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  1. ^tried to buy my witchcrafters plaque
  2. x 101. I payed 30k for my last 10 rogues and 20k for the ones before that. that's 500k on 20 rogues. i wonder how much i spent on the other 81. lol
  3. You're welcome. And btw, men like rogue for all the wrong reasons. lol. I like rogue because she has a very interesting story, cool powers, and a personality i can relate to.
  4. i was kidding about the 200. LG, I have an action rogue, a wendigo, and an attacking kenshin for you. just got some more toons for you. i'll post them all up on the trade board later
  5. wish granted, but now you skydived without a parachute i wish they made another season of xmen evolution
  6. that's not very nice, Raven. jk. my being a girl has nothing to do with spending crazy amounts. i only drove the price up cause i always had to outbid you and LG to get my rogues. btw, i think i'm going to try for 200. lol
  7. Congrats! I'm very happy for you.
  8. Looking to buy colossus Rogue. Welcome, XavianLegacy ( LOGOUT ) Points: 30,120,005
  9. So this didn't work for me, so here's the link: http://www.collectoons.com/mycworld/viewcworld/11637
  10. woops, my bad. http://www.collectoons.com/mycworld/viewcworld/11637
  11. http://www.collectoons.com/mycworld/?m=2
  12. i'll enter this. would we have to put a screen shot up here or would you just go visit our c-world?
  13. juggernaught for me username xavianangel oh, thanks by the way.
  14. For a Dare As I walked home from school, I noticed that the streets were bare and I regretted having stayed late at school. The streets were blanketed by a cold, eerie fog that chilled my spine. I sped up my pace and tried not to think of what might be hiding in the fog. Suddenly, the strong smell of sulfur filled my nose and I heard a horrifying screech from behind me. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around, slowly. I screamed at the sight of an old woman crawling towards me. At first, I thought that a car had hit her, but then I realized that not a single car had driven by. “Help me.” The woman said, pain evident in her voice. “Help me.” I slowly walked towards her, but as I got closer, I noticed that half of her body was cut off. She saw me looking at her waist, where guts and blood were oozing out slowly, and she grinned. “Like what you see?” He pained voice now sounded like nails on a chalkboard. I took a step back and ran in the other direction, but I tripped on something. As I lay on the ground, I looked at what I had just tripped on—it was the same woman with half a body. She began to laugh hysterically and clawed at my feet. I jumped to my feet and ran away from the woman again, but I bumped into someone. “S-sorry.” I mumbled. “No problem, girl.” It was the old woman, only this time, she had legs. What she didn’t have were eyes. “Ahh!” I took a step back. “What are you?!” “Don’t you recognize me?” Her voice began to deepen. “Don’t you remember me? I remember you!” I tried to place her face, but I couldn’t. I shook my head. My heart was pounding a mile a minute and I felt like it would burst at any moment. “You were the one!” Her voice was very dark and deep now, sounding more and more demonic with every word she said. “You were the one!” I took another step back and she took one forward. I thought about screaming for help, but there was no one else in the street, so it seemed futile. “You were the one!” She was suddenly right in front of me. She took me by the shoulder and brought her face close to mine. “You were the one!” She screamed. Her breath smelled like blood and decay. “You were the one!” I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. It was as if I had become completely paralyzed. “You were the one!” She bellowed. “You were the one!” I didn’t understand her. I had never met her before. “Oh, but we have met.” She said. I was too scared to be shocked that she heard my thoughts. “You were the one. You were the one.” The one that what? I asked in my mind. She began to laugh. “You were the one! You were the one! Getting you back! Getting you back!” She lifted her hand from my shoulder and traced her finger up to my cheek. “An eye for an eye.” She began to chant. “An eye for an eye. You took what was mine, I’ll take what is yours.” Her finger went up to my eye, but I couldn’t swat it off. She dug her finger into my right eye and though I couldn’t scream, I felt the pain completely. “An eye for an eye.” She said again. I couldn’t see through my right eye anymore and I realized that it was because my eye was not attached to my face anymore. The old woman was holding my eye. “You took what was mine, I’ll take what is yours.” She grinned, revealing blackened teeth. She was beginning to decompose. “An eye for an eye.” She repeated and moved her hand to my left eye. I felt the terrible pain of her digging into my eye and then I could no longer see anything. “You were the one.” She said. “You were the one.” She let me go and I could finally move and speak. I fell to my knees and screamed in agony from the pain of losing my eyes.“What did I do to you?!” I demanded. “What?!” I felt her hands cup my face. “You took my eyes. For a dare. You took my eyes. For a dare.” She slapped me. “You took my eyes. For a dare!” Her voice began to fade. “For a dare!” I heard her walking away, but her words still hung in the air. “For a dare.” “Oh, my God!” I heard someone yell. “Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance. This girl was just attacked. Her eyes are missing!” I fell back, but hardly felt my head hit the ground, because I finally understood what the old lady was talking about. Two years earlier, when I was fifteen, I was in a gang and I was ordered to attack a homeless woman who was sleeping in an alley. I only wanted to scare her, so I held a knife to her throat and she had a heart attack. The gang leader dared me to take her eyes, so I did. I dug my knife into her eyes and took them. I took her eyes. For a dare.
  15. Rogue flies out of the X-jet and brings Hope Summers, with her. Together they fight Apocalypse and his four horsemen. While Rogue takes down the four horsemen, Hope attacks Apocalypse by using her mimicing powers and kills him by using his own powers against him.
  16. Hey, make sure no one plagiarizes their story.
  17. Cool. Good thing I'm an English Major. lol. I'll post my story soon.
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