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  1. -1k each -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***** Fullmetal Alchemist -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *******Al's Sacrifice (AO) - 750k *******Summerslam (cRing) - 2mil -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Hunter x Hunter- -30k each ***Kill la Kill- -30k -50k each ***Attack on Titan- -75k -10k ******MLP- -25k each -100k each ******Clannad- -100k each -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUYING ALL- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I'm selling: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. ChelseaOrgana21

    Chelsea's Wishlist :) 1/25 Overwatch Pixel Sprays

    yeah that's fine
  3. ChelseaOrgana21

    Chelsea's Wishlist :) 1/25 Overwatch Pixel Sprays

  4. Updated shop!! :) How's everyone doing!!? 

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    2. Jwoolman1993


      Ive been great! Miss ya twin! Im happy for you and hope everything else has been good!

    3. Paul


      Getting better everyday since I've joined the Air Force. Congrats on the baby news!

    4. FredTheFish


      Congrats! I've only been crying for 20 minutes after buying the first thing I liked in your shop, only to see the one per week rule and then scrolled...

  5. ChelseaOrgana21


  6. ChelseaOrgana21


  7. ChelseaOrgana21

    Yugioh Zexal

  8. ChelseaOrgana21


    I love the hug image, jasmine sleeping on rajah, and aladdin and jasmine riding the horse
  9. ChelseaOrgana21

    Naughty vs Nice

    Happy Holidays Everyone!! Welcome to the Naughty vs Nice Contest!! Of course we know you guys will be busy this month but we wanted to give you a chance to have some fun. There will be a ton of raffles and awesome challenges to compete in as a team. Even if you can't compete in all of the challenges, your teammates will have your back. The real question is: Are you naughty or nice Keep in mind that everyone wins something just for joining!! && you'll also want to join because the winning team gets this Contest Award!! Prep and Landing Early Sign ups (Nov. 27th-30th) Week One (Dec. 1st-7th) Week Two (Dec. 8th-14th) Week Three (Dec. 15th-21st) Week Four (Dec. 22nd- 28th) Week Five (Dec. 29th- 31st) Team Naughty Discussion Link Submission Link Team Nice Discussion Link Submission Link RAFFLES
  10. So... Koga @Gamascottie and I got married earlier this month ;) Gonna do a congratulatory shop refill in a sec!! Hope everyone is well <3 

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    2. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Congrats to the both of you guys, hope to see you around on the odd time :)

    3. Tameran


      I wondered if that vague update you did a while back was regarding something like that. Congrats! :D

    4. Coolguy


      Somehow I totally missed this, but saw it on the Leaderboards XD.

      That's awesome! Congrats to you two!

  11. ChelseaOrgana21

    Animation Station

    Hey guys!! Welcome to the Animation Station!! The Station is a place for new members to get started on the sets that they love. All you have to do is post your CT Username along with 3-5 sets that you're looking to collect. An offline will be sent to you from: ChelseaOrgana21 or Rogue It will contain a toon or two from one of the sets chosen. Your offline could be worth up to 20,000 points. Hope you enjoy the site!! **To qualify your account must have been started in the last 3 months**
  12. Can't wait until the 6th <3 

    1. Gamascottie


      Ooooooo heeeheee me either!!!

  13. ChelseaOrgana21

    Member Photos

    Me and @Gamascottie
  14. Refilled my shop!! 

    1. Coolguy


      :D Completed 3 sets (Clerks, Final Fantasy, and Busy World of Richard S.) from your store, gracias!

    2. Gamascottie


      "Watching movies"

    3. deepcanyon1


      I have been able to get some much needed pieces also from your shop..thanks for the great prices :)

  15. Just refilled my shop!! 

    1. Unluckygal


      Just Bought Most Of Your KaBlam Toons!!! Yay Thanks For The Low Prices ^_^

  16. Shop has been updated!! Will refill again tonight :)

    1. Terrie


      sorry for the loss of your grandfather, welcome back to CT

    2. Josh123


      Welcome back to Collectoons, I posted some naruto toons from the first expansion you may've missed, enjoy!

  17. Good Morning Guys!!! I have missed you all dearly &&to make up for disappearing for a while I am letting go of a few extras in my collection (minus my hoarded sets). After starting a new job and taking care of my grandfather... who is no longer with us.. I got caught up in life and had to stay away from CT for a while. I know a lot of you have been unable to access my shop so I will update it with no buying limit.. just share with other members. I love you all && I hope some of you will help me get tons of toons from sets I've missed. I need a lot of Cowboy Bebop and MLP. Enjoy my shop (it will be reset in 30 mins) and have a great week!! 

    <3 Chelsea 

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    2. Sharktibolt


      I'm sorry about your grandfather Chelsea. :( 

    3. PhotonCyberStar


      Welcome back. Sorry about your grandfather.

    4. Jwoolman1993


      I'm sorry for your loss :(

      I have missed you twin! I hope all has gotten better! Message me when you have the chance to catch up!

  18. ChelseaOrgana21

    Create Your Own Pokemon Trainer!!

    Randomly found this and thought I would share Here's mine!!
  19. ChelseaOrgana21


  20. ChelseaOrgana21


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