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    i love movies ,games ,sports ,tv shows and reading . I love trying all different kinds of food. I love going out for walks and being outside.
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  1. 1.a star is born 2018

    2.Bumblebee 2018

    3.stan and ollie 2018

    4.alita battle angel 2019 to train your dragon 3  the hidden world 2019

    6.the grinch 2018

    7.fantastic beasts 2 crimes of grinwald 2018

    8.Vice 2018

    9.Bohiem rapsody 2018

    10.bird box 2018

    11.bad times at the el royale 2018

    12.Miracle season 2018

    13.winchester 2018

    14.Mama mia 2 2018

    15.Unfriended 2 2018

    16.Traffic 2018

    17.Polar 2018

    18.Ruthless 2019

    19.the Mule 2018

    20.Highwaymen 2019

    21.julet ,naked 2018

    22.acrimony 2018 

    1. RubixCube


      i saw every one of those this weekend and for a total, I saw 35 movies that came out last year and some this year but overall i saw over 40 movies. movies i saw that were black and white I hadn't seen plus movies I already saw from the 80s and 90s, plus 2000s. let's just say i took over weeks off from CT and just had a huge movie weekend.


      plus still had time to go out to eat with people and do some work on the side .

  2. Happy birthday Lewis miss you very much. Hope all is well and your enjoying life 

  3. Happy Easter.  Have a great day with family and friends . 

  4. Happy Easter bro . I hope you have a great day with family . Have to catch up soon .

  5. 1.boy erased 2018

    2.alpha 2018

    3.goosebumps 2 2018

    4.Halloween 2018

    5.first man 2018 book 2018

    7.the spy who dumped me 2018

    8.overlord 2018

    9.white boy rick 2018

    10. The nun 2018

    11.kin 2018

    12.crazy rich asians  2018

    13.searching  2018


    Been playing movie catch up . 


  6. 1.Armored Mewtwo x10 hr

    2.Suicune x10 hr

    3.Lugia x11hr

    4.Arceus x9 AO

    5.Groudon x8 hr

    6.Raikou x8 hr

    7.Attacking Mewtwo x8 AO

    8.Ho-Oh x8 Omega Rare

    9.Palkia x7 hr

    10.Reshiram x7 hr

    11.Rayquaza x7 hr 

    12.Entei x6 hr

    13.Mega Rayquaza x6 AO

    14.Kyogre x6 Omega rare 

    15.Dialga x5 HR

    16.Mew x5 PO

    17.Johanna x4 HR 

    18.Tracey Sketchit x3 HR 

    19.Infi x3 Hr

    20.Shiny Mew x3 Chaos rare 

    21.Challengers x2 Chaos rare 

    22.Shiny Arceus x2 Chaos Rare

    23.PikaCharizard Y Cosplay x2 Omega rare .

    24.PikaCharizard X Cosplay 1x omega rare.

    25.Shiny Charizard 1x Chaos rare.


    1. RubixCube


      since coming back over a year ago. i didn't know what to do and i was lost . i mean old members i knew were gone and others who stayed behind i didn't know if i was gonna be liked or judged on my past. well, i came back fresh and feeling good and i had a different outlook on who I was and what i wanted to become on CT.  i came back and went right to work on Smackdown were i left off but i what was new and fresh was the fact i was more liked then i ever was back then. i made friends such as Josh and Xavier, dragon and rekindled old ones as well. all the hard work in SD and the points earned from playing and selling morphs, along with all the Arcading and donations from time to time has put into this pokemon set. you can do anything on this site you just gotta put in the work for it .  

  7. saw dumbo yesterday ,seeing shazam today a great week to have 

    1. Paul


      Saw Shazam yesterday. It was really good.  A lot better than i thought it would be.  

    2. RubixCube


      yeah I

      enjoyed it with my brother. we both were laughing at times and people around us were too


  8. i would like to say a few words . over the years we didn't always see eye to eye back then. but I feel I have changed from who i was back then and i like to wish you happy birthday . may the days treat you good and enjoy it with family and friends.

    1. woodstock24


      We were both different people back then and I would say we both have changed. The past is the past and I gotta say you are a great person cube :) Thank you ^_^

    2. RubixCube


      thank you. 

  9. I want to say years ago when i came to this game i didnt feel like i had a place i was not good at hr hunting and i couldht seem to not get ripped off . until i found peace and homage in SD . i turned what no one was interested in . into a point enterprise . but most important i set up goals . i was happy providing morphs for others and my goal of 1,000 morphs or more i accomplished long time ago , but this quarter markes my two long term goals 15 total top 5s and 10 times being number 1. two very long term goals i thpught i would never reach due to massive bannings and steping away from the game for 3 years . i final accomplised them both . i am at 29,953 wins and i have played a mimium of 54,520 SD matchs all time . this new quarter i will surpass 30,000 wins for sure . i felt short of reaching that goal but i feel 16 top 5s rings better with 30,000 plus wins all time .

  10. went and saw the movie US . the horror /suspence movie . i  thought it was very good . i enjoyed it . 

    also today and tomrrow is the last days to SD . this quarter top 5 is litterly wide open . message me to get matchs in if you really want any of the prizes. i will be around all after noon and night .

  11. this quarter is my 10th time getting 1500 or more wins in a single quarter . this quarter could be the one i get to reach my goal of 30,000 wins and i am close to have played 50,000 total matchs .

  12. anyone want to smack down. top 5 is wide open. i mean there is only a few days left .i will play with anyone really can message me here or in game. i am usually always around on either.

  13. i added stuff to my shop . all Smack down toons .there resonable prices 

  14. i cant wait to see the dumbo movie . it looks very good and i was a big fan of the original . plus shazam and the avengers are on the way . plus aladdin . 

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