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  1. Im in the process of opening a gym and stuff so I just dont have a lot of time. Ill be back on fo shizzle.
  2. Hey homie up for another project. I hate to ask again but you did so well.
  3. 1000 POSTS!!!!!! 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. IGPXCHAMP66


      Lol boooo rain on my parade.

    3. Xavianangel


      XD I think yours is more important. I have to post a ton. You don't xD

    4. smileygirl


      CONGRATS!!!!!! :D 

  4. I still have not seen it
  5. ^guessed the new and actual plot of the revamped Samurai Jack series.
  6. Good stuff
  7. That is a bland mermaid. So how is cool guy doing and why are there hidden messages in my cheerios?
  8. 3 more posts till I hit 1000. Everyone help me out. lol 6 years later and I finally hit the mark.

  9. Im continually working on this but trying to just collect full body pics right now. And yes i know ones a gif and some are wallpapers but bow they are, atleast they are workable.
  10. Time to complete the set homies .... more to come
  11. Buying all new Code Lyoko toons

    1. gianki


      posted the HR on the auctions if interested

    2. IGPXCHAMP66


      Ill take a look thanks 

  12. They are all great. That second to last one would be the one though. Dude freakn crazy awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. You are awesome. Anything you want is yours bra. Points, toons, money? Lmao its yours how can I repay.
  13. Its awesome only suggestion is I need that silhouette beefed up a bit or scary freaky jacked if your take is without the silhouette. Training at a commercial gym is different than what im doin bra. The arena athletics part is awesome though. Absolutely what I was looking for. for the figure i was thinkn this Im sorry homie for the random negative feedback. The silhouette just needs to portay a different atmosphere.
  14. Just got ESO for xbox, anyone want to play and join my guild hop in. No wait for jumping in. My cool beta status on the forums of eso should make attract a few more mems but i do need help.
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