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  1. My in-game name is DarkStar. I see someone else tried offering on the trade lot. lol As for the deal, 185k is a bit higher than I expected for both of them. I don't quite have the points at this time. Can you leave the deal up and I'll offer when I get that many points?
  2. Trying to complete my set! These are the last two I still need! Megaman NT Warrior: Skating Lan = 15k Zero.exe = 85k Total: 100k
  3. DarkStar - Thanks! Have a safe 4th everybody!
  4. London Town - Boss Battle

    Sorry guys, I did one more damage (7) than I should have done earlier (6). So instead of 600, we are actually at 601. 601 - 6 = 595
  5. London Town - Boss Battle

    639-7 = 632
  6. Hurt/Heal Raffle

    DarkStar #37. Thanks!
  7. Hurt/Heal Holy Rares 2016 Edition

    Hurt Bunny Love Heal Dialga
  8. CT Grand Adventure

    London Town 729-6=723
  9. CT Grand Adventure

    Kermit most definitely looks the best green. Whereas some posers need to put on fancy clothes to make themselves green, Kermit's green is within. There is nothing more beautiful than the beauty within, so therefore Kermit has easily gotten anyone else beat. Well...maybe except for a Politoed. He's a green frog too!
  10. CT Grand Adventure

    How are we going to distract the weasels from Roger? Well...how about some monkeys cause... All around the mulberry bush, The monkey chased the weasel. The monkey thought ’twas all in good fun, Pop! goes the weasel. Well...hopefully the weasels don't go pop, but monkeys seem like a good plan!
  11. CT Grand Adventure

  12. latest?cb=20130613034738


    Beware the carrot monster!

  13. Megaman NT Warrior: Bass.exe = 25k Battle-Ready MegaMan.Exe = 30k Junk Soul MegaMan.exe = 25k PharoahMan.exe = 20k Leaping Roll.exe = 20k Total: 120k
  14. CT Grand Adventure

    I found Tibbers!
  15. CT Grand Adventure

    Username: DarkStar I would like to go to London Town please!
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