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  1. Somebody please trade me the Queen Wahini HR. I have a lot of HRs, POs, CRs, etc. Let me know what you will take for it.

    1. TheWolfandtheRose


      This is a stick-up! Don't anybody move! Give me the piggy bank and no one gets hurt!

      I'd be tempted, CJ, if I had one. Hope you get your queen!

    2. amaris


      I got one I'll give you but you have to give me a Revolutionary Girl if you get one or have one xD. Is your screen name CaptainJack on CT?

  2. Captainjacks want list

  3. Captainjacks want list

  4. So, I'm trying to collect the new TT and the Brave Little Toaster sets. I've gotten pretty much all the commons and uncommons, but my POS is still not fast enough to allow me to get anything rarer. I am looking for one of each, I have many toons of multiple rarities for them. I will also purchase if the price isn't insanely high. I am looking for the new Slade HR, I know he won't be cheap. I have many cool toons that I would be glad to trade or we could do point/toon combos. Hit me up PM if you are willing to help me out.

  5. Guys, I am finally on the brink of finishing a major want set. I just need Spinelli Sun and Festive Li. Hit me up if you have these for sale or trade.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Joshfarias16


      Happy to help Captain! 

    3. TheWolfandtheRose


      You're very welcome!

      @Joshfarias16 thanks for being my partner in crime ;)

    4. Joshfarias16
  6. What was/is the toon awarded for participating in at least two of the holiday contests?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheWolfandtheRose


      It hasn't been passed out yet. No idea what it is.

    3. Xavianangel


      Hmm....i totally forgot about that it was donkey Kong 

    4. captainjack


      Cool. I'm into the Kong.

  7. Santa's Mystery Gifts cWorld Contest!!!

    Ace Ventura in the case of Too Many Santas.
  8. Is the Christmas CWorld contest still going? I've been trying to ind it, but I can't ind it anywhere. I finally got a chance off work to actually build my CWorld. 

    1. dewdrop


      all the holiday contests are open until december 24th, I'm pretty sure 


  9. Holiday Drawing Contest

    So, does this mean that you draw the character in a Christmas style or that you duplicate the original image?
  10. December 2017 Releases

    Final offer, I can give you about tree fiddy.
  11. December 2017 Releases

    I will trade somebody three magic beans right this second for a Manbearpig. Come on, who wants 'em? Anybody? C'mon!!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT THEM!!!
  12. The Infinity War is Nigh.....

    Only read this if you REALLY want to be mad. Mwahahahahahahahaha HA!
  13. CT Holiday Grab Bag!!

  14. Is the Rogue shop restocking any today or was it the one time only stock? The PM went out while I was asleep and I didn't get to check it until after work. Almost everything was gone by then. :(

    1. Joshfarias16


      Same here brother, same here.. Powers been out all day i'm only on now because i'm at my school's library.

    2. Xavianangel


      Sorry i mostly stocked it last night cause I had time. I was at work again today so couldnt.

  15. OK, at risk of sounding old, I really miss shopping malls. Shopping online is great and all, but I miss social interaction with human employees. I used to enjoy going to the mall and talking to employees and learning about new comics or anime to watch. Going to the arcade was awesome, the games were all fun then, not gimmicks like they are now. You could find comic books, toys, video game and everything. Now, most of the malls near me are full of clothing and shoes and no name discount stores. It's sad for me. :(

    1. PhotonCyberStar


      I agree with you. Shopping malls used to be awesome back in the day. KB Toys, Suncoast, etc. Nowadays, malls aren't as fun going to anymore. Well, there are a few things and the mall near me has mostly clothing stores. 

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