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    My names Cody, found CT after reminiscing over Orbit, the nostalgia is alive and well
    -Music: Shwayze, The Gaslight Anthem, The Beatles, Nirvana, Blink-182, The Killers.
    Big sports fan, especially soccer, & love a good book
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  1. Fantasy Football

    Awesome draft all, season starts tomorrow set your lineups!
  2. Fantasy Football

    Full draft only takes about an hour, maybe hour 15, and anytime Tuesday is fine with me
  3. Fantasy Football

    Ya standard straight up points scoring, not PPR or anything like that, a few people will be auto-drafting but since the season starts Thursday, we are going to have to make the draft Sometime before then, no wagers or anything just fun at the moment @Sora And @FredTheFish is the Commish, can message him to join.
  4. Fantasy Football

    @woodstock24 @Sora either of y'all interested?
  5. Fantasy Football

    Word so just @Moana of Motunui log into ESPN and accept your invite, or let us know @Moana of Motunui
  6. Fantasy Football

    Yeah best we can do, looks like just @Shawn and whoever "Gurley Men" is are the only 2 yet to join. For some reason I'm thinking Gurley men is Koga, and Idk if Koga is wanting to play, do you know @Joshfarias16?
  7. Fantasy Football

    Hmm if we can't get people to answer soon, we should just take the first 8-10 that are up for it, we have a week from this Thursday I think so about 9-10 more days to draft before season starts
  8. Fantasy Football

    Flipadelphia is me One of them is @woodstock24
  9. Fantasy Football

    @Volcom Were you in the FF league last year?
  10. Fantasy Football

    I don't think Volcom was in it last year, on page 1 of this forum we list the 8 who did it last year. I don't remember Koga's team but he was in it
  11. Fantasy Football

    I think we've heard Mike & Koga are out? right @Joshfarias16, but Mason and Ike are in. And I'm in. If the other (2?) don't answer soon we'll just have to replace their spots
  12. Happy Birthday man!

  13. Fantasy Football

    Our ESPN league from last year can be reactivated and we can use that if that's good with everyone? It says Andrew is the League commish, so he would have to reactivate it (Think that's TitanicForce). If not one us can make a new one, anybody want to be commish? @Volcom @Mitch O'Neil @Patriot81JTL @FredTheFish @Joshfarias16 @Prebs @Moana of Motunui @baywatch7 @dragonwolf @Shawn @Timewarp (IF I MISSED TAGGING ANYONE U KNOW THAT WANTS TO PLAY TAG THEM TOO )
  14. #NeyGone #AwayMar 

  15. Fantasy Football

    IF there's still room for more, count me in again
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