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  1. Top 5 random songs of the month....aww yea its back

    1. Bruno Mars- That's what I like

    2. MURS- Lemon Juice

    3. Bowling for Soup- Summer of 69'

    4. KYLE- iSpy

    5.Kendrick Lamar- Humble

    Honorable mentions

    6. Iron Maiden- Hallowed be thy name

    7. CKY- Flesh into gear

    8. Sublime- Smoke two joints

    1. smileygirl


      I like Bruno Mars, but I like Grenade, Just The Way You are, and Talking To The Moon. 

    2. smileygirl


      But you can like whatever you want! :3 

    3. IGPXCHAMP66


      Lol, those are good too.

  2. Main character without mask Masks Partial turd sketch of main character
  3. Title ideas....Dirge of the Villain, No Riposte, No way back.
  4. Alright still at work and bored when I remembered that I may have drawn some concepts for the masks I was using in this show. Ill get the to you guys after when i head home for my heaphones not that anyone cares but right now im bored so shutup. Also they are like 4 years old so lay off.
  5. 1. I had no clue those showed up on there 2. WTH YOU JUST GAVE AWAY MY LOW BID
  6. OK really, i have no offers up and havent offered points in a week. On top of that....the hell kind of offer is this
  7. Anyone ever buy stuff off crunchyroll? Wanna try to get one or two things and want to know if its worth it.

    1. sciencefriction


      I have several times, they're a great store. Good customer service, good deals, and if you're lucky sometimes you find something there that's sold out at other places. 

  8. The Game
  9. Anyone ever want to break someones back over their knee like el asso wipo from Madtv


    1. Xavianangel


      Yup. All the time.

    2. captainjack


      At least once every 30 minutes, just to be fair if we're counting.

  10. and samurai jack is over....last season rushed and it turned out bad.... another legend destroyed

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Fierce Deity

      Fierce Deity

      Without spoiling it how was it? I have extreme catching up to do as I'm on episode 3 now but I wanted to finish it. Loved the original Samurai Jack.

    3. captainjack


      IMO, not awful. The final season brought back a lot of the original characters from previous seasons and ultimately provide a finale that does end the series. The guy that replaced Mako after his passing as Aku doesn't do quite as good a job, but he's not awful. At least it's not as bad as when Wallace Shawn replaced Lionel Wilson as Eustace Bagg.

    4. IGPXCHAMP66


      I did get a little mad i guess. I meant the finale itself....as a whole did think it was ok. It went a little over with some things but with the actual stabbing and killing I guess it made up for it.

  11. ^is part of an alien race where they eventually all grow into wool knit scarfs.
  12. Great day! learned how to dance, met my CT mentor, met some great people.....and learned that at a hispanic dance club that even a drunk women has better dancing stanima than me.

    1. Xavianangel


      Hispanic women (minus me) can always dance. Even when drunk. You did great xD

    2. IGPXCHAMP66


      Nah you went up and did yo thang

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