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    i love movies ,games ,sports ,tv shows and reading . I love trying all different kinds of food. I love going out for walks and being outside.
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  1. RubixCube

    Honest Opinions Contest

    MY arcade time is down in CT but that's because i donate so much of my to SD and don't have much time to arcade. years ago when i started i let the noise bother me and tried being involved in Ct politics but reality that's never been for me its why SD and keep going strong and through that, i feel have achieved so many goals and stayed strong by keep pushing the mark of all time win total in SD and how i am able to stay busy making morphs for others when asked
  2. i got my second attacking mewtwo  today . made me so happy because i been building a huge pokemon HR,AO ,omega rare collection . 

    1. Josh123


      Both from the man, the myth, the legend himself, Josh123

    2. RubixCube


      yes, buddy, i  couldn't have done it without you so you very much. 

  3. sadly aretha franklin hands down one of the greatest of all time and is considered the queen of soul having such a powerful voice. she is reported to be graveily ill with cancer her family is by her side 

  4. i been apart of imdb for long time now 8 years . my movie list  of the movies i have seen is up to 2,699 movies . 

  5. so the last few days  watched over 12 movies .

    1.avengers infinity war 

    2.the snowman


    4.battle of the sexes


    6.ready player 1



    9.moutain between us 

    10.murder on the orient express

    11.victoria and abdule

    12.blade runner 2049


    14.roman J isrel 

  6. when we first talked it was basically to make a deal for pokemon morph tools from arcade .i remember you thinking nothing much of me and would ask random questions asking about my age or what i like to do. i remember during out morph tool deal we had going on one night you asked me if i had wanted to end the deal because of your asking price per tool. when you asked me that i thought to myself deff doesn't think anything much of me if he asks to end the deal due not being able to afford it. I paid the whole thing off and from that point on we have made deal after deal. nothing was ever to high for me and I think from that you gained respect for me. I think we both have neutral respect for one another based solely on making deals.. I think we respect each other mostly because we both have that drive of wanting more and never settling for what the standard is always pushing to achieve even more. i basically think those two things is what made you see me in a different light.


    happy birthday

    1. Josh123


      Haha we've certainly had are ups and downs, but we've become great friends! I appreciate you as a person and as a smackdown champion, thank you! :)

    2. RubixCube


      I would most certainly agree we had our ups and downs but they always say sometimes things might not look perfect at the start but can turn into something wonderful over time. we both have helped each other in different ways and you helped me get so many things I always wanted on CT like leaping Batman, challengers, Entei, shiny Charizard and so many others. our friendship has turned into something wonderful. I always have enjoyed talking sports with you as well as talking business plus pokemon GO.  I said the things I said above in the happy birthday post because I knew a great friend always appreciates honesty. someone who is real and genuine 

      I hope your birthday was everything you were hoping it was gonna be. I want to thank you for the gift of friendship on CT.

  7. RubixCube

    Skip Empty cWorlds

    very good idea.
  8. so happy about my red sox . we just beat the yankees again this time 4 to 1 and rick porcello retirted 21 batters in a row . he got 9ks in the game and only one person reach first base but he did let up one hom run .he  did it all in less than 90 pitches

  9. RubixCube

    First Thing That Comes To Mind!

    red sox and yankees
  10. this quarter i reached 1,000 wins again . i have now gotten 1,000 wins or more 10x now . i been top 5 12 times and  will have gotten 1,000 wins or more 10 out 13 top 5s  when this quarter is over . my goal for this quarter is still 4,000 wins and i will be trying to get 1500 wins for the month next month to try to bring my total to 2500 to put myself into good pace for 4,000 by september . 

  11. RubixCube

    A Brit on a mission

    posted on TB.
  12. RubixCube

    A Brit on a mission

    i can sell you 2x of battle of the gods at 200k each i can sell you 1x Gotenks SSJ3 x 1 at 50k i can sell you 1x of kabuito kai at 50k i can sell you 2x of one punch victory at 200k each i can sell you 1x of mystic gohan at 50k i can sell you 1x of ssj future gohan at 50k i can sell all these ready to go right now
  13. "style is very personal it has nothing to do with fashion. fashion is  over quickly while style is forever "


    i always believe in being your own person and having your own imprint on life or in  this case CT . 

    1. deepcanyon1


      thats a wonderful thought Rubix..but sometimes when things are really bad in your life and your sad and down and you are your own person and say things because you are hurt..people get butt hurt and it can destroy you on a site like this...and with most people a I"m sorry is never sometimes its better at some point to just be silent and not leave any imprint..sad but true !

    2. RubixCube


      its why i keep a few friends and i SD the most which allows me to move at my own pace and be my own person . i am not about getting caught up in the drama or issues. my main goal is to Sd and earns the points I need to buy the things i want. 

    3. RubixCube


      its another reason i don't buy into CT circles of friends because it gets way to personal and things dont always go so well and those circles kinda start acting like they think they can bully people . which is not good for CT .

  14. I think the next toon I want is to hang 10 scooby and I feel I would be complete besides making more morphs and getting SD prize toons. 



  15. the second time around is so much better . i feel with all the great toons i have earned from long hours of SD and hard work in the arcade . it pays off . i did it the right way . it was me who earned them and i feel like that feeling of final getting the ones i always wanted its great and i will always remember it .

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