before, not sure if that helps. I have 110k so I'd really like to get whatever I can with that! (With Haruhi and Angelina toons being a priority) So take out the 10k for Angelina and then... maybe you decide how much Haruhi Toons 100k is worth?
  9. Professor Lewis' Wishlist

    Bump! Updated with lots of new things, and a big update on Dancing Angelina too!
  10. High School of The Dead

    I'd love for this to be a set! (even better if it didn't have a HR in it!) There isn't much anime I recognize going at the moment, so it'd be brilliant to have this~
  11. the abilty to move toons a diffrent way

    So weird, I asked Champ about this the other day, along with resizing Toons as well. Depends really, if you mean the animated GIF ones then I guess that might take a bit of extra work... But from what I'm seeing is that there would be no technical reason not to have them be flipped, I mean, some Toons with words on them would be mirrored... but that's still better than nothing! For most basic Toons that don't have words on them the feature would be really useful.
  12. Once a Month Members Raffle? Non Members too?

    There's an easy solution to keeping track of the people entering. Why not make a raffle ticket cost in game points? They pay 500 points and then their name is automatically entered into a draw. To get a bit more technical, it could run the same way as the Lotto where the game is coded to give you only so many entries, and people who have entered (which I'm sure there must be some kind of tool to keep track of this) all get entered into the random draw. As for prize collecting, you could ether make the Lotto give out a random number and make the user go onto the Forums to check the winning number or use the data and randomly generate it yourselves and then get someone to PM the user with their prize or something on those lines. I don't think this idea is exactly hard to do... I mean, people are literally doing raffles on the forums already, why not just make one regular and official?
  13. Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July, guys! Hope I'm not tooooo laaaaaaate!
  14. Happy Birthday Bunny21!

    Pfffffffffffffffffffft. Happy Birthday... to Bunny... even though she smells like
  15. 2014 FIFA World Cup toon

    So now it's more of a Mario Strikers set than a World Cup set? I'm totally for that, I'd love to see that. Means another Peach toon~
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