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  1. Hey everybody since it's the weekend everybody's favorite time I posted a ton of HRs in the auction zone all starting at shop price, so make sure you save some points so you can win some cool stuff. All Auctions will end around 7 Pm Est Saturday night. have fun and gl bidding everyone!
  2. Posted a TON of HRs in the Auction zone for 24 hours they will all be ending around 7 pm Est Saturday night. So keep a eye out and gl bidding everyone! :thumbu:

  3. I'm going to be auctioning a lot of toons in a effort to get more people at the auction zone. I started with some Co's, Po's, and even some really rare and old toons from 2008. They will all end around 7 pm est 4/20/17 all starting at shop price. I am going to keep posting more and different toons in auction all the time, keep and eye out this weekend I will post a lot of Hr's, Gl bidding everyone
  4. Happy early birthday, I'll throw some up to as well.
  5. Posting some more toons and not all are HRs. Keep your eye out and good luck bidding Android willy - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/178315 Baby plucky - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/178316 Goku's first kamehameha - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/178317 Snowboarding maka - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/178318 Love for apples - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/178319 Legends - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/178320
  6. Flawless victory - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/177404 Suicune - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/177405 Slurping slimer - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/177406 Karate scooby - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/177406 Rockstar haruhi - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/177408
  7. I am auctioning off my whole collection. Everything will have a starting price of 1 and ill be doing them at different times so keep a look out you might get something you like. Some ones you might like. Elemental master avatar aang - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/172062 Al's sacrafice - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/172063 Scary monkey - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/172064 Cornucopia - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/172065 Galloping blue knight - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/172066
  8. I'm going to be auctioning my WHOLE!!!! collection away, all different kind of different toons so gl and have fun everyone, there will be enough auctions for everyone to win something! i'll post links here to find them easier Al's sacrifice - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/157851 No strings on me - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/157852 Elemental avatar aang - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/157853 Karate scooby - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/157854 Jima - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/157855
  9. Hello everyone, I am going to be auctioning off a lot of my old and rare toons, some include Dbz,PPG,Old looney toons, hr's and a bunch more! Stay tuned to the auction zone. The first 5 are going to be 5 Dbz toons. starting bids of 5k. and for 24 hrs. Gl everyone and happy bidding Vinegar - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155059 Mustard - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155060 Sitting vegeta - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155061 Goku - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155062 Master roshi - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155063 Here are some more, PPG this time! Bam! - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155171 Boomer - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155172 Brick - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155173 Butch - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155174 Hotline phone - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155175 5 more coming at you! This time they are Arena onlys Gyarados - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155189 Weepinbell - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155190 Ivysaur - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155195 Kadabra - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155201 Posing katana - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/155202
  10. Hi everyone, Be checking out the auction zone cause I am going to start auctioning a lot of toons including a lot of rare ones for starting bid of 1 so make sure you don't miss out I am going to start with 5 for 1 hour. gl everyone. Attacking freiza - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/152509 Marsupilami - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/152510 Nanny - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/152511 Max winters - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/152512 Put em up pikachu - http://www.collectoons.com/auctions/view-auction/152513
  11. Some of my toons are hidden, if someone could unhide them for me would appreciate it
  12. Before i had candidates including chicken, Tsunami and other hr's. now i logged on and everything good is gone. Why?
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