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  1. Xavianangel

    November 2018 Releases

    What are you guys excited for?
  2. Xavianangel

    Site Suggestion Dump

    But we do offer more. These plaques you get fir donating 5 or 10 I added in for those that always donate. The monthly contests I added in so the bigger donators got stuff. The suppoints we did so you get more for donating every month since premium can be endless. But people always want more and more and more. We just added suppoints and already people want something more. It's not like we can continue to add more to premium. Not unless we wanna break the game and make it even more impossible for non-donators to catch up.
  3. Xavianangel

    Site Suggestion Dump

    I think the point the other dudes are making is that no one donates to help the site. just for perks. Few do. But not all. Think back to a few years ago with the old mod team. Donations were so low that getting to 100% only ever happened when you did a ooak contest. Donation contests were rare and few, only ever done during the holidays and ct rarely ever broke 50%. There were also times when big donators also would DEMAND stuff to donate big again. People are greedy. Cannot escape that. Radix malorum est Cupiditas--Greed is the root of all evil.
  4. Xavianangel

    Arcade Scores

    Okay so we have a lot of games that used to be able to submit before, however, while the games work, the submit button does not. But do not fret, you can take screenshots of every game and post them here to submit for those old trophies. Even if you've already gotten the trophy for that game, I will give one to anyone that submits a trophy score. However you will only get one of each trophy. The top 10 players' scores will get point and ticket prizes at the end of the month. Even though we are starting in September, the trophies, points, and tickets will not be handed out until the week of October 31st once I have time to pass them out. Scores must be submitted no later than October 26th at 11:59pm. Topic will lock by then. Prizes for Each Game are: 1st place: 500k and 10k tickets 2nd place: 450k and 9k tickets 3rd place: 400k and 8k tickets 4th place: 350k and 7k tickets 5th place: 300k and 6k tickets 6th place: 250k and 5k tickets 7th place: 200k and 4k tickets 8th place: 150k and 3k tickets 9th place: 100k and 2k tickets 10th place: 50k and 1k tickets This means you get a shot at winning up to 10.5 mil points if you get the highest score in each game!! We've never done a contest like this before!! Rules are simple: 1. Take a screenshot of the score (must include the date at the corner of the screen to prove that it's not an old screenshot). 2. You will only get one copy of each trophy. So once you submit, you will only be submitting future screenshots for high scores. 3. Please only submit your highest score for the month, to avoid crowding the topic too much. 4. Please keep editing your same post for the month. An example will be provided in the second post of how you will be submitting your scores. This month, you will make a new post with your scores. Please put all screenshots in spoilers. If you don't know how to make spoilers, please ask, so we can show you how. Games are: Bird Defenders Bloons Bomb Diver Bubble Shooter Maja Cookies: A Walk in the Wood Countdown Darts Diner Chef 3 Dragon Crystal Pinball Draw Poker Slots Elevator Blitz Galactic Gems 2 Magic Rings Moose Jump Necrorun Octopus! Let's Fly Pixle Spider+ Squacorn The Village Revisited Wordstacks If this goes well, I might do it every single month, but we shall see. Also please let me know if any of the games do not work for screenshots and I'll take it off the list.
  5. Happy birthday, buddy!!! Hope it's a great one 

    1. moxie


      Happy Birthday @thelastsith... I hope you have an amazing day today! :bday1:

    2. thelastsith


      Thank you both, it was a great and amazing one indeed! :)

  6. Xavianangel

    Site Suggestion Dump

    Sadly people lowball everything lately. If they say "it's just 5 dollars" then tell them "okay then you can donate for it. Have a nice day." People who try to take advantage of donators arent nice. If you dont sell to them then they won't get the toon right? So dont sell unless they pay well. Maybe even make a post to suggest suppoint prices. I agree theres very little allure to donating outside double points so toons suggestion to do changes to suppoints in January will help.
  7. Xavianangel

    Site Suggestion Dump

    @The Grand Poobah It's up to toon. The reason suppoints arent double on double points is toon chose it that way, so any changes are up to him.
  8. Xavianangel

    Goblin Slayer

    Love the show. anyone else? idk about making a set just yet though, since it's super dark
  9. Xavianangel

