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  1. Roses are red, violets are blue

    You left CT so forget you too!



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. average ct player

      average ct player

      where are you tails x_x

    3. Kastman2


      Jazzy how dare you talk to mack daddy tails like that!? That ct legend.

    4. Abdizur87


      Hadn't realized Jazz and Tails have been AWOL for quite some time. :blink:

  2. A guy that will do anything he can for his friends. Hope to see him back here soon :-)

  3. Thanks for all the support and help over the years and being a friend.

  4. You've always been so awesome. Always enjoy talking to you. Miss you buddy :(

  5. October 2014 Releases

    think of it this way, you get 1-3 ctoons for 35k, which basically is like 12k per toon.
  6. October 2014 Releases

    I had no idea either
  7. October 2014 Releases

    Unfortunately it doesn't say you bought more than one in the logs.
  8. October 2014 Releases

    I see them in your collection?
  9. The smackdown quarter has ended!

    Ike is passing these out so be sure to thank him. Remember, limited supplies remain for this quarter coming up meaning once they're gone (x2 of each is limited to CTC) they're gone and it becomes a first come first serve type of thing with top 5 getting priority.
  10. Nyan Cat

    I really don't think we'll use art like that unfortunately, it's really pixelated.
  11. Naruto's End

    Personally anything overhyped or hyped too long I end up annoyed with. Which is funny because I really enjoy Pokemon.
  12. WWE Super Card

    2k made the nab one and based it on wwe.
  13. Naruto's End

    Let's drop the debate please.
  14. Poll Talk

    Keep in mind, the polls are for shows that aren't auto wins. So obscure stuff is bound to happen.
  15. WWE Super Card

    Yeah non-paired
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