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  1. I miss you, kitty cat!!!

  2. I hope you had a great birthday, Cat.

  3. Hey, Cat. Happy birthday, buddy. Hope it's been a good one for you.

  4. Happy birthday old friend :)

  5. Happy birthday dudeeee

  6. Happy Birthday! :) 

  7. Bump Week 3 The Muppets Muppets Originals Animal (CM) Beaker (RA) Beauregard (VR) Doglion (CR) Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (RA) Dr. Teeth (UN) Fozzy Bear (CM) Gonzo (CM) Janice (VR) Kermit the Frog (CM) Marvin Suggs (CR) Miss Piggy (CM) Pepe the King Prawn (VR) Rizzo the Rat (RA) Robin the Frog (UN) Rowlf the Dog (UN) Scooter (UN) SGT Floyd Pepper (RA) Statler and Waldorf (CR) Swedish Chef (VR) Sweetums (RA) Thog (CR) Zoot (VR) Week 4 Pokemon (Shop 1) Evolution Items Mismagiusite (ARD) Prism Scale (ARD) Razor Claw (ARD) Tyranitarite (ARD) Ultra Ball (CM) Pokemon Originals Giovanni (CR) Liza (VR) Looker (RA) Sabrina (RA) Pokemon Creatures Braixen (AR) Chesnaught (AR) Chespin (CM) Deino (CM) Delphox (AR) Dewott (AR) Emboar (AR) Feebas (UN) Fennekin (CM) Froakie (CM) Frogadier (AR) Greninja (AR) Herdier (AR) Hydreigon (AR) Jynx (AR) Larvitar (CM) Lillipup (CM) Litleo (UN) Mega Tyranitar (AR) Milotic (AR) Misdreavus (CM) Mismagius (AR) Munna (UN) Musharna (AR) Oshawott (CM) Pignite (AR) Pupitar (AR) Pyroar (AR) Quilladin (AR) Samurott (AR) Serperior (AR) Servine (AR) Shiny Mismagius (AR) Shiny Porygon (CR) Smoochum (UN) Sneasel (UN) Snivy (CM) Stoutland (AR) Tangela (UN) Tangrowth (AR) Tepig (CM) Tyranitar (AR) Weavile (AR) Zangoose (VR) Zweilous (AR) The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy (Shop 6) Billy & Mandy Originals Bad Book (CR) Bowling Ball Monster (UN) Chicken Ball (HR) Grim's Trunk (RA) Hokeymon Billy Card (CR) Kung Fu Master Eris (UN) Living Grim (VR) Magical Irwin (RA) Mandy Toy (UN) Meteor Monster (VR) Monster Manual (CR) Professor Toadblatt (UN) Warhammer Billy 498 (Multiples) Not bothering with any HRs or the CRs. Not bothering with the Morphs either. The Morphs are only listed for reference.
  8. Bump Phineas & Ferb (Shop 2) Phineas & Ferb Originals Doofenshmirtz's Evil Hot-Air Balloon 899 (Need) Embarrassed Heinz 740 (Need) Leery Agent P 1101 (Need) Phineas' Wild Ride 1456 Rockin' Ferb 904 (Need) Rockin' Phineas 910 (Multiples) (Need) Slash Rocks 1445 Suzy 730 (Need) Vanessa Doofenshmirtz 1120 (Need) Transformers Prime (Shop 6) Prime Originals Breakdown 1123 (Need) Cliffjumper 1356 Knockout 900 (Need) Miko 720 (Needed) Optimus and Predaking 2523 (Shop Price is only for reference) Raf 704 (Multiples) (Have) Scraplet 795 (Need) Super Mode Optimus 4721 (Shop Price is only for reference) TP Arcee 510 (Multiples) (Have) TP Jack 706 (Multiples) (Splash Page Toon) (Have) TP Megatron 1567 TP Optimus Prime 500 (Multiples) (Have) TP Soundwave 1345 Not bothering with the CRs and HR for Transformers Prime or the Morph either. Not bothering with the current CRs from the first expansion of Phineas & Ferb Originals.