    Site Suggestion Dump

    oh we are gonna add more, we just cant add too much or it ruins the economy xD
  10. Xavianangel

    Arcade Scores

    Overall Winners and total winnings and trophies owed (Decided everyone who submitted a score gets all the trophies since you guys actually submitted scores in this mega easy contest....and i forgot about it for a month lmao): added all the trophies and points and tickets to everyone Okay so winners will be announced per game so yup. Bird Defenders--trophy score 28700 Bloons--trophy score 3000 Bomb Diver--trophy score 1,800,000 Bubble Shooter Maja-- Cookies: A Walk in the Wood---trophy score 40000 Countdown Darts Diner Chef 3--trophy score 1500 Dragon Crystal Pinball---trophy score 8000 Draw Poker Slots--trophy score 15000 Elevator Blitz--trophy score 2400 Galactic Gems 2--trophy score 20000 Magic Rings--trophy score 15000 Moose Jump---trophy score 8000 Necrorun--trophy score 75000 Octopus! Let's Fly--trophy score 150000 Pixle--trophy score 500000 Spider+---trophy score 12000 Squacorn---trophy score 4500 The Village Revisited--trophy score 15000 Wordstacks--trophy score 500
  11. Xavianangel

    Site Suggestion Dump

    we are working on that. for now, double points is just an extra perk that the owner does. he didnt use to do it every month in the past but we convinced him to. atm you get suppoints for toons, you get your monthly po, you get points, you get tickets, and you get the two donation prizes for the month (which again is more of a new thing with my staff that i came up with). if and when we add a new feature, it'll probs be more towards getting more toons. right now, we just added the suppoints which i've seen you really got use out of. Lots of people have been getting tons of points from them. right now we have more for premium users than ever before we only had one month that we didnt do a donation contest and that was october. I'm about to post the november one, so yeh.
  12. Warning to anyone with a credit card: if you cancel it, certain purchases can still go through. Happened to me. Lost my card and I was still able to use it on Amazon (by accident) and when I called the bank I was told that if you have recurring charges with a website, they can still accept your card! Even if you report it lost of stolen! I had to have the security guy on the phone manually block every website I ever used my card on more than 6 times. So yeah, learn something new and scary every day.

  13. Xavianangel

    How could we get new and active users?

    We are working on an official one with moderation and rules.
  14. Even more new support toons are now in the nook. Some pretty awesome ones too!

    1. EngarDew


      I'm waiting for an EEnE or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure one and then you'll have me!

  15. Xavianangel

    The Supporters Nook

    no they are xD he was just asking what shows they are from
  16. Xavianangel

    Old Players Welcome

    If you're a former player who's account was deleted and you came back, post here with your old username and we'll help ya out with a neat re-starting gift.
  17. Xavianangel

    Member Photos

    I've always been told i look like a hispanic penny proud.
  18. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Paul


      Thanks Angel!

  19. Xavianangel

    How many points do you have?

    most points i've ever had Points: 180,005,158
  20. Xavianangel

    Old Players Welcome

    added stuff and points to your account
  21. Xavianangel

    The Supporters Nook

    no. it only counts for points, not suppoints
  22. Xavianangel

    The Supporters Nook

    @Inuyasha Dramatic---Think this is cowboy bebop? Slenderman---Game Relishers--Not sure. I think maybe fairy tail xD Candy--Flapjack pleaders--Tom and jerry Wielders---fairy Tail Stallion--Spirit pumpkin heads---Over the garden wall Evil Geniuses--Spongebob Bouncy Trouncy Tigger (Winnie the Pooh) Piggy Pajamas Chopper (One Piece) Munching Hamtaro (Hamtaro) Yoshi island--Yoshi island fairy tail justice league teen titans Justice league bleach snow white snow white frozen tangled dbz tangled dbz
  23. Xavianangel

    The Supporters Nook

    Remind me and I'll post them all here. Names and shows.
  24. Xavianangel

    What Would you Like to See Next?

    yeah if we do it it would be 50 per month and we could always add in higher priced nook toons if we see a huge surge in suppoints, but i doubt it xD
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