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  1. Happy birthday, Bloo!!

  2. Xavianangel

    Bringing Back Old AO's and HR's!!

    Only 3 people have 100 mil. One is inactive. One (myself) does not spend. The other I doubt wants it.
  3. Xavianangel

    The Supporters Nook

    Four new ones for Dec Pikachu's Pokeball--Pokemon Inspectors Snow Puppies Shiny Poipole--Pokemon
  4. Four new support nook toons!!

  5. Happy birthday!!!

    1. FredTheFish


      Thanks Xavi!

  6. Xavianangel

    How many points do you have?

    I get 82k a day just by logging in and doing my premium stuff xD
  7. Xavianangel

    Old Players Welcome

    Added stuff to your account. Welcome back!!
  8. Xavianangel

    How many points do you have?

    same Points: 190,253,919
  9. Xavianangel

    Adding a "Sale"-type option to user shops

    I LOVE this idea!!
  10. More of the AO in auction

  11. Xavianangel

    Just Around the River Bend

    I JUST noticed that no one kept handing these out....soooo sorry you guys. More up right now.....
  12. Xavianangel

    October Donations

  13. Xavianangel

    October Donations

    passed out just now. Sorry for the delay. Work has been rough.
  14. Happy birthday!!!

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