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    i love movies ,games ,sports ,tv shows and reading . I love trying all different kinds of food. I love going out for walks and being outside.
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  1. happy late birthday man . i have always enjoyed talking movies with you and sports. you and me have always had that in common a wide range for the love of movies not just disney or super hero ones . you helped me over 3 years ago and i  have always been greatful for that . i hope your birthday was amazing and you have been seeing some great movies 

  2. I dont know how i feel about it all . I mean i dont think i want any ct position.  I feel  i have played sd for so many years off and on that i think i will  finsh up some things and just set myself to playing here and there. I really feel i dont need to play as hard. I achieved  sucess in what i wanted  and made a nice pokemon collection  .  I have always believed  in playing for what makes you happy i never  once went with the ct crowd  on anything i mean i have had countless  users over the years tell me off or telling me sd is worthless or i had no life.  It never  effected me in doing what i loved on ct . It shows i am a testiment on doing what  you love no matter what people say.  I just think i don't  need to play  as hard . And will log in to play every  now and then on my terms. I have always used  points,wins,and rankings to modivate me to reach high win counts and achive the pokemon numbers i have . I feel i dont need  to do that  anymore because  i have accomplished  what i set out to do.

  3. i posted some stuff on TB.
  4. if you read above . most people would tell you thats just joke offers and the other ones are people just not knowing what the things are worth . then again you dont care whats the point of this post .
  5. "i want to say thank you from 2018 to now . you welcome me in opening arms when i returned . yeah i am sure things were said about me but we made deal after deal . helping me getting things i need . i never needed to prove myself you just took it time after time . in this game we have completed so many deals and outside the game we have always talked about sports or just about life in general . you saw long ago that what i was after was so many pokemon rares and you helped me achive that . i want to say thank you buddy and happy belated birthday . 


    Image result for best friends quotes

    1. Josh123


      Thank you as well Cube! Happy to do business anytime and even happier to talk sports, especially the Pats with you friend. :) 

    2. RubixCube


      you welcome . your friendship is more then just about making deals but making deals is how we became friends. i think for me your friendship has always been about conversation and helping each other in this game . no matter how big or how small the task is . 


      yes the pats and also the NFL season is almost apon us . you gonna be making a fantasy . 

  6. also i feel you might get lower offers from new players because there new to the game . i have been playing this game off and on for years and i have seen plent of new players offering much lower than things are worth not because there trying to get it lower but for simply not knowing much about rarties or prices because there new . always take that into consideration . also i agree with sora above . also when it comes to donations shouldnt really bring that up . i mean tons of old vets used to donate huge chunks of money ones like chi and so many others . but it comes to apoint you get so rich in points and accumlating from arcade and selling toons that you dont need to make big donations as much anymore. its why we always need new players to come into the game and contiue to take up right were they left off .
  7. well chi and some of those others will always try to buy low and sell higher down the line . since thats really the name of the game . i mean its what the stock market is all about and really its how alot of the old timers view this game . i mean personal if you dont want to sell to them then you dont have too. and for chi hes always been a huge jerk this whole time playing this game . all the years hes been around . hes does that to either be funny like it being a joke offer for laughs or usully again hes like the others always gonna try to make a huge profit for when buying something from somone eles for lesser . again all of it comes down to how a lot of the older players play this game . its all about buying low and selling for much more down the road when say new players want them or when there is a market more for them . and another thing about this game is dont get all streesed out really from it just cancle the offer and move forward .
  8. i hope others do apply . it all should be a team effort to really get things going again .
  9. When should we expect to hear anything.
  10. Happy birthday boss.  I hope you have an amazing  with family and great friends. Its been a long time. Remember  the days of your cartoon archive  to the days of cartoon orbit.  Your fourms pages.  I remember you helping me out over 10 years  ago when that player stole  my bubbles buddies blue back from on orbit you and you used your  power to get it back . I have had many great conversations  with you over the years.  i remember  you telling me about your plans after orbit was closing. So many years ago.  I love ct and and the stuff that has come  out over the years  of playing  i want to thank you . Have a great birthday  and be safe.

  11. @Fierce Deity yes i feel you will do great things but people shouldn't just relie on your marketing skills . its a group effort like toon said many times in the past one person cant just donate to the site to keep it going it has to be a group effort . i belive same goes for getting the word out is gonna take alot of hard work and effort by more than one person . i hoping with you as hench mod you will get alot of good work done .
  12. Happy bithday terrie. I always liked talking too you in chat about old classic movies  and boston sports. I hope you have a wonderful  birthday  with alot of people u care about. Enjoy yourself as much as possible today .

    1. Terrie


      Thank you

    2. RubixCube


      You welcome 

  13. i would like to have a chance at database or being a hench mod . i feel over the years of playing some bad and many good . i have proved i have dedication to the site and the passion for it every day . i feel my work in SD speaks for itself . it really shows the passion i have for doing something and the dedication to get anything done. to constantly do something every day for hours over the course of years . i also feel i could of walked away 3 years ago and never came back but i chose to come back and rebuild my reputation and make something completely different of myself . i think that alone speaks volumes of the kind of person i really am . i think i have proven i am good kind person . i can be very much trusted and i do follow the rules. i also feel my passion for this place allows me to get anything done . i feel if i can do 3,500 wins in smack down . i feel i can put some of that hard work into also helping the site that i have come to love for years now . i choose to play this game after doing 6 complete years at cartoon orbit . i am proble one of the last few players still left in CT to have done that . and to have played CT off and on since 2009. i feel that speaks to my testiment for the love of this site .i think have prove myself . i dont need to speak of the donations and other stuff because i feel none of that matters. my dedication , my passion and the love for this site . should be able to give me a shot .
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