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  1. I think people just dont get how little access even admin have to anything past game and forums. Lol. Anything involving files or code is all the owner.
  2. We do have a discord chat if you want the link.
  3. Sadly thats not how its set up. We have to pick the toon and type inn the code word each time. Also the toon needs to be active, which also has to be manually changed.
  4. If we could, we would but thats just on the hard code side so only the owner can
  5. Happy birthday!!

  6. That would take me months to set up. Lol. Like toon said, its impossible to do it without manually putting in each toon one by 1. And reactivating each expired toon too.
  7. Sadly theres no way to give that away. Only the owner can say yes or no since he has all the files.
  8. Yes. Itll be gone by jan 1st. We do have a discord if youd like a link.
  9. Sup baby. So you're a new mod ? I like a women in charge. Hahaha

    1. Xavianangel


      Gave me a chuckle. Thank you lol

  10. Happy birthday!

    1. Paul


      Ima piggy back off your post. Happy Birthday! 

  11. i want to say thank you for everything . i know you did the best with what you had to work with . i know from here you will go on to great things . i saw a person that gave so much to help so many . a person that sacrficed days to be with others or days you could of took for youself when you were not working your personal job . i look at that see dedication no matter what the odds were people will remember CT and think of you and the others that kept the ship moving when it could of crashed and burned years ago . this shows what kind of person you are .


    THank you 

  12. All of the final toons for ct are finally uploaded. I'm sorry i couldn't add any more, but hopefully you guys will like what's left.

    1. IGPXCHAMP66


      Thanks sista. Have a Good Thanksgiving! 

  13. @screechingweasel96 toon hasnt been the one doing the codes and the auctions. Its been me....I've been the one releasing everything, i uploaded the sets for November, and ive been uploading fun toons this month so that the final days on ct arent boring. Toon has barely been on. And this isnt a shot against him. Im sorry if the stuff ive been doing gave you more false hope. I did all those codes with points and i auctioned off hundreds of toons and i uploaded sets to this month that were not meant to come out like this, simply to make sure you guys had a bit of fun before we close in January. I even have been rushing to upload dbz and pokemon for the final sets. And im sorry to say this, but there's only so little that can be done anymore, upload wise. It's the holidays. Toon has kids and a job and i think in. 11 yrs hes focused enough on ct during this time. Give the guy a break. That being said, i am almost done too. I only have dbz left to upload and thats it for me too cause i have things i need to focus on irl too. There's a few more codes ive got lined up right now, thanks to @Paul who has been helping me come up with the ideas and who made the awesome barney toon for us. Im sorry but thats all ive got.
  14. Happy birthday!!

    1. moxie


      Happy Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have an awesome day sith! :bday1:

  15. I would but idk how lol @The Grand Poobah?
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