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  1. try again in 3 hours. and 24 hr rule applies still
  2. youll want to name the toon and show.
  3. Yusuke monster would be 125k , Applepiethon 5k, Barry 2k, Barb 3k Bedtime Caillou 5k, if these are fine total 140k
  4. that wil be fine ill post them in a bit also as a reminder please make sure that ctc actually has the toon you are looking for and in quantities at 4 or more before asking for them.
  5. Oily Jack would be 100k if you want it let me know thanks new total would be 433k
  6. Yami Bakura i can do for 15k and Martian Manhunter for 10k others are fine New Total would be 55k let me know if this is fine. Laughing Felix 7k, new total would be 27k let me know thanks all of these 08 case closed would be 15k each. for a total of 75k let me know thanks.
  7. CTC is back open make sure to follow the rules on the first page. Thanks
  8. these are fine. Also posted.
  9. hey just wanted to let you know that toons have a lot of different rarities, and things like cm, un, ra, vr, cr might be in the 5k-10k range but things with the rarity of AO, HR, OR, CHR, and CA often go for a lot more, for instance the Attacking SS4 Gogeta is going to worth a whole lot more then 10k and there is also one more type that has the type BP, which means battle point and is something you make from playing the game smackdown which is currently down, for each BP needed to make it, players pay 500-1k per bp, i think ctc sells them for the higher amount which would be 1k per.
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