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  1. Dab_marino Sitting Misa I really like that toon =)
  2. Thanks so much Dew =)
  3. PurpleHaze #PARTY like there's no tomorrow at the beach or on Calle Ocho in MIAMI, FLORIDA
  4. Forgot I even had a Wishlist. Adventure Time with Finn & Jake Money Drop Sword Art Online I'll Protect You Naruto Shippuden Gyuki My Little Pony Eclipsed Cherry Berry Eclipsed Luna MLP Halloween Bag 1 MLP Halloween Bag 2 A Disney Christmas Festive Abu Festive Aurora Festive Belle Festive Merida
  5. Thank you =)
  6. I was present also. I was there for the raffles and watched episode 1 of Erased after the electricity issue.
  7. Sibling Sky Dance is going to be 350k (there's one that sold even higher than this) Let me know if you want it. The other 4 are good and posted Yes I would still like the Sibling Sky Dance please. Let me know about the Festives Thank you CG!
  8. The Star Wars one please =)
  9. I actually posted at the same time as Tam. So it is done!! Good job everyone =) @Tameran @dewdrop @Ike @Crimmypants @Masoonite
  10. Funkytown 8-7=1 Finish it boys!! @Tameran @Crimmypants @Masoonite
  11. Funkytown 40-7=33 @Tameran @dewdrop @Crimmypants @Masoonite
  12. Funkytown 58-7=51 @Tameran @dewdrop @Crimmypants @Masoonite
  13. Funkytown 83-7=76 @Tameran @dewdrop @Ike @Crimmypants @Masoonite
  14. Funkytown 122-7=115 @Tameran @dewdrop @Ike @Crimmypants @Masoonite
  15. Funkytown 147-7=140 @Tameran @dewdrop @Ike @Crimmypants @Masoonite
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