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  1. Very close to having discord up for you guys!

    1. Xavianangel


      Yeah we will release the rules and stuff soon. Itll be through invite by mods. 

    2. dragonwolf


      I used voice chat all the time.

    3. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      I always use voice chat when im on Discord

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  2. okay guys, biggest auction i've put up in like ever....sooooo.....

    who's gonna get the laughing gogeta lol?

    1. RubixCube


      yeah i saw it closed at over 9million


  3. already posted some sweet toons in auction from ctc jr....

    @RubixCube that shiny arceus is calling your name!

    1. RubixCube


      thank you for posting that. sounds like a plan 

    2. RubixCube


      i want to say thanks again picked up both Entei and shiny arceus . cost me nearly 10million 

  4. I decided i'll be doing random auction buys this week. Pretty much, there's a chance i'll bid up random people's auctions to way more than a toon is worth that way that person gets a bunch of extra points. Sooooo go ahead and start posting auctions!!! Maybe you'll be lucky and i'll randomly offer 100k on a common, 200k on a CR, 500k on a HR. You never know!!


    Also, take this as a shot at looking more at auctions, since more and more people will be posting toons!!


    P.s. if you post a common for 100k, not gonna bid on it :P dont try to be a jerk about it :P this is meant to be random through random.org


  5. Happy Birthday!!

    1. PhotonCyberStar


      Thanks, Xavi! :)

  6. I played orbit too. It's what made me come here. Loved the game. Wish I had pics lol.
  7. Happy Birthday!!

    1. moxie


      Thank you Xavi! :) 

  8. First update in months of my shop. Was bored sooo.... have at it.


  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Happy birthday!!!

  11. added some points and toons to your account!! welcome back
  12. First of all, ty for doing this and yes real life always comes first, so no need to apologize for the delay. I mean I know how to use discord. Idk how to mod it. I'm sure I'd learn. I'd need more mods to learn too, though. All mods really. I could also try to get a discord team of players to watch over it when mods arent around. Could also Make stricter rules since everything people would type would stay saved on the chat for all to see. It's an easy platform and frankly I hate the guest accounts on oasiz since we get many trolls. @Moana of Motunui I know you're leaving the game, but I know you do a lot of work with online communities. If you're interested in JUST discord, let me know. Idk I'll poke around the discord room tomorrow, oasis, and I'll try it out.
  13. We take time with the game and forums. We can handle that and the players. Weve had leas staff with more players in the past. The issue is a chat that will need constant monitoring and special permissions. Idk I thought about this all day and maybe we need like special discord people so that if mods are away, rules are still followed. I mean it saves everything anyway and we could do a bot. Idk morei think about it, let's see when oasis logs back in and we can go from there. I'm not opposed, just skeptical and overly worried over rule following,z permissions, and troublemakers.
  14. oasis was working on it, but he has been constantly busy, so there has not been much progress. I did write up rules for it and everything, but it's been a dead topic till he has more time. as for any sort of chatroom, shark is right, we need it moderated and it would be a verification type of deal, since there are a lot of banned players who we do not want anywhere near anything ct related. atm shark is the only person who has been in the chatroom often. I'm way too busy, sora is too busy, and our one Gm just quit the game haha our hms have stuff to do too, but when it comes to moderating any sort of chatroom, we need it staffed with multiple people. shark doesnt seem interested, i dont have the time, and sora isnt a chat person on the regular, so it's a big IF atm about getting any sort of discord going, sadly. as of late, we've been busier, with our real jobs, so yes, it'll take a while to get a reply sometimes but we do reply haha we want to move on with better stuff, but the activity as of late has been lacking in game, in chat, and in forums. to undertake yet another platform, when we are currently so understaffed and have so few players left on ct is a lot for those of us left atm. and no, we cant just get more mods. you'd be surprised what power does to some players. it's why i am so selective of who i let in the team anymore.
  15. I didn't post them, but looks like one player has some pretty sweet toons in auction :O I'd say go check it out. They all start at 1 point!!

  16. @FredTheFish how did I know that it was you when I saw the crying face on Josh's post?
  17. welcome back. added some points and toons to your account!!
  18. Auctions, Auctions, Auctions ;)

    1. Paul


      Those auctions look pretty good.

    2. Xavianangel


      More still going up :P

  19. Tons of auctions up that'll end on saturday

  20. a wormhole in game for pokemon that you just hit a button on, instead of posting on forums
  21. Prize wheel. Like the time machine, but it gives new exclusives, points, and lots more older toons. With a big cost, like the time machine, and 10 tries. Unlike the lotto, you win something every time, be it points, tickets, or toons.
  22. Add in gtoons. Starsapphire has a gtoons game that many people have tried on here. Would be cool to add that in for nostalgia reasons.
  23. Updated shop layouts for the main 6.
  24. Be able to add music to our cworld the way we do to our shops
  25. Have a smackdown bot so we dont have to wait for someone.
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