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  1. 2017 Spookiest Cworld Contest

    Could take a screenshot but heres mine
  2. Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday fellow September 6th birthdayer!

  4. Happy Birthday :bday2:

  5. CT Grand Adventure

    Ghost town 1446-5= 1441
  6. CT Grand Adventure

    The ghost busters are way scarier lets be real. Pacman has to eat a power pellet to even be able to go near the ghosts if not then hes running away scared, running off the map. But the ghost busters are capturing ghosts like its no problem. Lets be real could pacman take down the jet puft marshmallow man. i think not. Sorry orange ghost but the ghost busters are way scarier. And could we forget the catch line, if anyone of pacmans friends have to call because of ghost problem who do they call? namco? but if you have ghost problems you call the ghost busters
  7. CT Grand Adventure

    Sure ill help ya space ghost. So here's the plan we'll get our friends at SGD Inc (sora goofy Donald) and we will travel worlds looking for these 3. And we will most definitely find them, but there is a chance we could just be chasing there nobodies.
  8. CT Grand Adventure

  9. Heres a steak for ya

    1. Masoonite


      Beautifully cooked. 10/10! :elmo:

  10. CT Grand Adventure

    @Mitch O'Neil yea same lmao
  11. CT Grand Adventure

    Apples to Apples
  12. CT Grand Adventure

    Aerial Ghost town!
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