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  1. Could somebody help me out? I'm needing the uncommons, rares, VR, CRs and HRs from this week and last week. Between my shoddy computer and low blood sugar I can't get anything today. :( Seriously needing an assist.

    1. lannisteryen


      Hey Jack, I can sell you basically anything I have multiple copies of. Please PM me at lannisteryen and I am happy to help!

    2. thelastsith


      May the force be with you, dude!

  2. Well why don't we just fit it to the whole screen? lol. I've about given up on that set. It's gonna be like Frozen to me, another set that I'd love to finish but sadly never will.
  3. Anbody having any luck today? I can't seem to catch anything but commons. Haven't seen an Island Heroes yet and I can't even find the Erza OR. I don't know what shop it's even in.

    1. mongoose


      The Erza OR  is in shop 1

  4. You guys finally found an AO that I had to bid on two of. lol. This thing is awesome. Makes me want to track down a copy of SSB for my 64 for nostalgia sake.
  5. I have Green Goblin and Deadpool. I don't has a big collection. I want to get the Joker and Venom and Rocket.
  6. I liked some o the cameos. Jabberjaw, Funky Phantom and Blue Falcon make appearances. In several episodes, both Vincent Van Ghoul and Don Knotts can be seen.
  7. Seriously, somebody pick something. I have RFG, Morning Time Doom Hanging with the Girls, plaques. I'm looking for Island Heroes. My BP is way up from missing it 5 times today by a matter of seconds each time. This computer isn't letting me move my mouse until it's too late. I'll try to make it worth your while as much as I can. I'm not trying to lowball anybody, I just really want to get this set.

  8. ISO Island Heroes and MK8 Golden Pink Peach. I have a lot of HRs, ORs, etc that we can make a trade for them. PM me.

  9. Can somebody tell me why the Charmander Easter Egg that I just clicked gave me a stupid Demi Veemon which I did NOT click and did NOT want. By the time my computer reloaded the shop the Charmander Easter Egg was gone and I'm stuck with yet another Digimon that I don't even want.

    1. theflash999d


      dont know why the shop gave you a toon you didnt click on but ill buy the veemon off you if you dont want it


  10. Anybody that will help me with the Pokemon egg toons? i've only gotten Pikachu. 

    1. lolitagirl


      do you have any extra Pikachu its the last one I need?

    2. Xavianangel


      They'll be in shops till monday.

    3. sciencefriction


      Did you manage to find them all? I saw them all in full force earlier today. 

  11. Captainjack, and thank you.
  12. May not be on much today.  My favorite aunt just passed away. :(

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. PhotonCyberStar


      I'm very sorry for your loss, CJ.

    3. Paul


      Sorry to hear that Jack. Stay strong. 

    4. smileygirl


      I hope you're okay. I lost a close family member, it's rough. 

  13. Wanting one Voltron Legendary Defender HR. Will do points or trade other HR/HRs, COs, etc. PM me. Computer is crap today or Wi-Fi. Missed it by probably a minute because the shop wouldn't load.

  14. That's a strange looking Gyarados.
  15. Which ones are left? I'm a little confused on this one.
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