  9. Bump My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Shop 5) Equestria Girls Demonic Sunset Shimmer 2689 (AR) (Not Bothering With This Toon) Human Applejack 495 (Multiples) (Unlimited) (Splash Page Toon) Human Derpy 1068 Human Fluttershy 674 Human Rainbow Dash 657 (Multiples) (Unlimited) (It is my favorite Pony) Paying 700 each. Shop Price is 657. Human Rarity 875 My Little Originals Alicorn Twilight 429 (ST) (Shop Price is for reference) Chrysalis 1430 Cranky Doodle 702 Discord 1402 Flash Sentry 707 Mrs. Cake 896 Royal Newlyweds 1345 Sunset Shimmer 1102 The Cutie Mark Crusaders 1133 Yu-Gi-Oh GX (Shop 1) Yu-Gi-Oh GX Monsters Dandylion 902 Elemental Hero Avian 502 (Have This Toon) (Multiples) (Unlimited) Elemental Hero Burstinatrix 510 (Have This Toon) Elemental Hero Clayman 503 (Have This Toon) Helios 1105 Magician's Valkyria 2410 (Shop Price of this HR is for reference only) Marshmallon 895 Master of Oz 695 Mokey Mokey 689 Ojama Black 499 (Have This Toon) Ojama Blue 902 (Multiples) (Unlimited) Ojama Green 500 (Have This Toon) Ojama King 1390 Ojama Knight 1098 Ojama Red 850 Ojama Yellow 513 (Multiples) (Splash Page Toon) (Unlimited) Watapon 1120 Waving Dark Magician Girl 1503 Winged Kuriboh 704 Minus the CRs, HR and Morph not bothering with those. I just want CMs to VRs I am missing.
  10. Bump Mario Kart (Shop 6) Mario Kart 8 MK8 Blue Shell (CR) MK8 Daisy (UN) MK8 Mario (CM) (Only Want Multiples Of This One) MK8 Metal Mario (HR) (Not bothering with this ctoon) MK8 Piranha Plant (VR) MK8 Roy (RA) MK8 Toadette (VR) MK8 Triple Mushroom (VR) MK8 Waluigi (CR) MK8 Wario (CR) The others just one of each minus the CRs And HR. Space Dandy (Shop 1) Space Dandy Originals 033H (VR) Alethia (CR) Bea (UN) Crusher Girl (VR) Dandy (Multiples) (Splash Page Toon) Dr. H (VR) Gel Hakase (UN) Honey (UN) Johnny (RA) Meow (Multiples) (As it is a Cat themed toon) Not so Dandy Dandy (CR) Prince (RA) PUP (RA) Scarlett (UN) Team Dandy (HR)
  11. Bump Ed, Edd n Eddy (Shop 2) (9 Toon Expansion Set) Ed, Edd n Eddy Originals Beatdown Eddy (CR) Professor Scam (HR) (Not Bothering With This HR) Expansion Done Minus The CR And HR Tokyo Ghoul (Shop 4) (20 Toon Set) Tokyo Ghoul Originals Aogiri Kaneki (Multiples) (Splash Page Toon) Attacking Kaneki (CR) Ayato Kirishima (VR) Hide (RA) Itsuki Marude (RA) Juuzou Suzuya (CR) Kureo Mado (UN) Nishiki Nishio (RA) Seidou Takizawa (VR) Shuu Tsukiyama (VR) Touka Kirishima (UN) Uta (VR) Oriya (UN) Yomo (UN) Yoshimura (CM) Yukinori Shinohara (RA)
  12. Bump Hyrule Warriors (Shop 6) Hyrule Warriors Originals Dark Link (CR) HW Link (Multiples) (Unlimited) King Dodongo (VR) Master Sword Link (HR) Trapped Link (CR) Inuyasha (Shop 2) Inuyasha Originals Angry Inuyasha (CR) Caring Shippo (CR) Kneeling Inuyasha (Multiples) (Unlimited) Loving Kirara (CR) Possessed Royakan (AR) Three-Eyed Wolf Demons (VR) Inuyasha (Last Expansion) Inuyasha Originals Cloaked Naraku (HR) (Not looking for it I am putting it here so I don't get confused).
  13. Bump Hunter x Hunter (Shop 5) Hunter x Hunter Originals Gon Freecss (CM) (Unlimited) x68 Owned Shoot McMahon (HR) (Probably won't go for this HR) Done Minus HR Little Rascals (Shop 4) Little Rascals Originals Alfalfa (CM) x2 (Owned) (Multiples) Buckwheat (VR) x1 Needed For Set Butch (RA) x1 Needed For Set Officer Ed (CR) (Probably won't go for this CR if I do I will only need x1) Woim (UN) x1 Needed For Set
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