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  1. If anyone could help me with how to upload pictures and audio for shops work please PM me in game or on the forums :)

  2. Logs

    Left Center Right

  3. Logs

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Set 11 Box 2
  4. Logs

    Pokemon or Nothing!

    Set 30, Box 1 please. Thanks for the cool contest!
  5. Logs

    June 2018 Releases

    Loving the Cartoon Network Cereal Box set! I actually was interested to see if it was ever a real thing and it seems like it was. It was a campaign where you could choose one of the eight cereals to be made into a real cereal and the Dexter's Lab cereal won with PPG in second place (though they already had a cereal). The campaign was abandoned because it was just too similar to a Scooby Doo cereal that was being made. Would have been cool to try all of the cereals though! Source: https://www.toonzone.net/forums/threads/cartoon-networks-abandoned-cereal-campaign-from-2001.5639861/
  6. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    Updated! I don't have them up yet but i'm about 70% done with the Ed, Edd, n Eddy set (somehow lol)
  7. Logs

    cWorlds 2016 & 2017

    https://gyazo.com/9d02288f9a16435e9f61fac33da36475 It's pretty boring right now but it will do. Still need to get some of those spongebob letters! I had at least 5 of each on my old account
  8. Hey everyone! I just updated my shop and all prices have been dropped (even on HRs, POs, and other rare toons) so come get a steal at Logs One-Stop Shop

  9. Logs

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    I loved the idea, hope to see more cool stuff like this
  10. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    Updated! (over 50% done with Regular Show!!)
  11. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    I offered on the Naruto Shippuden ones you had up there so go check them out when you get the chance
  12. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    Just messaged you in game about them
  13. Logs

    Camp WWE

    I feel like this would be a cool set to have and there's a good variety of characters
  14. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    I am going to be adding which toons I need for each set throughout the next hour or so, I just put up which Naruto and Naruto Shippuden toons I need so go check it out on my first post! (will be editing throughout the night on updates) EDIT: Added Bleach (newest set isn't on there as I should be able to get all of them before it expires)
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