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  1. lookfun78

    Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    Thank you coolguy.
  2. lookfun78

    Not getting a confirmation e-mail?

    Tried to change my email on collectoons.com and it said to come here if I have a problem with not getting verification e-mail and I am because I changed my forum email, but cant not the collectoons.com email because of this problem. Can't even login until I get the verification e-mail.
  3. lookfun78

    Today's Valentine's Code?

    Yah I got the same thing with today's valentines day code. Clicked on it and typed it in and got this message: SELECT * FROM tbl_ctoon WHERE ctoon_id = '9308' and expire_date > 1360735199 So do I have the ctoon or not?
  4. lookfun78

    Blue screen when buying non auction or trade

    Yes I'm using the latest chrome and this problem has only happened recently and was fine for several month before then. So any way of fixing it? If so how?
  5. When I by a ctoon in a non auction or trade the screen turns blue and all that shows is the ad and everything, but that is gone and I mean all, but the ad so even the up down scroll bar is gone. This has happened the past few days and don't know if this applies to auctions or trades because I don't do them. Can someone explain why this might be going on and fix. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  6. lookfun78

    Can't buy ctoons

    When I click on a c toon to buy it is just brings me back to the same page with the same c toons I saw before so I click buy again and it does it again. I do have enough to buy it, but it's not letting me buy it. What is going on here?
  7. lookfun78


    Hello I am new here to the forums,but not to collectoons please check out my world and let me see yours.
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