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  1. New HR Tiny Tom Cruise
  2. Just discovered 3 more codes. Unfortunately those arent active yet. lol. I AM THE KEEPER OF SECRETS!!! Sleep eludes me and it shows.

    1. deepcanyon1


      Sorry  about the sleep eluding you..but like the fact that you are figuring out the codes before they are suppose to be you are doing better :) 

  3. for the first time, I figured out one of the Tuesdy codes before they were even posted. lol

  4. Happy birthday, captain! :bday1:

  5. Happy Birthday Captain..Hope you have a wonderful day !!!  :bday2:

  6. Happy birthday, cj!

  7. Familys gone home for the night. Now there lies nothing between me and the long night but quiet solitude and the sounds of medical equipment. 2nd time in so much as a decade that my diabetes has been the better of me. I feel more awake now than the last time. It was then that my body began to degrade and with it went some of my mind. Hoping for the best.

    1. deepcanyon1


      My thoughts and prayers go out to you Captain..and hope that you are well and back home quickly. 

    2. Terrie


      Sorry to hear you are in the hospital, i hope you get well soon my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time, hope your home soon

    3. Sharktibolt


      It sounds really rough, and I'm sorry you have to go through it. I wish nothing but the best for you and that you can feel better soon.

  8. New HR Action Chugger
  9. Looking to trade to get an I Am Spider-Man. PM me.


  10. can somebody sell me the new classic games toons that came out September? I will also trade to get them. I was unable to get onto the site most o that month. Please guys, help me out. I made this set and really want them. I will be happy to make a really good deal to get them.

  11. Hey guys, I've got lot o CR nd HRs tht I would trde to get the Classic Games - Gaming Favorites LE set. PM me nd help me out. I wsn't ble to get on through most o September.

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