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    i love movies ,games ,sports ,tv shows and reading . I love trying all different kinds of food. I love going out for walks and being outside.
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  1. the last two weeks been doing so much yard work . 

  2. RubixCube

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    you welcome
  3. Reached 2,220 wins so far got ways to go reach my goal .its a work in progress.  

  4. Saw deadpool 2 movie Thursday was very good movie.enjoyed it . Still need to see avengers and deff gonns see solo 

  5. happy birthday

  6. "I know we had our differences in the past and we deff did not stand each other very much back then but i know and feel things have def changed and improved. You are a wonderful administrator and you have done some pretty amazing things with CT for ideas and some really awesome cool sets putting out what the people want most. it feels great that our past is what is the past. and the future shines brightly. I enjoy CT more than I ever did thanks to you and the others that are in charge now.


    Happy belated birthday  

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      Agree! CT is way better than it used to be, Thanks, Xavi! :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday. :D

    2. Xavianangel


      Thank you guys!!

    3. RubixCube


      you welcome xav . 

  7. RubixCube

    April 2018 Donation Contest!

    was so happy to wake up this morning to find out I had won on this rainy day. probe the best news I will have all day thank you
  8. RubixCube

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    Thank you Xavier for the contest. I love making morphs and contests like this one and winning sd prizes is why I sd so than you
  9. Lois Lane actress Margot Kidder died. she was   69 very sad from this because she was the original lois lane and i always loved the 70s Superman movies 

  10. sports betting now passed in the supream court . over 20 states want to make it legal so they can get in on the action . states realized thosands of people already were doing it on websites so now you will be able to do legal soon . today it passed 

  11. RubixCube

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    your not the only one lol
  12. RubixCube

    Dexters wish list

    bump updated my wish list after 4 years lol
  13. RubixCube

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    sounds good to me. i can't wait to receive the raffles and toons
  14. RubixCube

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    Nice and congrats to the other winners . It was a hard effort by everyone . Can't wait till next time
  15. RubixCube

    Cartoon Cartoon Weekdays

    i think CCW should branch out and expand on cartoons . add more cartoons that cartoon network used to also have on there. like the looney tunes, tom and jerry, the Jetsons, Scooby doo were are you, the Flintstones, Yogi Bear, the new scooby doo movies the tv show. , i also think we should start to find some CCW movies from some of the classic shows like dexters lab and others . Cartoon network made movies for those shows so maybe we could find those as well.
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