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  1. Naruto Shippuden Kakashi's Ninja Hounds - 5k Lion King Series Hakuna Matata Trio 10k Ghost Mufasa 10k Total 25k
  2. Sword Art Online Agil 3k Diavel 3k Dire Wolf 3k Ducker 3k Frenzy Boar 3k Total 15k
  3. The Little Mermaid Kiss the Girl 45k Sword Art Online Kibaou 3k Philia 3k PoH 5k Silica 3k Total 59k
  4. Sword Art Online Archer Cat Sinon 10k Asuna 2k Attacking Asuna 10k Lisbeth 2k X'rphan the White Wyrm 100k Total 124k
  5. My Little Pony Prince Blueblood 3k Scootaloo 3k Sweetie Belle 3k No Game No Life Chess Piece 5k Sword Art Online Rosalia 3k Total 17k
  6. My Little Pony Apple Bloom 2k Big Macintosh 2k Birthday Pinkie Pie 2k Derpy Hooves 3k Granny Smith 3k Total 12k
  7. My Little Pony Nightmare Moon 25k Opalescence 3k Photo Finish 5k The Wonderbolts 5k Batman: The Animated Series Thieving Harley Quinn 200k Total 238k
  8. My Little Pony Eclipsed Golden Harvest 20k Eclipsed Goldengrape 20k Eclipsed Pinkie Pie 20k Eclipsed Twilight Sparkle 20k Eclipsed Zecora 20k Total 100k
  9. My Little Pony Eclipsed Apple Bloom 20k Eclipsed Pipsqueak 20k Eclipsed Rainbow Dash 20k Eclipsed Scootaloo 20k Eclipsed Spike 20k Total 100k
  10. No Game No Life Blank 5k Fi 3k Shiro 2k Sora 2k Steph 2k Total 14k
  11. PurpleHaze Thx you =)
  12. Four and I had a discussion about the games, so I will give some of my thoughts also. The mini games' payout hasn't changed since the game started, yet item costs are way more. No balance there. You may not change it because you want people to donate more, yet those that donate most of the time, have no time. They will donate regardless of what the payout of mini games are. It doesn't matter what events you run for free points, those that drop $50 a month still do. I think the mini games should be at least 5k all the time. Then double weekends would be way more of an incentive at 10k. Or make the pay out, once you break the gold trophy score you get a bonus of random points. Of course that would take coding. There are so many things that are broken or broken code and no money to fix it. You play a game for 15mins to get 1k points, yet the shops will refresh 3 times in that 15 minutes and you will spend 5k easy. I would also think that after 8 years you would have changed the items you win from the games and raise the payout, etc. Nothing has changed. Again, needs coding and no money. How can the item cost go up and not have the payout in games go up also? It is like a real life job making $10/hour, yet the cost of living has doubled. but you are still making $10/hour. If one goes up the other goes up also. Take the ultimate defense game for example. To play a full game takes around 35-40mins and wow you get 1k points. Even so on double days i still don't bother to play. I would get 12k points for 6 plays, not worth it. You should get at least 20k given its length of time. Need to make the game more appealing to new people. If you are new it is tough to get started unless you either play mini games non stop or donate big money. Some can't donate and some don't have time for the games. If the games payed more, it would help for sure. Getting new people to join and play is one of the toughest things for any game. The reason is that the people who have been here for years have 1000s of items, so how can a new person get anywhere without getting discouraged? Or what about being active earns you Activity Points (AP). Which can be traded for items, points etc.. This would be extremely helpful to new players to get started and also for those who are unable to donate. Bank interest is way too low. The APR is yearly. It acts as real life bank interest, yet how much are items in the game? For 50k you get 8 points a day for interest. At that rate it is not worth it. I wonder how many actually use the bank? Seems like it should be 50k = 25%, 100k = 30%. You're thinking it may be high, but do the math, it is not. 50k would be 35 points instead of 8. 1 mil would be 1233 points instead of 247. You could raise the percents, but put a total cap as well. Cap it at 10k a day. It would also be nice if CRs names in the shops were yellow like HRs are red already, so that we could quickly identify them as CRs. Some of these ideas could increase traffic and would be fun. They are probably out of the question because of needing coding and/or money to pay a coder, but I will throw them out there and see what sticks. Treasure Chests and Keys. You can buy the chests from the shops, but the keys are earned from playing games and getting a certain score or from donating. Then you would take 1 chest and 1 key and combine them to open the chest to try to win 1 of many rare items from the chest. It would be cool if you took the chest and placed it on your cWorld and when you put a key on top of the chest it would open. You would lose the key and the chest would become an open used chest. Another idea is a hunt by placing little images randomly over the site. Could even put them on random cWorlds. For Easter you could put little images of eggs hidden all around the site. If coded right, you could add eggs in numbers. So to find Egg 2, you would have to find Egg 1 first. Once you find the 2nd egg, the 3rd egg would appear somewhere. Keeps people running around looking for things on holidays. Each time you click an egg, you get a set amount of points. Once you get the 10th or 15th egg you would get some toons for that holiday. Add a new currency -- Credits. Credits could be earned from donating. For example a $5 donation would get you 10 credits. Playing a game and getting the score for the gold item would also get you 1 credit. Then have a credit shop where credits could be turned in for points, items or even premium days for those who can't donate. For example, 1000 credits would get you an ultimate rare item. 500 credits would get you 1 mil points. 250 credits would get a month of premium. Have a certain amount of credits for arcade tickets. Hopefully some of these thoughts are useful =)
  13. PurpleHaze. Thx so much!
  14. Thank you. He tried to log in and the password is not working.
  15. I referred this person with my referral link and he has not received a verification email yet. Can someone please help. http://www.collectoons.com/mycworld/viewcworld/21285
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