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  1. Kitty's Wishlist

    Sent you a pink jewel
  2. Double or Nothing 3: Gift Detective

    Set 16, Box 2
  3. CT's Greatest Detective Contest

  4. #PARTY Contest

    Dab_marino Sitting Misa I really like that toon =)
  5. PurpleHaze's Wishlist

    Thanks so much Dew =)
  6. #PARTY Contest

    PurpleHaze #PARTY like there's no tomorrow at the beach or on Calle Ocho in MIAMI, FLORIDA
  7. PurpleHaze's Wishlist

    Forgot I even had a Wishlist. Adventure Time with Finn & Jake Money Drop Sword Art Online I'll Protect You Naruto Shippuden Gyuki My Little Pony Eclipsed Cherry Berry Eclipsed Luna MLP Halloween Bag 1 MLP Halloween Bag 2 A Disney Christmas Festive Abu Festive Aurora Festive Belle Festive Merida
  8. Anime Sunday

    Thank you =)
  9. Anime Sunday

    I was present also. I was there for the raffles and watched episode 1 of Erased after the electricity issue.
  10. CTContests' Sales - OLD (Used for Records)

    Sibling Sky Dance is going to be 350k (there's one that sold even higher than this) Let me know if you want it. The other 4 are good and posted Yes I would still like the Sibling Sky Dance please. Let me know about the Festives Thank you CG!
  11. The smackdown quarter has ended!

    The Star Wars one please =)
  12. CT Grand Adventure

    I actually posted at the same time as Tam. So it is done!! Good job everyone =) @Tameran @dewdrop @Ike @Crimmypants @Masoonite
  13. CT Grand Adventure

    Funkytown 8-7=1 Finish it boys!! @Tameran @Crimmypants @Masoonite
  14. CT Grand Adventure

    Funkytown 40-7=33 @Tameran @dewdrop @Crimmypants @Masoonite
  15. CT Grand Adventure

    Funkytown 58-7=51 @Tameran @dewdrop @Crimmypants @Masoonite
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