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  1. PurpleHaze

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    It's all good. Thanks for the contest. Thought 21 seemed familiar :P
  2. PurpleHaze

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    You are fast! I realized that Moxie had picked that one and since Mason took 35, I changed my post to 21 since it was the only one left, but you didn't see it in time lol. Your choice either way. Thanks for the toon. Interesting end to the contest =)
  3. PurpleHaze

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Set 21, Box 1 please
  4. PurpleHaze

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Set 21, Box 2 please
  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!  Hope you had a great day! 



    1. Tooner58


      Thank you!! :chuckle:

  6. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts.  Having a great name day celebration.  All of you GoT fans will get that.  Heading out now for my dinner celebration.  Happy holiday weekend to everyone.

  7. Happy birthday!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Haze. hope it's a good one


  9. Happy day of birth! 

  10. Happy Birthday hope its an amazing one :) :bday2:

  11. Happy Birthday, Haze!


    Hope it's a fun one!

  12. PurpleHaze

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

    Morph 3
  13. PurpleHaze

    2018 Super Smackdown Contest

    Morphs 1 & 2
  14. Happy Happy Birthday Sharky!  Thanks for all you do and for being a wonderful Admin.  Hope you had a great day!

    Shark Fu.jpg

  15. PurpleHaze

    How many cToons do you have?

    I picked up quite a few since my last update also. You have 166,827 total ctoons in your collection! 17,982 unique cToons! This would explain why I never have any decent points. I buy, buy, buy too much
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