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  1. ALright Folks its that time again. decided i would do another birthday auction week so ihave started posting some auctions beginning around 9PM Collectoons time. Figured i had to keep this a tradition now so here is to turning 26!!!!! By the way i have decided for the auctions ending tomorrow night that i would only do code onlys so i hope you all enjoy!!!
  2. Same here canyon, I have been around for a hot minute it seems but I am very glad that I continued to log in from time to time!!!
  3. dman11bball i just sent you some toons
  4. Dman11bball and i would like to win mewto or shinx the most!!
  5. im pretty excited for this contest, i actually just finished mine so i hope you all enjoy!! I only got scared a few times in the process of making it so if you do have a nightmare I do want to say sorry in advanced
  6. I am not able to screen shot my Cworld but here is a link to it, i hope that still counts for an entry. Do not be afraid to enter but do view at your own risk:)
  7. heal bunny love and hurt Truths gate
  8. I donated 10 bucks during this contest but have failed to receive the toons we were told we would, when do you think we will receive them
  9. Fellow Collectooners, I will be turning the big 25 this weekend and figured I ought to throw up some auctions to start the week off on a good note. I have the auctions ending roughly 24 hours from today and will continue to post more auctions throughout the week that way we call can celebrate the half way to 50 mark....(i feel like I am getting so old). Hope you all enjoy some of these toons I am parting with, alot of these toons take me back to my childhood so enjoy:) Hope everyone is able to participate!! P.S sorry collectoons for so many auctions
  10. Decided to start to get rid of some duplicates of mine and started posting a lot on the auction board. I figured since I'm not on nearly as much as I used to be I could let some toons go to a new, more appreciative owner.:) not sure how many I've posted as of yet nor do I know the limit for allowed auctions, but can you really put a limit on making people happy? I will continue to post a few more actions tonight and add more tomorrow when I wake up. If you would like me to add specific duplicates of mine to the auction send me a message:) good luck to all who get this message
  11. @jwoolman1993 So my computer broke so I can't post an actually picture of my CWorld but still wanted to participate so I'm gonna put in the link of my CWorld. If link does not work look up dman11bball CWorld to find mine. First of all I decided to do a kingdom hearts CWorld because it seems some people were going after you in the beginning of this forum saying you will cause a mass inflation and take away the login bonus, but out of all darkness comes light which reminded me of kingdom hearts. I support jwoolman1993 as the president of collectoons. Just as an lol I even Turned on the animation for the sonic rainbow app just to prove how awesome this Next president will be. Here is is the link for all to view:
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