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  1. hey, whats up. i came by to ask you what you think of the new animal crossing update. I think the game keeps getting better you can now skip requests if you don't have the item or running out of time before they leave. plus you can now change the cloths of the animals. plus did you do any of the events over the past two months . they had an ice event I made all the items in that plus they had a bat event it was another rose event. right now they got a crystal event going on in the game.

    1. Coolguy


      I haven't played it in almost a month now XD, but the updates seem cool

    2. RubixCube


      plus I forgot to mention they added balloons like the in other animal crossing games where you could get money but in this one so far it gives you items like fish and supplies things of that nature. there is yellow like gold ones and red ones.   plus they added new animals as well. 


      plus the last event they had a winter one were you built winter things and one of them was the snow park it was cool it was for snowboarding and if you made it. it upgraded to a  second level like the skate boarding one. 

  2. my point surfer told me this morning i only recived 9900 or 9800 today . did it go down or something from 10k

    1. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      It means people have visited your cWorld today and you already gained some points from that 

    2. RubixCube


      thank you, champ for clearing that up. i didn't know you gain points from people visiting your world as well. 

    3. Justme


      I wondered about this, too.  Thanks.

  3. the slam dunk contest was so lack luster last night . i mean it was bad pretty much . the best dunk came from a guy who lost . the rest were really making mistakes and garbage . nothing really wow me besides the double tap .nance that dunk was good 

  4. I am glad I could help you fulfill your morph request. any time if you need some more done just ask

  5. I am so happy right now. i. got overachievers. I have played this game for years off and on. I have done a lot in this game good and bad and I have put many hours into the game to help members and for myself to accomplish many goals. I thought I would never get overachievers from the bad I did . but this morning a person I have known for years champ or ABC123 or mouse over the years he has gone different names. i want to say thank you to him. I purchased it from him for 3 million points . straight points . my goal of getting one is accomplished.

  6. Treasure Hunt - Disney Saturday

    hangsman tree 5 canibal coves 4
  7. rubixcube sales

    17i am selling some hrs 1.Fright Knight 2.Heroic Despereaux 3.Hydranoid 4.James boo aa7 5.Jima 6.Jimmy's rocket 7.King Ratigan 8.Leaping speed x2 9.Barrys car x2 10.Loo-kee 11.Moebius 12.Muegine 13.Muscular Beaver 14.Nanny 15.Nightshift x2 16.overcat 17.Pecky Pudgeon 18. Puma loco 19 Rapper Wooldoor 20.sitting baby bright 21 Sowsquatch 22.Team mightmax 23. Theodoros 24.Tigar Tamer x2 25.Wade load 26 Dj lance sticker 27.Armageddemon all these holy rares are for sale in game name is rubixcube if you have any messages
  8. even though my Patriots lost. I know we will be back again in the playoffs.  tom Brady had a great game in the super bowl over 500 yards and 3 Tds . with the draft to come and whats we do in the off season, we will see what happens . i do know Julian Edelman will be back from injury and with Gronk , Hogan , cooks, and with brady, i think the pats will be back in the playoffs. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RubixCube


      I don't think so.  Brady still played a really great game besides that play. the Pats offensive line allowed the sack that really was the big play of the whole game. let's face it more than likely if Brady didnt get sacked and lose the ball there is more than likely chance Brady would have driven down the field and scored while taking his time and running down the clock. we would be looking at a totally different super bowl winner.  Brady was tearing them apart really besides that one play . there was only one sack in the whole game . 


      nothing can be done now but wait till next year . 

    3. itsthebodimafia


      Pats didn't lose because of Brady, Pats lost because of the defense. Brady had a perfect game, but the D let him down

    4. RubixCube


      butler didn't play because of bill he sent a message to him. we were missing him from our D. bill is bill so everyone knows he does that to send a message to his players. bill number one rule no one player is bigger than the team . anyone from New England knows that. it did hurt us. we weren't able to cover the pass really without him.  


       i agree with you itsthebodimafia anyone who says Brady had a bad game is a fair weather fan . brady broke his own record of most yards in the super bowl . and got 3TDs. 

      glad you got to see your eagles win even if it was on my teams expense . some of those photos were wild of the fans in the streets reminded me a lot of what Boston looked like when the 2004 red sox won it all.



  9. Superbowl: Guess The Score

    i feel the pats will win 31 to 27 and the half time score will be 14 to 7 patriots
  10. Site Suggestion Dump

    I like this idea very much. I always thought for years in this game we should have something like this. when I played cartoon orbit over a decade ago while being on msn forms pages we had things like this all the time. putting up points to enter for a chance to win toons. a paid raffle. when I joined CT on forms I thought we would have that eventual. it's a great idea
  11. its the SUPER BOWL Today cant wait to see the game and commericals and the half time show . 


    GO pats 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RubixCube


      sounds like a great time.hope you have a good time Paul and enjoy yourself

    3. Paul


      We had a great time! Pizza and wings all around. Good food, good people, and my home team won so wow haha

    4. RubixCube


      i am happy for you paul . and glad you enjoyed the food and friends.  I had a good time myself even though my pats lost i still thought it was an ok game.

  12. tuesday I went and saw the maze runner death cure. such a great movie all the way from start to finish. even though I waited over a year to see it. I wasn't sure if it was gonna be lackluster. but i am glad i was wrong the movie was very good and the wait was worth it . 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Coolguy


      Oh shoot, I'm behind XD. That's good to know

    3. narengoku


      That's great, I liked the first one but the second one, not so much.

      Hearing good reviews on the third one.

      Have to watch it!

    4. RubixCube


      i agree that's how it been lately for franchise . 


      3 movies come out and first is very good and the second not so much and third is great. 

  13. I cant wait few more days till the super bowl.

  14. I want to say we have known each other a long time.I remember when our paths first crossed paths over the SCooby doo AO you gave me something like 100k in points and bunch off other Toons for it back then you were abc123. from there a friendship was started through that. we helped each other with different things on CT. we had many different conversations that sometimes drew heated debates. I watch you start out as regular and make your way on to Database and finally make it even further than that . over the years we have had our differences and times we didn't talk at all but it's nice I got to know you. 


    Happy birthday champ

  15. anyone want to play any SD i am in the lobby right now 

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