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  1. First week of work done, hoping by this weekend to get some more stuff done and be back in the swing of things on here. Sorry I havent been very active.

    1. Paul


      First Shark now you, unbelievable that people have lives outside CT! :P 

    2. RubixCube


      its a game, yes but you also gotta stick to your job with the game too.

  2. Started my new job yesterday, going great! Expect me to be more active once I get comfortable with it :)

  3. Yoo! Happy belated birthday! :cookie:

    1. woodstock24


      Thanks! ^_^

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday.  Wow 21.  A major birthday.  You are a now a legal adult.  Some states are 18, but you are now legal in all 50!!   I remember my 21st birthday...Hope you had a great day =)

    1. woodstock24


      Thanks! ^_^ It was a good day, I had supper with my family and just had a good time

  5. i would like to say a few words . over the years we didn't always see eye to eye back then. but I feel I have changed from who i was back then and i like to wish you happy birthday . may the days treat you good and enjoy it with family and friends.

    1. woodstock24


      We were both different people back then and I would say we both have changed. The past is the past and I gotta say you are a great person cube :) Thank you ^_^

    2. RubixCube


      thank you. 

  6. Haaaaaapppy birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday....wishing you a day full of happiness and blessings! :bday2:

  8. Happy birthday, woodstock! :bday1:

  9. Happy birthday, Mr. Woodstock!

  10. :bday2: I hope it is the best one you have ever had:bday2:

  11. Happy Birthday ..hope you have an awesome day !!  :bday2::bday1:

  12. I am back everyone! Medical Troubles kept me away for a bit so I could keep myself in a clear head but I'm here. If anyone needs help, or anything just message me! ^_^

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. woodstock24


      Things are better, just took some time to feel myself again :)

    3. Terrie


      Glad to see your back, hope all is well now and your all better:tigger:

    4. Abdazar Slytherin

      Abdazar Slytherin

      Good to have you back brother! ^_^

  13. Woodstock24 Im back after my last trip to the wormhole made me fly away for a bit!
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