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  1. I'm unfriending everyone who spoils infinity war. I'm sick of seeing spoilers already. People suck. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. RubixCube


      i knew for years to stay clear of social media when big movies like this one come out . or review websites. 

    3. Abdizur87


      Heard Forbes dropped the ball and spoiled everything, No sense of shame either. -_-

      But yea trying to avoid any and all spoilers for as long as possible, why is Friday so far way?

    4. Xavianangel


      Yeah it feels so far....

  2. The smackdown quarter has ended!

    So did i. Not your fault.
  3. The smackdown quarter has ended!

    You're the best!!!
  4. The smackdown quarter has ended!

    I did not know they had not been passed out. I will do it Friday if no one else gets to it. @Moana of Motunui are you free any sooner?
  5. I updated my shop. like 400 hrs in it. i got bored with hoarding hrs so selling them all xD


  6. 2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    Page one has also been updated with all of the prizes you guys have won so far btw!!!
  7. 2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    Final 25 for now Raffle 1--50k--ken Raffle 2--100k--justme Raffle 3--100k--amaris Raffle 4--wanteddead--100k Raffle 5--200k--kitty Raffle 6--tooner---250k Raffle 7--300k--wantedead Raffle 8--400k--weasel Raffle 9--500k--shark Raffle 10--moxie Raffle 11weasel Raffle 12jsutme Raffle 13thelastsith Raffle 14justme Raffle 15zip Raffle 16justme Raffle 17kitty Raffle 18baywatch7 Raffle 19mkw Raffle 20tooner Raffle 21ken Raffle 22ssoldier Raffle 23titan Raffle 24mkw Raffle 25thelastsith
  8. 2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    another 25 Raffle 1wanteddead Raffle 2starfire Raffle 3weasel Raffle 4ken Raffle 5starfire Raffle 6mkw Raffle 7abdizur Raffle 8starfire Raffle 9mkw Raffle 10sharktibolt Raffle 11lannisteryen Raffle 12moxie Raffle 13antsalazar Raffle 14moxie Raffle 15weasel Raffle 16shark Raffle 17narengoku Raffle 18mkw Raffle 19abdizur Raffle 20titan Raffle 21zip Raffle 22tooner Raffle 23baywatch Raffle 24tooner Raffle 25cube
  9. 2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    another 25 Raffle 1tooner Raffle 2abdizur Raffle 3zip Raffle 4zip Raffle 5justme Raffle 6thelastsith Raffle 7kitty Raffle 8mkw Raffle 9abdizur Raffle 10titan Raffle 11wantedead Raffle 12lannisteryen Raffle 13josh Raffle 14baywatch7 Raffle 15starfire Raffle 16naregoku Raffle 17shark Raffle 18moxie Raffle 19amaris Raffle 20abdizur Raffle 21lannisteryen Raffle 22starfire Raffle 23baywatch Raffle 24btvkids Raffle 25ken
  10. 2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    25 more raffles Raffle 1starfire @Starfire Raffle 2btvkids @BTVKIDS Raffle 3zip @Zip Raffle 4 wanteddead @OrphanMaker Raffle 5cube @RubixCube Raffle 6shark @Sharktibolt Raffle 7zip Raffle 8 tooner @Tooner58 Raffle 9shark Raffle 10tooner Raffle 11 moxie @moxie Raffle 12kitty @TheWolfandtheRose Raffle 13ken @kenrmcha Raffle 14ssoldier @Ssoldier Raffle 15tooner Raffle 16tooner Raffle 17ssoldier Raffle 18zip Raffle 19starfire Raffle 20antsalazar @Antsalazar08 Raffle 21mkw-- @MKW19 Raffle 22sith @thelastsith Raffle 23okkiedokie Raffle 24lannisteryen Raffle 25thelastsith
  11. 2018 Super Smackdown Contest

    updated page 1
  12. That awesome moment when you need new tires, breaks, springs, struts, and wipers xD i just can't anymore.

    1. Abdizur87



    2. thelastsith


      When life keeps trying to one-up itself in annoying and you just


    3. Xavianangel


      I've got 10 bottles of wine in my room. I'm ready!

  13. 2018 Super Smackdown Contest Discussion

    Had some real life stuff come up today. I'll try to do raffles tomorrow. However many I gotta do, I'll double it for the delay.
  14. April 2018 releases

    There is. It's just being stubborn lol
  15. I'll try to do more raffles today. I barely am going to bed lol so please be patient with me.

    1. Moana of Motunui

      Moana of Motunui

      Take all the time you need :D 

    2. RubixCube


      it's perfectly fine. I mean like champ said above to take all the time you need there is no rush.

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