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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Jazzy

    Anime Sunday

    **LEAVE OFFLINE TRADE TO JAZZY FOR THE PRIZES YOU WON** Anime Party Trivia prize / winners: Yugi Muto 2008 starter cToon = Justme Anime-niacs plaque from 2009 = Noob 3 Star Dragon Ball from 2009 = noob Brainwashed Piccolo VR from 2011 = sith Krillin Card from January 2009 = shark Vegeta's Space Pod from 2011 = sith Gary Oak CR from 2009 = PurpleHaze Swimsuit Misty Code Only from 2010 = ken and shark Sailor Moon from 2010 = Noob Temari a Naturo CR from 2009 = amaris Sakura from Naruto (2009) = sith Kumacy a One Piece CR from 2009 = wanted Swimsuit Chiyo-Chan LE = ken Sitting L from Deathnote (2013) Gemini Plaque = tooner Bodyslammers Plaque = sith Gemini Plaque = tooner Dusk Crow Genjutsu PO = shark Dual-Wielding PO = kitty Video watched: Watch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3u6nhk5gC8 HUNGER GAMES SPOTS Guest_Justme : noface from Spirited Away Guest_Buttercup101 : Hinata from Naruto Josh123 : deidara from Naturo kenrmcha : Bubbles from PPGZ KittypuffPony : kero from cadcaptors PurpleHaze : Rider from Fate/Stay wanteddead411 : ill take goku from DBZ Sharktibolt Bulbasaur from Pokemon Jazzy: Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon Tooner: Naruto from Naturo Moxie: kiki form kikis delivery service tooner:Asta from black clover buttercup: Sakura from Naruto Purplehaze: Shiro from no game no life justme: sebastian moxie: jiji from kiki amaris: black star from soul eater shark: Agumon from digimon josh: ken Kaneki from tokyo ghoul Buttercup: Joey Wheeler from Yu-Gi-Oh ike: Mayuri Shiina SW: Haruko from FLCL SW: Gene Starwind Guest_Cipher : pikachu from Pokemon FIRST DEAD = Monkey D. Luffy = tooner TOP 6 ALL GET = Naruto (CM 2009) TOP 6 = Deidara, Kero, Kiki, Shiro, Agumon, Joey Wheeler WINNER TAKES = Nimbus Goku Sharktibolt : The winner is Joey Wheeler!
  3. Thanks! I needed that festive cToon too.
  4. Jazzy

    CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

    Jazzy Sent some PPGs
  5. Jazzy


    Thank you! I'm very happy with my prizes!
  6. Jazzy

    Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    Ppg sleighride
  7. Jazzy

    Save the Auction Onlys!!!!!!

    Ppg sleighride ride
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