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  1. could you name these please
  2. mind giving us names?
  3. I've really enjoyed reading these so far. You guys have been really honest and I appreciate it. We are definitely already planning changes and hopefully you guys will like them, starting this April
  4. I'll gladly take them
  5. I'll be doing more polls later on. I had to add an anime cause of anime month lol
  6. I actually love every single one of your ideas. The lotto I def can get with let me talk to the team and we can try to make new ones come out asap. I can see about changing the lotto tickets price and making the pot bigger. I like the idea of making scores reset faster but I think that's set up along with the end of the month cron for POS. What I could do is try to raise the amount you get for top scores each month. 4-5k instead of 1k. Maybe more depending on what game
  7. I think that a time machine like that would be pretty sweet. I can ask toon about it. Or I can have alternating weeks where you could get either the cheaper toons or the possibility of old crs, hrs, and AOs. I'll get back to you on the plaques, since you do good work
  8. I miss you, kitty cat!!!

  9. Poll will close on March 31st!!!
  10. Vote for the final set in may of 2017 


  11. I started a poll for everyone picking a set for may of 2017. So go to it!!
  12. Let us know which of these sets you would like to be in May of 2017 this year!!
  13. I am going to start this off very very soon with polls so that you guys can be heard a bit more.
  14. I like the treasure chest idea. As for the arcade, we do need to update it quite a bit, so I will def talk to everyone and see how to fix the amount of points that you get from each game and the amount of tickets. as for the bank account interest, I could ask toon, but that's up to him. I could ask toon about making the CRS yellow, but the red thing was taco, not him. New ways to make points are def something we are looking at right now.
  15. No, i like if many of you guys repeat the same thing. then i can see what the problems are xD i agree with the arcade. that is something that we could look into fixing, since you're right about the scores and the points. I know one game took me two hrs once and i still only got 1k. so i get your point. And yes, i'm gonna try to get better sets into ct starting this april. still will have some silly sets, but def will try to have it be more balanced.
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