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  1. New HR Action Chugger
  2. Looking to trade to get an I Am Spider-Man. PM me.


  3. can somebody sell me the new classic games toons that came out September? I will also trade to get them. I was unable to get onto the site most o that month. Please guys, help me out. I made this set and really want them. I will be happy to make a really good deal to get them.

  4. Hey guys, I've got lot o CR nd HRs tht I would trde to get the Classic Games - Gaming Favorites LE set. PM me nd help me out. I wsn't ble to get on through most o September.

  5. Just my luck. I get where I'm headed and there's roadwork. lol
  6. Just a trio o withes prepping some last minute snacks. I can't seem to get any images to upload. any help guys? Photobucket is out and I put too many attempts into my imgur.
  7. Is there anything that I can do fir yesterdays code? My ISP decided to not bother working on getting my internet working until this morning. I would have used data but I can't actually get a data signal in the valley that I live in. Now my wife, daughter and myself don't have the codes. If anybody can help us out please let me know. This would be the first year ever that I didn't complete the advent calender. :(

    1. Xavianangel


      you can buy them off people. i think yesterdays was the clown shark advent so maybe offer to buy it.

      Here is the owners list:

    2. kaigeta


      i just won like 4 clown sharks at auction, pm me ill sell you one cheap.

  8. Why can I not get any o the games to work in the arcade?

    1. Sharktibolt


      If you mean the Mochi Games, it's because they all are unable to submit their scores because Mochi itself is not around anymore. But the games are still functional for the most part, so as a special contest for this month we've made them all active so people can play and submit their screenshots for trophy rewards and other bonuses for top scores.

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