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  1. Logs

    Site Plot Discussion Thread

    I loved the idea, hope to see more cool stuff like this
  2. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    Updated! (over 50% done with Regular Show!!)
  3. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    I offered on the Naruto Shippuden ones you had up there so go check them out when you get the chance
  4. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    Just messaged you in game about them
  5. Logs

    Camp WWE

    I feel like this would be a cool set to have and there's a good variety of characters
  6. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    I am going to be adding which toons I need for each set throughout the next hour or so, I just put up which Naruto and Naruto Shippuden toons I need so go check it out on my first post! (will be editing throughout the night on updates) EDIT: Added Bleach (newest set isn't on there as I should be able to get all of them before it expires)
  7. Logs

    First 15 Get a Chance

    Logannaruto and It would be cool to see a PO for The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
  8. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

  9. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    Hello everyone! My old account got delete so I have to start my collections over. I put a list of sets I am currently collecting on the first post of this thread. If you have any of toons in the sets listed and I do not currently have the toon, please comment down below or PM me in game (Logannaruto) so we can discuss prices, thanks!
  10. Logs

    Hello again

    meowmitch sounds familiar, whats good dude Thank you! I have to get more points right now but I will definitely hit you up Thank you so much Xavianangel! I really appreciate it Thanks! I remember you as well, glad to see you again!
  11. Logs

    Hello again

    Yo what's up guys, I am Logannaruto, I played a lot in 2010-14 (as you can see on how old my forum account is). Unfortunately, my account was deleted after being inactive for so long (RIP my completed sets ). Glad to say that I am back and hope to see some old faces and new ones as well. - Logs
  12. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    I am interested in the Regular Show toons but the Naruto I already have the ones you stated above. I will look at your want list to see if i have anything you want and I will offer them on the trade
  13. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    Sure i can do that, put it up and I will respond ASAP
  14. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    How much?
  15. Logs

    Logannaruto's WishList

    Bump after 2 Years >_<
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