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  1. Most Supporter Nook toons are all back and active now. I'm still working on activating the rest, but they'll all be up within the hour.

  2. For everyone that joined, I'm just waiting on identifying two emails. I'm gonna be passing out the toons and prizes so expect a mass pm soon.
  3. Uhhhhhhhh @mongoose might be best till i get on a pc.
  4. 26 people joined. Animaniacs won so this will be the contest only toon!! I'll be passing it out this week. Ty to @Paul for making it! Also here are the 3 raffles. 1 mil points @Jbrovo 1 mil has been added to your account. Random AO....tumbleweed @ChelseaOrgana21 added it to your account Random HR....Entei @Zylo It's been added to your account
  5. Accounts are sadly deleted by our system after 1 yr of no activity. Sorry.
  6. People who havent joined discord yet, let me know if you need help joining! Right now we arent doing events yet, but pretty soon we will be possibly doing chat nights like ccw again!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xavianangel


      Glad you were able to get on. 

    3. PurpleHaze


      I tried the invite link in the Discord thread, but it did not work.  I registered an account while I was there and tried searching for Collectoons, but nothing came up in the search.  Help please.

    4. Xavianangel
  7. The top 5 have been contacted and their prizes were awarded. Everyone will get the 5 and 10 dollar toons this week.
  8. So decided that not enough people are joining so im gonna do some raffles. 3 different winners. 1st winner gets a million points 2nd winner gets a random AO 3rd winner gets a random HR
  9. New Auction Only is "Enter The Fourth"! 1. Each player is only allowed to win/bid up to two copies of Enter the Fourth from the cToon_Gallery accounts. This means you are only allowed to bid on two copies at a time as well. If you win two, you are barred from bidding on a third copy. 2. You may not trade/sell Enter the Fourth until the cToon_Galleries are done auctioning all 50 copies. 3. Players are barred from funding another player's purchase of Enter the Fourth to gain additional copies for themselves. This bypasses the per player limits and will not be allowed moving forward with all AOs or ChRs. Winners: People who bought 2:
  10. Blossoms cworld Link http://www.collectoons.com/mycworld/viewcworld/1763
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