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    i love movies ,games ,sports ,tv shows and reading . I love trying all different kinds of food. I love going out for walks and being outside.
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  1. I don't  miss the site. I feel  have been set  free.  Truth  is i didnt  have much friends  on here because besides  making morphs for people it was always  about smack down. I nevee viewed this  much  as a commuinty because  i always felt people  all ran in there own circles kinda like high school. Like high school  i always  stayed away from that.  I ran as my own person and always  felt being who i  am was more  important  than running in a group. 

    1. BROKEN raven123

      BROKEN raven123

        Kliq kliq kliq. You're very correct, myself included. I miss the site for nostalgia, that's about it

    2. RubixCube


      Exactly  why i didnt think the ct discord was gonna be a sucess when i got there  it  was more  of the  same . People do talk but it's  only separate  individuals who  talk to one another.  So instead of having  a conversation  we're  every one joined in it was not that. community  feeling at all. It was  more of what took  place for years. Its why i dont think many joined or when i was there not many contributed at all . It was but a few people  who talked on a daily bais no different  then ct chat . Same names kept  popping  up to talk and  i felt it was the same with discord.

  2. i want to say thank you for everything . i know you did the best with what you had to work with . i know from here you will go on to great things . i saw a person that gave so much to help so many . a person that sacrficed days to be with others or days you could of took for youself when you were not working your personal job . i look at that see dedication no matter what the odds were people will remember CT and think of you and the others that kept the ship moving when it could of crashed and burned years ago . this shows what kind of person you are .


    THank you 

  3. i found CT in the start of 2009. i had just graduated high school .i wont get into the rough years of CT i will just tell you of how i felt about my time on CT . i have always loved CT Because of some of the people and because of my Love for smack down . MY love for smack down made me addicted to CT because i felt i had a obligation to help players get the morphs they wanted and to accomplish goals i set out to accomplish. i enjoyed helping so many get the morphs they wanted over the years . smack down became a job for me . i would start at 7am in the morning and wouldn't be done till 11 or 12 am and sometimes later . my SD partners were @FUTURAMA GUY, @randaaroo, @DC_, @pokeman , @dragonwolf , @Moana of Motunui , @amaris , @Professor Lewis, @Paul , @Tooner58and so many others . @Gamascottie helping him get a full complete set of yu gi oh morphs . @Ssoldier helped him get almost complete set of yu gi oh morphs @Moana of Motunui helping you get the ninja turtle morphs so many years ago @Blossom helping you get so many morphs over the years mostly pokemon @Josh123 making you so many different anime morphs @Sora making you so many different morphs boss over the years , pokemon ,dbz and others . and so many other members i made morphs for over the years of CT. @Moana of Motunui one of my earliest friends on CT we had so many conversations about sports ,movies and i will remember always getting you that scooby AO @RollingStoned you helped me with alot of the Dexter toons and you were always awesome to chat with. @Hokey talking with you was always a bunch of laughs @FUTURAMA GUY SDing with you is what i will always remember from CT we played non stop @Ike you helped me with some life stuff and i always enjoyed talking movies with you along with sports @Ssoldier you always believed that i could be anything i wanted on CT and that my will to SD would helpe get me anything i wanted . @dragonwolf you helped me still be able to SD when everyone eles was abandoning smack down and you became a very close friend . @Josh123 you helped me start my Pokemon collection and always believed i could accomplish anything i wanted on CT . a close friend @Blossom and @Sora i always enjoyed making morphs for you both the most . you both helped me with points and allowed me to get more of the pokemon toons i was chasing after . and sora you provided the yu gi oh toons i was missing to help me finish the complete set . @Tooner58 you became one of my closest friends and you always told me to keep reaching my goals in game and in life . @Paul you gave me the nickname the The beast and i will always remember that . @Xavianangel i always felt you helped me with so many things in game and in life . we didn't see eye to eye but it came a beautiful friendship. i will always admired your hard work and dedication to CT . Someone once said do i only want to be remembered for smack down years ago and i thought to myself its not such a bad thing really . i embraced it and went on to play nearly 60,000 matches and win over 30,000 times . 17 top 5s and 12 first place finishes and i end my smack down career with 7 first place finishes in a row . went on to become hall of fame of smack down and got a OOAK for my years of service in smack down .i made over 1,000 morphs and i made smack down my own monopoly.
  4. i know for morphs we still need grimer and muk,golden and seaking ,paris and parasect ,and i think tenticool and tenticruel . along with exeggcute and executor , i am pretty sure that is it for gen 1 .
  5. if you need any Pokemon morphs i can help you out with any .
  6. means alot coming from you yeah i am looked at as the best of all time or the king of SD . i been in the top 5 more times then anyone and won more games and played more matches then anyone in the history of CT . plus made more morphs then anyone .its all because my dedication and my desire to be the best like you said to accomplish goals i set out with . i hold the record for the most wins ever with 3,500 in a single quarter and made 2,000 wins more over 8 times . and i have come in first place 12 times .
  7. some of my favorites was when ash meets mankey i always found that to be a very funny episode . i loved the episode when ash fights LT surge . i found that to be one of my favorite classic gym battles in the first season i did too like the ship wreak episode . i found it was funny with james buying magickarp for 500 dollars only to kick off the boat making gyardos and them all using dragon rage . i also like when chameleon evolved to charizard during the fossil hunt to fight aerodactyl i also liked the dragonite episode when they showed him like 500 feet fall and he used hyper beam to destroy the light house and wipe out team rocket . i also thought the grimier and krabby episodes were both good . i also like the episode when they crashed landed on the island were it was a big huge Pokemon amusement park were it was the legendary birds and charizard ,blastoise and vensaur . and on the other side of the island was the pokemon all talking and working togeather to make it back . i also think that were they got the idea for those Gameboy advance and Ds games . the Pokemon mystery dungeon series two of my saddest moments i think was bye bye butter free ,and when ash lost in Pokemon league .another sad moment was when they were trying to save charmander from his tail burning out .
  8. me and you go way back stone . through out all the drama in the past i never gave up . i made my way back and never looked back.
  9. They did . They made me a Ooak called smack down legend with the pokemon trainer red on a plaque. I have put so many years into smack down.
  10. more spiderman up for you boss
  11. posted some toons up boss
  12. i am doing good . i am still very much happy and postive . i mean yeah things happen to me but i have always held that postive attitude were things just bounce right off me . i mean the now my dad has cancer and my dad is also sick with a cold that is really effecting him because he cant take much due to getting cancer treatmeants . i reamain postive that he will get through it and we will keep marching on . i also saw the new rambo movie , secret life of pets 2 , the lego movie 2 and rocket man . plus i watch alot of older movies . i am also happy that all the new shows are mostly back that i watch . as you see i continue to SMack down with my friend . were both the last main players that do it in the whole game . he helped me reach 979 wins which is way lower than i normal get but still i will take 979 wins . i feel good after another quarter of smack down has ended . i have reached 17 top 5s , 12 times number 1 and i have played 58,657 matches and past 32,000 wins .this was my 7th time coming in first place in a row .
  13. the smack down quarter needs to be reset . @Sharktibolt

  14. Stone my list is much bigger than that lol this list was me thinking of the first ones that came to mind lol. Course i loved Jurassic park i seen them all including the remakes. My list is well over 3000 movies if i was to make a complete list. .the remake of kong was ok the 2005 one but i liked skull island better and of course the original one .
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