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  1. Freakn alll JACKED UP. Just got back from some hardcore laser tag. Real life COD stuff. After having a broken gun for 5 mission they gave me a new one. Only 5 missions left and still get put in the top 5 out of 30 for kills. Freakn uhhhh whoopn bootys punk.

  2. great ctf code today homies...and YES. I preordered the remake already

  3. And they finally add ReBoot to VRV. Life is now good.

  4. Great fight. THE EAGLE TAKES WHAT HE WANTS!!!

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    2. RubixCube


      i am sure it will all get sorted out. i mean both guys have done crazy stuff, in the end, it's all to promote the fight in some crazy way or another. and when the rematch happens more people will probably tune in more than the first fight so in the end the UFC benefits  

    3. IGPXCHAMP66


      Yea. Idk about a rematch tho. Khabib said he would retire after this match. Plus since he choked him and dominated him, if he does stay im sure it wont be with a man he hates lol. Id say ferguson fights him first

    4. RubixCube


      yes but also if there is anything we all know is UFC will def want to make money from this.  even though right now its bad news for them. months from now things will change and they will def try maybe to put these two back in the ring to make some huge money.  even though he was dominated doesn't mean he couldn't come back stronger the next time . i mean everyone knows and could see i heard from people who watched it saw that Conor was gassing early like he was not even ready for it. i feel UFC would try to get these two back in the ring again for a big money and rating draw .  i mean cmon so many people would probably love to see thse two fight again to see what would happen next 


      i mean right now in boxing there might be a Mayweather and manny round 2 in boxing, in the end, its all about the money its what it comes down too .  i mean that fight was not really exciting at all because it was supposed to happen years ago .

  5. and with no time at all due to work I somehow still managed to finish 100% game completion in Spiderman....

  6. When you get that Shisui Susano in the monthly premium :wakko::pinky::barkley::linus:

    1. Xavianangel


      One of my fav pos ever


    Support Nook

    Woowooo. Im ready

    Support Nook

    I have 50 remaining suppoints but it wont let me get the fusion dance toon. I click on it and it just reloads the page basically.
  9. Someone please getting me that jla leaping batman lol. Ill make it worth the help....ppp pwease

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    2. Josh123


      @Tooner58 i'll buy yoursss

    3. IGPXCHAMP66


      lmao my status set up a secondary trade...balln

    4. Josh123



  10. Im bored and need some excitement jeez. Someone stab me or hit me in the head with a bat so i can wake up!!:yakko:



    Early Cworld contest

    Congrats to the winners. You all did good even some multi winning winners lol. No joke tho, and im not kidding about this, Terrie I would have literally placed you first in the Halloween if it was just that creepy flasher toon with the weapons in yours with other toons just excentuating his creepiness. Idc how scared or creeped u get on Halloween but the thought of somebody with junk in there jacket just to flash and show it off to people is a just so damn messed up and scary.

    Early Cworld contest

    Hey no problem. I figured it was something like that. Nice cworld. lol yea I stopped and was like.....is she pullig a fast one on me here and going for two placements.

    Early Cworld contest

    Alright, so im awake anyway for some dumb reason so Its time to reveal the results..... Early Halloween 1st Moxie 2nd Zip 3rd Last sith Superhero-ish 1st Zip 2nd Moxie 3rd Tooner Ill pass out prizes after I pass out and wake up actually. Good contest everyone. Lol Deep you made me giggle a bit cuz you combined the two. I was so certain I was placed you but Tooners organization won that last spot for me. Mox your halloween entry had me laughn a bit too lol. That school dance theme worked tho so congrats. Fred I apologize, I thought was very good and possible for a run at a place but you did not sign up brother.
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