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  1. hey welcome to ct hope your enjoying things stop in chat for some fun or questions
  2. thats why i said no i still have trophies to win though if thye change ill just buy the ones i need
  3. sounds good boss we will get you sent one soon
  4. are you talking about the one on may 9th if so i havent gotten to anything on page 57 yet
  5. Ho-Oh- 225k total 335k let me know posted. posted posted posted posted posted posted. Attacking Janemba- 30k let me know posted Monkey D. Luffy 10k though 100k posted. posted posted Baby Dumbo 4k, Pointing Timothy 10k, snackin Timothy 5k, wagon-riding Dumbo 7k, DI Boba Fett 15k total 41k let me know posted posted posted except char as ctc has only 2 each 30k posted posted
  6. Campaign Baby - 75k, kitty- 5k, Stuffed Bunny-10k total 120k posted Caterpie-5k, total 55k posted posted posted Bambi’s Mother-35k posted posted
  7. posted. posted. posted. posted. posted Aang and Appa 20k, Crazy Azula 20k, Fire-bending Azula 20k, new total 77klet me know posted posted kero 5k, key 5k, fairy sakura 5k, ottoman puppy 10k, total 25k posted. posted. intrepid batman 7k total 31k
  8. leaping bats 1.5 mil. total 1.7 mil posted. posted. cheezi- 3k, squeeks- 3k, runaway chickens 3k total 24k posted. bubble mew 125k, total 165k posted. some up some down but 15k is about right posted. posted posted posted. t-bone-2k, there is no toon named mac please put the correct name in the future, Machiavelli 2k, jetta 3k total 32k posted
  9. 1-20 21-40
  10. Yeah welcome back feel free to stop by chat to ask question or hang out.
  11. akatsuchi, ao, attacking asuma, cee, chojuro, danzo, darui, hazo, juugo,karin,kurama mode minato, kurotsuchi, kushina, lady chiyo, minato, mito uzamaki, naruto and kushina, ns jiraiya, ns kabuto, ns konohamaru, ns kurenai, ns orochimaru, rasengan minato, sage mode jiraiya, sage mode kabuto, suigetsu, the 2nd hokage, the 2nd mizukague, the 3rd raikage, the 3rd tsuchikage, the 4th kazekage, the 4th raikage, the 5th hokage, the 5th kazekage, the 5th mizukage, yamato, young kakashi, young madara, young obito. and the hr i think that is them all and the db wont be updated for a few weeks since we have to get the toons to update it ourselfs.
  12. i got contacts in though
  13. wowzers you guys are so lucky
  14. You know what happens when i can't sd. huh do you, well ct you just made .....


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      now thats

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