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  2. Happy birthday!

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      Thank you ☺️ 


    Back In The Day on CT

    Back when i started maybe 2011 I remember playing only three arcade games to try and get points
  4. Happy Birthday!

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      Thank you 

  5. Happy birthday !!!!

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      Thanks homegirl


    How Many Holy Rares do you Have?

    Ehhh I have 93 lol


    Ok im gonna drag on this one so hang with me cuz I think this games survival and succes goes hand and hand with the issue of points, p2w, and toons just dropping in interest. Agreed with Sora on the game prices just moving the way supply and demand warrents. We have players but not a lot like raven just doin what he can for leaping batman. There are a lot if toons in game and thats a good thing. The more peoples intrest change so will there want for a particular toon. More toons mean focus on multiple toons will increase thus allowing prices to fall. Its good that the toons are becoming more reasonably priced with only a few becoming untouchable. No toon should ever become worthless if it was once hordes but at the same time price can drop significantly from demand. Now at times it can be a little too much but little things can changes prices. Hell make and event too that for certain times in the game we recycle old toons and they are the focus in the actual game shop not the mall. Let old Cos be the ctf, hell recycle old Aos too.cant blame prices on numbers dropping its just what players like. Lol we all happen to like similar things tho so im not gonna say that there are not toons that can be sold for a ridiculously low amount. I do agree though that livening up the game will be worth it. Competition is really was drives all things and more auction toons that or harder to get toons is definitely needed. Heck add more limited number toons, like 10-15 per toon with certain auctions and then other with more like 25-35. Toons that are not untouchable but needed to be worked for. Although this p2w element is a negative it is the nature of games when players get to a point of stop playn and grab. Regardless of what anyone says instant gratification does fulfill an interest need for people and lazy or casual players who love the game but can be bored look for easy ways. This does bring up a new need for the game tho. An update is the only way to stop a player from looking for that instant gratification. Im gonna be honest here, even before I had less time to play I was just so bored of the games that I couldnt play as often as I wanted. Competition is what brings players back. Make the game so players have interest in little things or goals that can bring up points. Dont start things off where they are unreachable due to the p2w stuff but make them have to work for it without repetative gameplay. Now an update could do this. More players drive competition and so does newer non repetitive gameplay 1. A fresher look. The style of this game needs to be changed. We have had the same one for years. Complete change will bring this game into more limelight. Design is outdated. Give it some crazy flashy look. Change how shop design can look. Change the menu bar and its location, the login screen. Allow players a highlight toons section to show off their expensive toons they are selling. Throw a gif or toon into the flash. 2. Change the games. We may not be able to put an mmo game in this to build points, even tho a mini one would sssssick lol, but add some crazy sick games that we are able. A M.U.G.E.N with characters styled after toons, a way cooler system to battle our toons. Sites goals or achievements that give points like collect a certain number of dbz toons or get 200 wins in smackdown. We need complex, fun and achievable ways for players to want to work for points. Like I said earlier sorry for dragging but to me the balance of this game isnt going to be fixed completely by just adding more auctions. P2w is going to happen and that will slow things down and at the same time we are not a wildly popular game to the point where we can get away with it. The balance of this game will only change when the game changes completely or we magically grow. I like this game enough where i stay around and help my homies but even I think it needs a bug change. Bottom line balance cant be achieved my the minor fixes....love yall.
  8. My Top 5 Songs of December

    1. Y.G.M. F. U - Bubba sparxxx

    2. Codeine Dreaming- Kodak Black

    3. Are you having any fun- Hoodie Allen

    4. Sucker for pain- logic, ambassadors, lil wayne, wiz khalifa

    5. Brand New Hunnids- Tech n9ne

  9. That moment when you cant finish your street sharks set and then boom, both toons your missing show up in the same refresh.:D

  10. Top 5 pump up songs for November

    1. Ecstasy of Gold

    2. Jukebox Hero

    3. Kashmir

    4. Blood Brothers

    5. Wanted Dead or Alive 


    Guess ALL 5 artists first and you get a prize....

    1. Coolguy


      1. Pablo Picasso

      2. Vincent van Gogh

      3. Salvador Dali

      4. Claude Monet

      5. Leonardo da Vinci

    2. IGPXCHAMP66
  11. Anyone wanna do me a big big big favor and sell me the 5th code for october. Pweeease!!!!!


  12. Anyone wanna do me a big big big favor and sell me the 5th code for october. Pweeeease

  13. Whoever chose the toons for the new halloween boxes awesome stuff!!!

  14. Alright, need to make a Halloween Contest like I do each year. Lol because my spookiest cworld idea is now collectoons idea i need to go all out balln for this one!!!!

  15. Been gone a while. Sorry homies been busy getting my building ready and football. All good tho, time to get back into it. Building is looking good and my team is 5-0. Too jacked not to play Collectoons!!!!

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