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  1. Honestly that's cool and all but actually saving this all would be up to toon. Hed have to move it. And the man hasnt logged in here to reply to anyone in well over a month....sooo.....yeah
  2. this is what toon had posted. So looks like march "The auto-renew for the forums has been turned off, but it was paid up until March of next year since it is on a 6 month cycle. So they won't be going anywhere until then. That being said, after March I dont know if the forums become unusable, or if I just dont get updates & upgrades and they are still functioning indefinitely. The only thing I know will truly shutdown is the flash server, which runs Smackdown and Card Clash. They need that server to run. The arcade will still be fine, since they are standalone games and are housed on the main server."
  3. Ill send it on. Forums. I dont email with my personal email
  4. Forums i think will @The Grand Poobah
  5. I dont have the time to upload one due to the holidays
  6. Possibly. I think the game had potential. But that also depends on copyright laws. Idk how ct never got in trouble for it. I mean if someone does a reboot, good for them. Ill wish them the best.
  7. Lol we barely get 100 active members here
  8. I think people just dont get how little access even admin have to anything past game and forums. Lol. Anything involving files or code is all the owner.
  9. We do have a discord chat if you want the link.
  10. Sadly thats not how its set up. We have to pick the toon and type inn the code word each time. Also the toon needs to be active, which also has to be manually changed.
  11. If we could, we would but thats just on the hard code side so only the owner can
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