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  1. Happy Easter.  Have a great day with family and friends . 

  2. Tons of auctions up that'll end on saturday

  3. a wormhole in game for pokemon that you just hit a button on, instead of posting on forums
  4. Prize wheel. Like the time machine, but it gives new exclusives, points, and lots more older toons. With a big cost, like the time machine, and 10 tries. Unlike the lotto, you win something every time, be it points, tickets, or toons.
  5. Add in gtoons. Starsapphire has a gtoons game that many people have tried on here. Would be cool to add that in for nostalgia reasons.
  6. Updated shop layouts for the main 6.
  7. Be able to add music to our cworld the way we do to our shops
  8. Have a smackdown bot so we dont have to wait for someone.
  9. Search by year feature so we know what year a certain toon is from without having to look at the info card.
  10. We were doing a data migration. Hopefully everything should be good now. Let us know if theres more issues @The Grand Poobah
  11. Happy Birthday!!! 

    1. RubixCube


      thank you very much .you have been a wonderful friend.

  12. Don't forget, lots of amazing auctions end today and tomorrow!!

  13. More auctions up for the new AO and more auctions up for other hrs and aos that we had a few spare of!!

  14. More aos will go up tuesday to end wednesday-sunday!!

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