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  1. Once again (and ill be asking this the next two months) any one who wants a discord link please pm me


    1. Xavianangel


      These are our Discord Rules atm.



      The Discord chat is PG-13 rated, however, we expect certain rules to be followed. Please keep in mind that everything you say in this chat will stay saved and recorded on Discord, so do not abuse the higher rating.


      This chat is through invite-only, so as to keep the chat safe and fun for all.


      Anyone currently banned from chat will remain banned in Discord. Anyone banned in game or on forums will also be banned from our discord server. Other, problematic players, may also be excluded from chat, at the moderators' discretion.


      Below is a list of what should not be said/shared/promoted/etc. Anything related to the topics below can be punished at a moderator’s discretion.


      1. Sexual innuendos directed at anyone

      2. Sex

      3. Nudity

      4. Gore-talk

      5. Bullying

      6. Discrimination (Race, Skin, Disability, Religion, Politics, or Sexual Orientation)

      7. Inappropriate Links (Porn sites, hate sites, etc)

      8. Excessive References to Drugs (especially illegal ones)


      Miscellaneous Rules:

      Do Not:

      9. Create and/or promote a different Chatroom

      10. Spam or Flood the Boards with meaningless gibberish

      Swearing / Language:

      12. Absolutely no swearing aimed at another person

      13. No unnecessary use of swearing.

      14. Do not attempt to “hide” swear words (for example, “**”)

      We strongly discourage swearing in chat. It is up to a moderator’s discretion if the use of a swear word is deemed inappropriate.

      Discord Usernames:

      15. Use your forum or in-game name when in Discord. We will not allow anyone with a non-CT username in our chat.

      16. Do not impersonate another player at anytime.

      17. Your Username cannot break any of the rules above.


       Below is a list of punishments from least to most severe. Moderators are allowed to enact the same punishment multiple times (for example multiple warnings). Moderators are allowed to skip punishments as deemed appropriate and go straight for a permanent ban from the Discord Chat.

      1. Verbal Warning

      2. Kick from Chat

      3. Verbal Warning

      4. Kick from Chat (One Day)

      5. Kick from Chat (A Week)

      6. Kick from Chat (A Month)

      7. Kick from Chat (Permanent Ban)

      Note: Depending on the severity of the rule-breaking case, a point fine or in game and forum ban might occur (for hitting 7 or 8).


      Moderators are not perfect. We may not be in chat nor paying attention to chat when a rule-breaking scenario happens.

      1. If you see someone breaking a rule, alert a moderator in chat immediately.

      2. If no moderator is in chat, please message one in game or in forums.

      3. If you want to report an issue that a moderator is involved in, please take a screenshot and pm a different moderator.

      4. You will remain anonymous!

      Discord Mods:

      The Discord Mods are here to keep the order. Discord Mods may only be Hench Mods, Game Mods, and Admins.

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