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  1. Updated my shop and wishlist!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Sadly, I will be working!! 

  2. ChelseaOrgana21

    What movie does the movie above make you think of?

    ghost rider
  3. ChelseaOrgana21

    Chelsea's Wishlist :) 01/17/2019 BUYING ALOT!!

    @deepcanyon1 will do!! and i'll buy whatever you'd like to post
  4. Image result for happy bday pokemon

  5. ChelseaOrgana21

    Chelsea's Wishlist :) 01/17/2019 BUYING ALOT!!

  6. ChelseaOrgana21

    Enter The Ultra Wormhole

    chelseaorgana skipping in
  7. ChelseaOrgana21

    Chelsea's Wishlist :) 01/17/2019 BUYING ALOT!!

    @Tooner58 thank you!!
  8. ChelseaOrgana21

    What would you like to see on CollecToons in 2019

    My Little Pony: The Movie PLEASE!! @Xavianangel @Sora @Sharktibolt @Coolguy Sorry I didn't Resize the images. The site I used to use doesn't work on this computer!
  9. Ya'll got any of those Just Around the River Bends?

    Image result for yall got any of those meme

  10. ChelseaOrgana21

    Let's Make a Deal - CT Edtition 2!

  11. ChelseaOrgana21

    Random tb msg xD

    I don't even own a Super Saiyan God Goku From joekallday Subject You have a trade board offer! Message joekallday has sent you an offer of 350000 points for your Super Saiyan God Goku. Go check it out in your inbox! NOTE: Players have the ability to cancel offers at anytime, so by the time you view your offers they may already be gone.
  12. ChelseaOrgana21

    The Smackdown Quarter Has Ended!

    *instantly wants to sd again
  13. ChelseaOrgana21

    How did you come up with your username?

    I've always loved Leia Organa (Star Wars).. made it my gamertag on xbox and it stuck for all of my usernames
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