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  1. you can join our beta. expected launch is soon, though it'll be private and invite only for the time being to regulate a bit
  2. Happy late birthday!

  3. I pmd all the winners for the july donation contest. Have the list of who donated too, so hopefully in the next week, I will be passing out the contest toons

    1. RubixCube


      sounds awesome thank you 

  4. Our Discord server is up! (Big thanks to Oasisx and Fierce Deity). As some/most of you may know, Discord is a free voice/video/text chat app for teens and adults ages 13+. Discord can be accessed via PC, browser, or mobile phone which makes it super accessible. You can also message each other individually via private messaging/inboxing. We are so excited to release it for everyone. Before we do, we want a soft launch. During the launch we want to test the server, and see how players respond to it. So, those that are invited to the server can help us test it. Any suggestions and ideas voiced during this test period will help us improve our server before it’s released to everyone else. Anybody that is interested in helping us test our new Discord server please post below to be considered. Those approved will be contacted. Thank you! Note: if you are banned in oazis chat, you'll also be banned on discord.
  5. Its not there. Your account does not exist anymore
  6. If you havent logged in in 8 yrs your account was probably deleted 7 and a half years ago. System used to delete accounts after 6 months. Now it's a year
  7. This is a non-profit game so really no money can go towards staff. Also, realistically, there is no money to spare. At least that's what we've been told about lack of changes over the years. Atm we cant hire an admin so realistically, theres no way wed be able to get any professionals
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