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    i love movies ,games ,sports ,tv shows and reading . I love trying all different kinds of food. I love going out for walks and being outside.
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  1. red sox going for another title 


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  2. boston has the best sports teams 

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  3. be fan of that team orbit . brings back so many memories on the 10th anniversary of CT . 


    such a good game . 

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  5. you free to come in chat for a few mins . need help with some price checks 

  6. RubixCube

    A decade on Collectoons!

    thats pretty awesome you did for 10 years. me myself i have been in and out for 8 or 9 years. I joined in 09 and played for few years then left and then came back. smackdown will always be my favorite part of CT that keeps me around
  7. RubixCube

    Halloween Costumes

    I don't dress up anymore I just pass out candy and watch Halloween marathon on the 31st on AMC.
  8. heard a report today that so many lady gaga fans are trashing the venom movie to get others to go see the movie a star is born  in support of her . 


    there saying tons of fake reviews are being made by bots and people who are  Marvel fans are going after the movie a star is born in a response to the fake reviews being made 

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    2. RubixCube


      I can agree to that and I probably won't get around to seeing it until its on-demand or so I don't know yet.  this year been different for me when going to the theaters so  I am sure by then I will hear from actual people about the movie. instead of the review websites.

    3. Xavianangel


      i always prefer listening to actual people too xD

    4. RubixCube


      me because i have seen movies that people have really liked get bad reviews over the years and i always felt the reviews were biased anyway because movie companies have huge influence by giving money to those newspapers and review websites over time.

  9. RubixCube

    October 2018 Releases

    i can't wait to see what toons come out this month and i am just excited about some movies that come out this month like venom and the new Halloween always been a big fan of Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers. plus Halloween, of course, I always enjoy handing out candy and watching monster /horror movies plus can't forget its the postseason for baseball.

    always love the fall 

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  11. dont forget to reset the smack down quarter today is October 1st

  12. i reached 3,000 wins again for the second time first time was 3,500 and this time just lil over 3,000th. i think what most shows through from this quarter is my hard endless dedication to the game of Smackdown and my willingness to sacrifice time. this quarter i helped a total of 5 people reach 300 wins or more and i helped a total of 3 people reach the top 5 . and i helped the majority of the top 10 . when it comes to SD i find myself the most consistent SD player in the game's history .i also feel no matter how much clicking and how much losses i have suffered in a row and the countless win streaks i been on . i still manage to play SD every day never gets old for me

  13. what is supporters nook and how do you earn those ?

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    2. Xavianangel


      10 points for every dollar you donate.

    3. The Grand Poobah

      The Grand Poobah

      It's basically a way to get something extra if you help the site stay alive. Kind of like a "season pass" or loot box idea. It'll help keep your premium going and give you the ability to get extra ctoons that some cant. We want to add more stuff to the site, and possibly keep it going if there is enough interest from players and the team, but there has to be something that draws people in to want to help the site. So we'll see how it goes.

    4. RubixCube


      @Xavianangel @The Grand Poobah thanks to both of you for the info and I loved this idea very much I will continue to donate and help the site and I will enjoy the goodies very much so. i always have faith in the team to come up with great ideas such as this.

  14. RubixCube

    Has this ever been considered

    i was just implying that some users were saying that there is not good ways to earn points and my post was just saying there points are there for the taken and my other point was those things you mention they obviously are more important but at the same time if you want those things they put you at a disadvantage then someone who has a ton of free time to get all the daily CT work done each day .i was not trying to talk economics of CT because its like other older users mentioned if its not popular and no one decides to hoard it . its not gonna be worth a ton . like some of the very much older hrs that were hoarded in the past that worth so much like leaping Batman or that old angry beavers hr and others that were non dbz hr were worth a ton because somone choose to hoard it so the prices skyrocketed,
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