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  1. Hurt Hurt
  2. Back in January I injured my back at work. Then in April I was in a car wreck that was caused by someone who was not paying attention when she hit and totaled my bug with a jeep. That made the pain worse. I have gone to the doctors several times and had therapy until a month ago. But the pain would not go away. One doctor kept asking if my legs were in pain but they were not so he kept trying to force me to go back to work saying that I had been in disability for long enough and had to go back to work at the same place with the same job that caused my injury. He refused to schedule an MRI for me because my legs did not hurt. Then finally a few weeks ago the other doctor in that same doctors office called workmen's comp and arranged for me to finally have an MRI done. So lest week I finally got the MRI done. And today I found out that I have a herniated disk. It's good to finally know what is causing the pain, but now I am waiting to find out if I will need surgery or not? I am glad I did not obey the 1st doctor who obversely did not care about me. I am now on almost complete disability until my back is healed. Whenever that will be?
  3. Happy Birthday to the Coolestguy on CT:





  4. Hurt Hurt
  5. Hurt Hurt
  6. "Big mistake asking me to heal Bill. Because I have come to hurt him instead. So without further adieu Hurt Hurt Next time be careful what you ask me to do!!!"
  7. "Nice try. But that's not going to happen. Hey Bill, come here!!!"
  8. The way you can double like something is by starting to hurt the same 2 HRs that Broken Raven is hurting. That's how you show you double liked his post. LOL
  9. Task 4 starts now. I hope your ready for some strategy! And remember you have 48 hours to complete this task. After the 48 hours is up this task will end and a new one will come you way until you finally reach your chosen towns. Funkytown = 6 @Tameran@dewdrop@Ike@Crimmypants@PurpleHaze@Masoonite Crazy Town = 6 @deepcanyon1@CRS@IGPXCHAMP66@mkw19@ken@OrphanMaker London Town = 8 @TheWolfandtheRose@Joshfarias16@Coolguy@Sister Love@Moana of Motunui@Terrie@Jumptheshark@Dark Ghost Town = 15 @lannisteryen@Mitch O'Neil@Tooner58@indieman19@BTVKIDS@XxGothsCanSmile2xX@Hokey@zeldasbox@BigWords@muppetgeek@captainjack@Abdizur87@Aerial@theflash999d@BeardedBear Lonely Town = 11 @four@dragonwolf@Cutzzman@thelastsith@narengoku@AnimeAddict_96@matt98cust@Kuroyukihime@Suspense92@marky_mark@BROKEN raven123 New Town = 9 @LegitArtifact@birdman_drawhead@baywatch7@FredTheFish@Buzzcut@Blue Ridley 64@asrow@Timewarp@notlindsayyy
  10. Hurt Hurt
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