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  1. thats good that more people play . but back then it took so much more to make the top 5
  2. so happy the pats won the super bowl tom brady 4 time champion and 3 time super bowl mvp now having been to 6 super bowls most all time as a quarterback id say the tom brady vs peyton mannning debate is over
  3. Although being annoying at times its always great to discuss movies with you and enjoy a great discussion

  4. the pats won today and cliched the division 12 out of the 14 years we done it and we win the next two games we got home field advantage in the AFC playoffs
  5. you should message me either in game or on fourms . i really want to sd and i always enjoyed the game of SD
  6. i always love every sets that come out mostly cuz i seen alot if not all the shows besides the animes that come out . i always been one to love cartoons from all deacades
  7. 5/10 not my type of stuff
  8. yeah it was amazing movie . john wick i was really bad butt for sure the movie was awesome . the action scenes were amazing and he was killing guys like crazy i thought the story was pretty good as well . its worth seeing if you love action movies like lethal weapon and die hard or hard to kill the movie fury was amazing omg it was proble one of the best movies i saw all year it well worth looking at for sure brad pitt and others were just amazing and how they brought the charaters to life on screen was incredible for sure . one of the best movies all year i saw . i agree dracula untold was amazing the story was great and it was more true to the real tale of dracula and it was just awesome the way he was killing the guys and excuting them . i saw the animated movie the best of me i thought that was good the story was a little strange but at the same time it was pretty funny and humrious movie for sure its well worth looking at . the next movies i cant wait for this month are the hunger games mocking jay part 1 big hero six the peguins of madagascar interstellar
  9. bump looking for battles please message me in game i will be around or message me on fourms
  10. if you down for SD let me know i am always around to play
  11. i guess you sure did to post a silly cookie and its football topic so if you dont care stay the heck out the topic - Give this guy a cookie. No one cares Cube !!
  12. the patriots dynasty and team is over tom brady is finshed hes washed up and bill is no longer good anymore he was hack as a coach oh wait that was all talk directing at the patriots flash forward the patriots beat the broncos 43 to 21 going into the bye week with a record of 7-2 were all that talk at again hahaha "Anybody remember 5 weeks (or was it years?) ago when Pats lost 41-14 at KC and were going to 'miss the playoffs' & Brady was 'washed up'?"
  13. you want to SD
  14. so happy today the patriots lost against bufflow and the settle seahawks won i mean people talk like patriots is unbeatable at home and how there favored to win all the time . but in reality i think people fail to realize no team is unbeatable you just gotta go in with the right game plan and excute well . patriots goes down tonight with the knockout punch to head
  15. last week i saw the movie Annabell the horror movie i and i liked it i thought it had chills in the movie i mean it was not a huge scare movie but it gave me chills in some parts . i like the movie and thought it was pretty good today i am seeing the movie dracula untold . i cant wait to see how it is
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