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  1. Naterbater2

    July 2017 Releases

    More please!! Keep up the awesome crossover works @Spike Spiegel! Where have I been I totally missed this set sadly. Now I have to try to get my hands on this set
  2. Naterbater2

    July 2017 Releases

    I love it! Is this a legit thing or did one of you guys make them? I'd love to see different ones from the other movies if one of you guys made them
  3. Naterbater2

    Tokyo Ghoul set

    I'd love a Tokyo Ghoul set I can probably get images if we need them
  4. Naterbater2

    May 2017 Releases

    Quit killing me Xavi please!
  5. Naterbater2

    July 2017 Poll

    I'll choose sing if you choose Akuma if you didn't XD
  6. Naterbater2

    April 2017 Releases

    -raises hand- oooohhh! Oooohhh! I did! I Did! I even messaged you in game about it
  7. Naterbater2

    May 2017 Poll

    Thank you Xavi! You're the best! Bringing back set polls!
  8. Naterbater2

    April 2017 Releases

    Those Splash pages are a prank right?!? Most are AO's and Two Dragon Ball line sets seem like overkill lol. If I didn't know better I'd say this month is Ani-may
  9. Naterbater2

    Why aren't you on as much?

    I'm not sure if this could happen but I'd love to see a game like winball on here I loved that game on Cartoon Orbit. But Raven before he left told me someone would need to be hired for that to happen and it's expensive and not within budget to happen sadly.
  10. Naterbater2

    New Arcade Improvements

    I still miss the darts game I was super good at it lol.
  11. Naterbater2

    Why aren't you on as much?

    That's perfect! I guess I should've said it as you did that it didn't have to be all 8 sets maybe just few sets. Also life has just gotten in my way I have no problem with the game. I don't want Collectoons going the way of Cartoon Orbit
  12. Naterbater2

    March 2017 Releases

    Alright that makes sense I missunderstood what Xavi was saying.
  13. Naterbater2

    March 2017 Releases

    Dang. Even if it were just a poll and no art? That would still satisfy me lol. Or even put the poll in the forums?
  14. Naterbater2

    March 2017 Releases

    Am I the only one who misses the voting booth? There's nothing like having a choice of sets. Be kind, Bring Back Voting Booth! Bring Back Voting Booth! Come on everybody say it with me XD
  15. Naterbater2

    The Ultimate Render Race 2.0

    No clue why but I love this one One Piece Alabasta Arc Absorbing Crocodile
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