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  1. I choose pizza. Dark
  2. My IGN is DarkStar. Thanks!
  3. @theflash999d Sorry, am having a bit trouble quoting your last large message so this is the best I could do. I am a bit short on points as of right now so I'll take everything except Darkrai for 180k?
  4. Pokemon Ash Ketchum - 25k Celebi - 25k Darkrai - 50k Mankey - 25k Swimsuit Misty - 15k Total: 140k Thanks very much! Trying to catch 'em all!
  5. Well this is my third and final attempt to try to win something. Other two failed. lol Set 14, Box 1?
  6. Set 29, Box 1 please?
  7. Set 5, Box 1? Thanks very much!
  8. DarkStar. Thanks for the chance!
  9. But then shockingly, they ran into an electric, yellow mouse!
  10. Credit goes to @baywatch7. In 2016 Halloween Advent Calendar:
  11. My contribution: a Naughty Snowball from Secret Life of Pets!
  12. A evil, Naughty Snowball from one Dark to another!



  13. I'll join Team Naughty.
  14. Signing in DarkStar!
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