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  1. Darknessflamedragon

    Double or Nothing 4: Is This a Sequel or a Reboot?

    set 23 box 2
  2. Darknessflamedragon

    Honest Opinions Contest

    I am actually more active than I have ever been in the past but I used to not play arcade games because they didn't work on chrome and I didn't like the fact that I had to switch browsers to submit my score. I think a daily log in calendar with different little prizes would be cool I have kept playing games just because of the log in bonus before. I also like the thought of being able to battle a bot on my own time. Maybe more contests with more time to join and more spaces opened up for people to join.
  3. Darknessflamedragon

    Disney Saturday Aug 4th

    My name is Emma Swan and I am the chosen one. The giants have now found out how to mass produce the magic beans so you can now go anywhere you want to. I now go dimension hopping with my pet fox Todd to try to fix the problems of other dimensions. I throw a bean and hope where ever the bean takes us we can help them. We jump through the portal I see skyscrapers, people everywhere times square I'm in new york city. I see a black blur swing above me cry out "SHOCKER" as he gets blasted with some kind of sonic blast by some guy dressed in yellow and fishnets. I see people are running all over the place and so I try to help calm the crowd by yelling "Everything is going to be alright" and with that everyone slows down. It seems I have magic in this world now to stop the two that are causing the commotion. "Hey, you two stop fighting" I yell but they ignore me for some reason my magic isn't working on them maybe I am too far away. "Todd scream I will try to magically enhance it to get their attention". That did the trick the guy in black is making these unearthly screams and looks like his suit is melting off him, while the yellow guy in fishnets seemed to use his own sonic blaster to lessen the damage. "What is going on here," I ask he replies with a blast I just barely dodged thanks to Todd's quick attack through off his aim. The man in black lunges onto fishnets like an animal ripping him to shreds and just keeps screaming "SHOCKER" it must be his name. I try to bind the black being before it kills "shocker". I noticed before that his suit looked like it was melting when Todd screamed so we try the scream directly on the black being it screeches and melts away and what's left is a young man in his twenties. I bind him, wake him up, and ask him some questions, "what is with that black goop that just left your body"? Where am I, what is going on let me go. He breaks free and is about to attack and then sees the shocker passed out. He tells me he is a hero called spiderman and that guy is, of course, a villain called the shocker. They were fighting and that black goop is evidently a mind-controlling alien called Venom a symbiote that took him over. Also, the reason he was screaming his name is that the alien is weak to loud noises like sonic blasts. Aliens it sounds crazy but I do know when people are lying and he isn't. So I ask if he is going to be okay and he says yeah always am. So my job is done here I think, come here todd I take the bean pouch off of him open it up and the portal opens and we jump through.
  4. Darknessflamedragon

    CT Pog Game

  5. Darknessflamedragon

    CT Pog Game

  6. Darknessflamedragon

    CT Pog Game

  7. Darknessflamedragon

    CT Pog Game

  8. Darknessflamedragon

    CT Hangman

  9. Darknessflamedragon

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    set 23 box 2
  10. Darknessflamedragon

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

  11. Darknessflamedragon

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

  12. Darknessflamedragon

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

  13. Darknessflamedragon

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

  14. Darknessflamedragon

    Easter Video Games Hunger Games

  15. Darknessflamedragon

    Gold or Nothing

    set 29 box 1
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