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  1. I once had this
  2. Way too low for me. Points: 35,999,685
  3. I guess no one took the bump, so here I am with one of my best friends re-creating our Naruto AO. Yes I'm short as hell, but he's like 6'3 So that's why I look like a kid lol.
  4. So I'm still gonna be looking through suggestion topics. If I tag you on a topic you started or really liked, pls reply when possible. I wanna get as many sets out as possible 

  5. Welcome to the site. I'll send over a gift soon, once ive got my pc till time again xD Lindsay posted some super cool links so try them out.
  6. I'm sure Josh with get to you. I can help you out a bit later this week with some stuff too. Tomorrow is cartoon cartoon Wednesday night in the chat room. You should check it out and meet some people here. Everyone there can usually help with any questions you have. Also don't forget to do the code only toons
  7. My uncle and my dad are both snoring so loud you can hear them even with their doors closed......help me....my poor ears.

  8. @Sister Love, pm me the set once you've got it all figured out!!
  9. this seems like a cool set
  10. Taking a break from here for a few days. If you see me on, it's only for admin duties. Don't expect a reply from me for a while. Sorry.

  11. My favs are Rem, protective rem, and golden rem
  12. you rule!!!
  13. Happy birthday!!!

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