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    i love movies ,games ,sports ,tv shows and reading . I love trying all different kinds of food. I love going out for walks and being outside.
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  1. means alot coming from you yeah i am looked at as the best of all time or the king of SD . i been in the top 5 more times then anyone and won more games and played more matches then anyone in the history of CT . plus made more morphs then anyone .its all because my dedication and my desire to be the best like you said to accomplish goals i set out with . i hold the record for the most wins ever with 3,500 in a single quarter and made 2,000 wins more over 8 times . and i have come in first place 12 times .
  2. some of my favorites was when ash meets mankey i always found that to be a very funny episode . i loved the episode when ash fights LT surge . i found that to be one of my favorite classic gym battles in the first season i did too like the ship wreak episode . i found it was funny with james buying magickarp for 500 dollars only to kick off the boat making gyardos and them all using dragon rage . i also like when chameleon evolved to charizard during the fossil hunt to fight aerodactyl i also liked the dragonite episode when they showed him like 500 feet fall and he used hyper beam to destroy the light house and wipe out team rocket . i also thought the grimier and krabby episodes were both good . i also like the episode when they crashed landed on the island were it was a big huge Pokemon amusement park were it was the legendary birds and charizard ,blastoise and vensaur . and on the other side of the island was the pokemon all talking and working togeather to make it back . i also think that were they got the idea for those Gameboy advance and Ds games . the Pokemon mystery dungeon series two of my saddest moments i think was bye bye butter free ,and when ash lost in Pokemon league .another sad moment was when they were trying to save charmander from his tail burning out .
  3. me and you go way back stone . through out all the drama in the past i never gave up . i made my way back and never looked back.
  4. They did . They made me a Ooak called smack down legend with the pokemon trainer red on a plaque. I have put so many years into smack down.
  5. more spiderman up for you boss
  6. posted some toons up boss
  7. i am doing good . i am still very much happy and postive . i mean yeah things happen to me but i have always held that postive attitude were things just bounce right off me . i mean the now my dad has cancer and my dad is also sick with a cold that is really effecting him because he cant take much due to getting cancer treatmeants . i reamain postive that he will get through it and we will keep marching on . i also saw the new rambo movie , secret life of pets 2 , the lego movie 2 and rocket man . plus i watch alot of older movies . i am also happy that all the new shows are mostly back that i watch . as you see i continue to SMack down with my friend . were both the last main players that do it in the whole game . he helped me reach 979 wins which is way lower than i normal get but still i will take 979 wins . i feel good after another quarter of smack down has ended . i have reached 17 top 5s , 12 times number 1 and i have played 58,657 matches and past 32,000 wins .this was my 7th time coming in first place in a row .
  8. the smack down quarter needs to be reset . @Sharktibolt

  9. Stone my list is much bigger than that lol this list was me thinking of the first ones that came to mind lol. Course i loved Jurassic park i seen them all including the remakes. My list is well over 3000 movies if i was to make a complete list. .the remake of kong was ok the 2005 one but i liked skull island better and of course the original one .
  10. is anyone playing pokemon masters. the game is very fun and addicting for sure. ?

    1. Sharktibolt


      I've been playing it slowly, only just gotten past Chapter 3. But I've gotten a few characters thanks to mainly the log in gems. I think Phoebe is the highest 'rarity' character I have at 5 stars. It's definitely a different kind of Pokémon game, as this is more about the trainers than the Pokémon, and its very strange but interesting seeing some of these trainers interact for the first time ever. 

    2. RubixCube


      i have been playing it a lot . i have used a bunch of gems to get alot of different trainers and such . i also find it easy to earn gems by playing each day. i find there is few differences like the way you evolve Pokemon . also the way you earn attacks . plus i find when it comes to battling its diffrent.

  11. when it comes to movies the skys the limit really . 1 Casablanca 2.Halloween 1978 3.lion king 1994 4. Police acadmey 5.hard to kill 1990 6.jaws 1975 7.Lethal weapon 1987 8.the terminator 9 star wars a new hope 10.Die hard 1988 11.under siege 1992 12.frankenstien 1930s 13.The wolfman 1940s 14.friday the 13th original 15.its a wonderful life 16. citizen kane 17.The maltease falcon 18.Treasure of the Sierra Madre 19 The Big sleep 20.miracle on 34th street 21. toy story 22.indiana jones temple of doom 23. E.T 24.Die hard 2 25. lethal weapon 2 26.rush hour 27.rush hour 2 28. gladiator 2001 29.X men 2000 30. the godfather 31.The godfather par 2 32.Rocky original 33.Rocky 2 34. rocky 4 35.Rear window 36.Singing in the rain 37.the wizard of oz me in st louis 39.some like it hot 1950s have and have not 41.lawrence of arabia 42. the breakfast club 43. back to the future in black 45.independence day 46. forest gump 48. pulp fiction 49. lord of the rings fellowship 50. hunger games 51. lord of the rings return of the king 52. harry potter sorcerer's stone 53.goodfellas 54. for a few dollars more 55.the good bad and the ugly 56. speed 57.lion heart 58.ghost busters 1984 59.ferris bullers day off 60.indiana jones raiders of the lost ark 61.the goonies 62.the karate kid 1984 63.Top Gun 64. Blade runner 65 the shinning 66.a nightmare on elm street and that is just a few really i love movies so much i have seen so many black and white and from the 30s ,40s ,50s 60s 70s 80s 90s and 2000s and 2010s .
  12. since coming back to CT you have been one of my closest friends .every day we have practically spent in the SD lobby and i want to thank you for that . we have shared great conversations about sports ,and other current events . you have helped me in many tight situations on CT and i want to say i am very grateful and i want to thank you and hope you have an amazing birthday . you have been more than just a person that only talks about making deals with you have been a person i am proud to call my friend . 

  13. "its crazy how i went from rags to riches on CT . way back when i single handly changed smack down on CT . way back when i started in 2009 smack down was mostly people making morphs for themselves . i thought of the idea to make my services of making morphs for others . i started with one person and the funniest part was the first person i made morphs for just said ok to the prices but then  i bank rupted there points due to making them so fast .that idea of making morphs for others took off . i was making morphs for so many users when i started and i took smack down to the next level by saying i was gonna reach 2,000 wins with a 10 point win system and just 2 points for winning . no one was thinking that big back then . i was not the first one to reach 2,000 but i made it there more times than anyone history. i think having ideas and goals makes things possible . i have used SD like a tool and single handle changed smack down but coming up with the idea of letting users win when there about to morph . i started that idea way back when and got newer users that came after me to do the same . having ideas is what keeps you going in life even when people laugh at what your doing it still doesnt matter as long as you think it matters . i have made well over 1500 morphs and i have deff made well over 100 million points from the years of playing smack down . i took what people considered garbage and no good and turned it into a point making machine  and used it to get the toons i wanted in this game and always thought no goal was too big and everything i wanted could be attained .it really just comes down to having an idea and running with it . 

  14. 16th time reaching 800 wins in smack down . i am still gonna try to shoot for 1500 to 2,000 wins this quarter even though i really got off to a slow start usully by now i am pushing 1500 or so . 

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